Line Brushing Tutorial: Double Coated Breeds

hi it's Allison and I'm here with another great tip from leading edge dog show Academy so if you've seen my poodle University or some of the promos or the youtubes that we've done for it where we've done brushing tutorials on a poodle I've had so many questions set in to our Facebook page and thank you for that about brushing a double coated breed like do eye line brush a double coated breed or how do I line brush my double coated breed and I think it's a great question so we're gonna address it here today so here we have a Shetland Sheepdog double coated breed not like a poodle not trained to lay down standing up and we still want to do a very good job of line brushing so brushing all of the hair line by line and how do we do that so first of all I never like to brush any hair while it's dry I like this continuous spray spray bottle you can get them from Canadian grooming distributor does a great job they have a lot of variety a lot of cute ones and I have some plush puppy conditioner mixed up in here with some water and I just give my dog a light mist with this and so then even though this dog is double coated I see so many people that they just put their double coated breed on the table and they just kind of do this right and so this is not line brushing your dog at all so two line brush we're gonna bright line brush the hair brush the hair line by line and with a dog that is not trained to lay down on the table this is how I do it so I'm using a pin brush and I'm just gonna I have to start somewhere right so I'm not gonna start in the middle and get started at the bottom at the top so for the ease of showing you I'm gonna start at the bottom I'm gonna hold all this hair up and you can see where he's blowing a bit of coat and I'm gonna make a line with my brush and I'm gonna brush in a straight line so I'm gonna not do a huge section I'm gonna go from here to here so between his front leg and its back leg and I'm just gonna make a line and then I want to make sure that I can see the skin so you can see the skin right here this is a line a line brush maybe if the hair is a bit staticky I might add another little layer of spray to it maybe not so then just loosen up on your hand and let another layer come down until you can make another nice line from side to side so I'm going more or less in a straight line and I am making sure that I am lying brushing my dog again you can see this the skin right here if you're brushing a big section and this you can't see the skin so therefore that is not line brushing so you're gonna pull this line back up go here if your dog is blowing a lot of coat like he is you could go in instead of with a comb but with a slicker and go over it again to get all those little bits of hair out of there so that this brush job lasts you know if you're not at a show maybe this is your weekly maintenance line brush going from side to side you see where the hair starts to get staticky and come up you give it another little spray and you just continue all the way up to the top of your dog making sure that so again right here I can't see right down to the skin because he's blowing a bit of coat so I'm just going to brush over and over that section again until I can see right down to the skin in a straight line so this is line brushing my double coated dog and again he's not trained like a poodle but you can do this to just section by section see the hair that we get out from line brushing a dog again if we were just going over the whole dog like this this isn't line brushing it's not you can just see this section how much prettier the hair looks and the places that where he has not been line brushed so this is line brushing your double coated dog so I hope you liked our video please go to our YouTube channel and like and subscribe to it so you don't miss a single episode and we'll see you next week thank you for watching

11 thoughts on “Line Brushing Tutorial: Double Coated Breeds

  1. Damn that fur so smooth and no nots at all omg I my pomaranian could have his coat so silky I need to brush him daily and he love to go out and play in the mud

  2. What is the brand of the conditioner you’ve mixed in with the water? I’m looking but not sure I’m finding the correct one. Excellent and to the point! Thanks for this helpful video. Lovely Sheltie!

  3. What brush brands should you use to make sure the hair gets out, but doesn’t destroy the top coat? I’ve heard that the “Fur-minator” can get through the top layer.

  4. On average, how long does it take? I’m planning to get a double coated dog soon, and I want to be able to have a good schedule.

  5. Just found this. Unfortunately, my collie/retriever is now 15 years old. The poor thing has had a life of me incorrectly brushing him or not brushing him at all, which of course leads to matting and my cutting the mats out with scissors. He's still so beautiful though.

  6. Hi can you please guide me which shampoo and conditioner is best to remove stains and colouring from the bulldog coats especially for the shows i need or any product which can remove those stains kindly recommend the company i can get from canada thanks

  7. thanks so much Allison. This was very helpful as I also have a Senior Golden with spay coat… your videos are so very quick, to the point and informative.

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