Lion Country Safari – Nozzle Nolen Pest Control West Palm Beach (Director’s Cut)

Hey look who’s coming.
Who? Who? I can’t see. I can’t see!
I can see him from here. Wow, who’s that?
He’s the king. Nozzle Nolen has been our Pest Control company
of choice for over three decades. Lion Country Safari has trusted Nozzle Nolen to keep the
animals of Lion Country Safari safe from pests. Lion Country Safari is a drive-through safari
and walk-through amusement park with over 900 animals. My favorite animal here on safari
is the giraffe. We have the largest herd of Zebras here in the world outside of Africa.
We also have one of the largest herds of rhinos in the country and we’ve had over 33 rhino
births here at Lion Country Safari since 1979. At Lion Country Safari, our lions here are
a very popular attraction. Guests actually drive through in their vehicles so they’re
in the cages and the lions roam free. One of our missions here at Lion Country Safari
is to keep all of our animals safe and healthy. We work together with our 170 staff members
to make sure that these animals are on display and we want to educate and entertain the public
at the same time. We recommend Nozzle Nolen’s pest control services
for our animals and yours!

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