Life with Diddy: Teach Your Dog Leave It

hey everybody welcome back again to our channel this is like with Diddy this is bidding I am a shark and in today's video we will be teaching you guys leave it technique it's pretty simple you definitely need to have watched the previous videos especially the stay command and also you will have had to teach your dog a command that lets them know you know without you saying no let's get started how many times have you been cooking for eating food you see your little couch under a table waiting for that drop to fall on the floor this video is for you so we have no kitchen rule and here with didi because he likes to be in the kitchen and everywhere in the kitchen which I also think that that's a little bit of our problem we still expect occasion but England nonetheless he has a kitchen policy it is not stopping him from speaking out what he cannot have and it's very frustrating for the longest time I didn't know what to do and then I just I don't know I taught him to leave stuff along and just leave it I don't want you to eat that it's not good he doesn't do it all the time and he doesn't do any without me asking him all the time but I have seen him do it on his own and I do know that he does do my best to say I'm gonna hopefully teach you guys how to do it exact same thing so you can get the same results with your own age all right so in order to accomplish this video I will be using French penny dog-boy turkey bacon for dogs we already have broken into these we will also be using it's fresh food with carrots beef brown rice peas and some other good deliciousness for him so let's get started all right so I don't know if you can tell but there is bits of bacon on the floor and videos right here now yeah we don't wanna eat even if they wait for three seconds that's all you really wonder what I'm saying agent six only wait for chickens that's a start okay and you seek no simple that was I just drop these now don't forget that this is a dog and not a personal even your kids do not listen to you a hundred percent of the time so don't get frustrated if somewhere in the middle things get lost in translation it's not your fault it's not your dog spot just take a breather reset and come back to the developer so the next thing and this challenge will be food I'm going to leave the food on the ground which I've never done this before on the ground and I'm gonna tell him you did I'm gonna see how long he can resist the food is this still long enough I'll give him a turkey baking treat and if he does in the he gives no treat inaccessible and like with all the other training videos not cricket time patience practice will get you so will help you out a lot yeah teaching your dog you also learning to speak to your dog could be completely different languages everyone please take a dog to speak this now with getting them to leave things you want to start off slow something small give yourself a small timeframe if you think that 30 seconds when it's great for your puppy bump that up to 10 seconds see if you can get them to go to 10 seconds but don't push them too far where they become fresh greatly may become frustrating and you guys clash that's not what you want will cause a big problem you will get nowhere so I hope that you guys learned a lot and if you've had any questions or concerns make sure that you leave them in the comment section below don't forget to rate comment subscribe share the channel if you care and until the next video

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