Lies You’ve Been Told About Fish Keeping | Fish Keeping Myths That Need To Go!

Hey y’all, welcome back man. It’s my hectic life paths where we talk about
all things and today I wanted to talk about some lies we’ve been told about fish keeping,
so there’s a few things that I’m sure we have all heard and one of my least favorite ones
is that a fish will only grow to the size of its tank. Now, this myth is most commonly surrounding
the goldfish now, while it will stunt their growth on the outside, it can cause their
fins not to grow properly. It can cause their body to not grow properly,
causes them to grow in a deformed manner, and on the inside they’re Oregon’s continue
to grow as normal. The other issue is that the smaller the tank,
the more frequently you are needing to do water changes to keep the water parameters
in the right levels. Maintaining high water quality for your fish
in smaller containers and smaller tanks can take a lot more extra maintenance. You have to do maintenance on your tanks a
lot more frequently than if you have a larger tank typically. So what you end up with is a very sick, sick
fish that is going to die a horrible death after living a miserable existence. And the other fish keeping myth that I hear
all the time out of pet stores and fish keepers mouth all the time is the rule of thumb that
you need a gallon of water for every inch of fish. That’s just not entirely true. While this kind of math might work out for
something like a guppy or a tetra where it’s a schooling fish, so you need six of them,
they grow to be about two inches. So you need around a 12 gallon tank. It kind of works out, but if you take that
same map and apply it to an Oscar, that can get to be 10 to 12 inches will. You wouldn’t want to keep an Oscar any 10
to 12 inch tank. So part of me wondered if they were maybe
getting this rule of thumb confused and they really meant square inches because that math
kind of added up to be a little bit closer and a little bit more accurate. Say you have an Oscar that’s 10 inches long
and say six inches tall and you would need a 60 gallon tank so that math almost checks
out, but the reality is that we need to take into considerations so much more than just
how big the fish is. Reality of the situation is though, you could
get a 50 gallon tank that doesn’t have very much width and you’re still left with a fish
that can’t really swim around, so all the math almost checks out. If you’re going by square inches, it still
doesn’t check out as far as the fish being able to necessarily maneuver around the tank. Tank size and shape matters almost just as
much as how many gallons are in the tank. If that size tank doesn’t come wide enough
that your fish will be able to comfortably turn around to be able to swim back and forth
in the tank, then you have to look more at the footprint or surface area that the tank
takes up. So for certain types of fish, you might need
a six foot by six foot tank. So the whole entire idea of for every one
inch of fish you need one gallon of water just really isn’t sufficient because there
are some fish to that are only half an inch to an inch long that they are used to swimming
in large areas. So those little what would be considered nano
fish might actually need a much larger space. It might work out okay for beginners to sort
of have like some sort of guideline or reference, but in the big picture, in the grand scheme
of fish keeping this role just needs to go away. So these are just a few of the myths that
are out there. These are some of the ones that I hear more
than anything else. Oh, okay. So that’s all for today’s video. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up
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20 thoughts on “Lies You’ve Been Told About Fish Keeping | Fish Keeping Myths That Need To Go!

  1. If you can pull away with one piece of information that you previously did not no, then it was all worth it. Ex the goldfish deformations and innards!? Thats really really horrible:0
    Always learning.Thanks Mandy:) Love your videos!

  2. As someone who works at a large pet retailer, I've had customers (and sometimes coworkers) tell me ALL KINDS of crazy stories about fish keeping and general animal care. Most of them got it from other retailers with employees who know nothing and make up an answer when asked a question. Most common culprit: Walmart. I even had customers who were told what they were purchasing were goldfish but they were actually SUNBURST WAG PLATYS. Some even get massive misinformation from backyard "breeders" who don't know how to properly care for the animals they're breeding. It gets pretty sad sometimes and pretty creative. Always check your "facts" when you get home.

  3. I have a male cat ,I want to keep him and I want him to have babies,but I want to know if I brought a female cat would he would spray or pee after they mate ?

  4. I know that ,but even after he mates ? , i want him to have babies at least once ,is there any solution to stop him from spraying after his female partner gets pregnant?

  5. My friend had two cats the male was peeing everywhere before and after , but he has kidney failure so no body is sure if he is peeing because of his condition or he wants to mate again

  6. I have one 7 inch long fantail goldfish and one common comet around 6 inch's in a 120 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump tank lol spoiled little jerks

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