39 thoughts on “Licki Brush Pitch – Shark Tank

  1. Despite this national TV misstep, they managed to get more than enough cash from their Kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1046165765/licki-brush-lick-your-cat/description and get their product out to the public https://www.amazon.com/PDX-Pet-Design-Licki-Brush/dp/B01M0UXYHE . Weird how things work out.

  2. My God, with how they're presenting it, it's like they knew they weren't gonna be taken seriously, so they decided to use the insanity of their product to try and break the Shark Tank…!!

  3. If you want to sell a lot of these, change the name to the pussy licker. Perverts will buy them by the crate lol

  4. Wow, to think there are people with genius ideas out there that shit on themselves becuase they aren't "good enough"
    and then there are people with god awful ideas that have put years of effort and thousands of dollars into it.

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