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Housed at all times and we got sick like we got a an alarm set up and cameras everywhere. So Nice I’m gonna go turn it off Oh God Okay, in that case that case the chat goes there chat see Oh no Oh don’t even bother oh my god, listen christmas is a time of reflection and appreciation and you know, I think you’re one of the most talented people I Not the most. I know you don’t really know many people though. You don’t go out, you know Very hard work. I’m really not I’m not being shit and I mean you like to come off that way, but I know you think very hard about yourself and your goals and You are very very Fun to be around and I wish I could Wow, I was really cute That was adorable Wow. Thanks. Thanks, buddy You’re a good friend Mel’s really cute. Why what is it? Oh, I feel like But I’m also scared I’m gonna guess like that one time when you guess I got you Taylor Swift tickets concerts But I did it and then I felt really bad You know what I mean no way why Jeremy Jeremy There’s the phone on your table, yeah, okay my reveal is that There’s a fireplace in my room, oh look chap that’s you right there Yep, and I hid that for a really long time because I didn’t want to leak But now we were okay we have like four people that guard the house at all times and we got like we got a an alarm setup and cameras everywhere so One is your next video whenever I fucking you like my brother says Michael is so hot Okay, that’s your Destiny good boys, do your jobs I want to add more things to kind words. I always show the way I can talk to the developers I have so many ideas for it even better And like it could help promote it more and stuff. I don’t know Well, okay, so I thought more stickers for a woman I wish I know they don’t allow it But I wish there was a way to respond to the people who responded to your letters at least like once Just to like thank them more. I know they have stickers for that. But that’s one of them I also wish there was a way to customize your character. Maybe it would be cute, too Well, it’d be really cute if you could customize like your just like the type of stationery maybe like there’s so many little cute things You could do that doesn’t harm the gameplay whatsoever. You know. Oh And I’d be really cool if we can put in our own music, that’d be awesome Lighting me yes. Yes Yeah your foot this would break because you’re a hollow shitty bird Body Oh Can you? Wow, you made me look kind of mature. I left the painting on your boob sighs. I couldn’t decide so major Why’d you make me flash? I? Mean, let’s be honest. There’s a little curved you Okay, my cooler average size for boobs. I mean I saw a bigger pokey Really? Yeah, that’s not what you said to me last enough. We’re even okay Wait no kid Okay, and maybe use The back seat art, I mean looks cute and make them bigger No bigger no much big double D’s bb1 IUB enhance your polythene I’ll make the microphone. Okay? Interesting, thank you Have you ever had a guy ask you what size pussy But what they mean is under which Message thing he wants so he’s like getting his girlfriend lingerie. So he texted her I Know it the the issue. Is that their son over there, so Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much I can do about the existence of the son as much as sometimes I’d like to edit that kind of thing can’t Well again, forget thesis on kitchen self-seeking 15 chaos, but a fad Is the phone on your table? Yeah Ok You have a good one pal Where you going Nacho oh Good luck. Gallaccio. I hope you get lots of poems Ok Ok Alright Chad, I bet he got me food or something This is the only way cuz I remember last time when he was here like like a week ago Understand you can’t get up and go yourself. So would you can you like me to white clear? This is really weird anyone But that’s it I think the only thing that people see is this chin but like that that doesn’t really Make us look like you know Oh Mike You both have eyes I do have eyes, she’s much hotter she’s way hotter Okay Amazing whoo. I don’t know did I ask? When scara’s gone I’m just like What can I say Keeping up with the pace. Let’s raid 10 I’m so gonna see guys on that channel. So yeah, just a second my Christmas trap Always you Oh, I’m in Canada house security, saw her but, home ❤️, I Meant Canada, lilly bird bones, These two people are the Heart ans Soul of OFT, Fed shows his true feelings about Lilly, Lill shows her true feelings about Fed 2, and its the most wholesome thing on this Christmass eve, michael is so hot, Lilypichu’s message to the developers of Kind Words and suggestions for the game, MAKE THEM TOUCH EACH OTHER, SECRET XMAS EVE FAMILY STREAM, it has been confirmed kekw, mexican Jodi, christmas eve :), Jodi is not good with names either, bronze ranked gameplay 😀 You

15 thoughts on “Lilly Bird Bones | Daddy Scarra | Mexican Jodi | Michael Is So Hot | OfflineTV House Security

  1. Security cameras:

    Michael: So I made it so the security cameras shoot plutonium rods at anyone who does the cha-cha slide.

  2. I know its wishful thinking but I would love to see lily with Michael some day…he would literally Build mountains to make her happy…a great guy

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