45 thoughts on “Lifestyle of Leeteuk (이특),Income,Car,Pets,Facts,Family

  1. Ayaw ko maolit yong gus choi hyu nag post sakin may baby na daw sila hindi nam kami hyu kasi fans lang ayaw ko ng golo oki thanl you

  2. Cute nam ng messed your fans all always sopport oki baka kala ng gus mo tayo o may baby kana pala in joy oki god luck god bless

  3. If you're going to be sharing this.. I suggest you to double check while doing research!~ you shared a pic of Eunhyuk and his dog Choco…A car that Leeteuk no longer has… AND you spelled his sisters name WRONG)~ Seems like you didn't give a fuck and just did it for the views or something!~

  4. Awesome leader love u teauk my favorite color also red ?I have two dimples. I also love kids and pet's and I have 3pets in my home ?

  5. His sister's name park in young, that pic is eunhyuk's with choco, plus he doesnt have the car anymore ~~
    Thanks anyway

  6. Ideal girl : polite, loyal, pretty, innocent, wise, and when she smile her eyes turn into half = KANG SORA???? ???

  7. sorry but 90% of this is bullshit. he doesn't even have the car anymore
    Update: he's got a car now lol

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