hello everybody and welcome to my blog right now you all listening to my intro song in just about two seconds the show will go on one Kristen I can't believe it you're leaving to San Francisco right after we got a new pup and now I have to stay here and wipe up her diarrhea hope you have fun in San Francisco going to music festivals and hanging out with your family I'll be here wiping the dog's ass let's go get out of here of course woman well guys this is it I bought her a dog and now she's leaving me go nervous about this she's a dog bigger she can't handle the responsibility off to Rome I go by Kristen guys my kids asleep this is my only chance to go wild you wanna go party or something yeah let's go there we go all right show me your vlog I know you need advice how are you doing sir you had some antibiotics earlier today cuz you had diarrhea are you okay I am hoping that you are okay young pup those are my shoelaces not to be tampered with link please stop link this is not tug of war this is like okay you just got to walk with me so I'll pull me that way come on leave the shoe alone did a good job you peed on this mat without me even telling you to that's a real good puppy I think no no let go I'm not playing chuckle or with you let go can we just cut them and not bite stuff check this shit out pup I got you some toys looks like you just like the packaging of the toys not the actual toy right why did they put a sticker on the fur that like it won't come off if you bite it it makes noise that's cool right that's sick David you did like stealing toys from a puppy have you heard that one now you have uncle daddy Dave just said it that's fast or this will the puppy likes the toy that's all I can think about right now hey Brandon Calvillo you heartless bastard come here look at this dog there's a her name is link when it gets too old though kick it to the curb I'll tell you right now Brandon you know you look like ten times less of an asshole when you're holding the puppy I better put it down see I like dogs it's just that my house has about eight of them so when you have eight of anything you start to hate it why do you kind of love don't you blink got a little bit sick since she's a fresh puppy so we went to the vet and she got new wet food that she has to eat for the next week and she loves it it smells like beef stew honestly it smells like something I would like to eat I know where I'm going with this check out my dog's ass stop licking my dog's ass what's wrong with you guys I think I know we all hate our wife but here but please don't do that you can't you want everything you stinker I love it she's been sleeping on no fucking serious I can't clean up her pee faster than keep fucking pees dude my good pal my good pal Elton and I were working on a show about two months ago and it finally released today it's called fox tossing and it's on the full-screen network you can find the link to watch the full show in my description below but right here is a compilation of all the fails that happened on the show and I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think about it thank you very much all right here we go bye come on hit me watch it hit me you know resilient life you got this you ready yes I'm rich [Applause] David how come you didn't warn me this is a bad idea man taking care of this dog is a full-time job I know now your YouTube channel it's gonna be the dog owner that's all I can do literally like oh fuck I do have a lot of tattoos done I go bite Todd I honestly think it would be better one other dog to play with instead of me I'm like her brother instead of her fucking owner stop oh my god no you are being a bad dog right now okay who's the Jackass that cleaned up the pee cause it's not clean they put a paper towel on top of it the fucking log dog is meeting everyone your natural daddy you want to take her yeah it seems like this seems like a lot to handle though and by snack gotta be disgusting medicine before snake good girl and that's all folks thank you for watching please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more from me and my god damn dog in the future and now give a shout out to some of my notifications on on Instagram Twitter YouTube snapchat and every other app and that person today is Emmy Emmy here's your rap shoutout ME ME ME I remember what you said to me and you're not oppressed to me in fact you are my enemy ow fuck get off my foot look what you're doing to me let's reel into the critics say gustas meet Parra she's gonna be hard to clean up after lots of hair


  1. If your dog is chewing on something like your shoe and you try to take it away and pull on it, she thinks you wanna play with her???

  2. I don’t know why tf I was thinking about this but one day I’m going to die and that’s scares the sh*t about that

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