Lincoln: Capital Humane Society

Since we opened this facility on an average,
we have adopted 43% more animals every month so it’s done a lot for our organizations
and helped save a lot of companion animals in this community.
We adopted Hurley two years ago from the Humane Society. He wasn’t quite so sure about it
but they have become best friends, so it’s been a wonderful situation.
A couple of loops around the park and Hurley’s happy and I’m better off.
Certainly we’re here to help animals but the pets we place into people’s homes and
into people’s lives, actually change their lives and make them better.
We recognized that to do a better job as an organization and serve our mission we needed
to get ourselves into a higher profile location and so we went through a process to acquire
property, to raise funds, to design a building. A project in a community like Lincoln, Nebraska
is not going to happen unless the entire community is behind it.
Fundraising is our biggest source of revenue I genuinely appreciate the $5 donation just
as much as I appreciate the $100,000 donation because I realize people are making a conscientious
choice to make a sacrifice to support the work we do.

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  1. We're celebrating our fellow four-legged neighbors and friends during National Pet Month! For Bob Downey, celebrating pets and giving them a chance to find home is an everyday thing. See his story.

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