LGR – The Sims 3 Pets Review

[typing] In The Sims 3, your Sims have already had
the opportunity to go adventuring around the world. Reach for their ambitions, party late into the night, and enjoy each generation to its fullest. But even with all this stuff vying for your
attention, there is still something missing. Wait, what's this? Felis catus? Canus lupus? Equus Ferus? Homenum Revelio– wait, what? Yes, you can now enjoy and take
ownership of your favorite creatures– abolitionists be darned– with The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack. This is the fifth expansion pack
requiring The Sims 3 to play and unlike many prior to this, there
are multiple versions to choose from. You've got the regular Pets expansion to
The Sims 3 for Windows and Macintosh computers, another computer version called Sims 3 Plus
Pets, which has the base game
and the expansion together, a standalone console version
for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and a standalone portable
game for the Nintendo 3DS. There are also limited editions of
the game that give you extra content, including ten special pet breeds
for the 360 and PS3 game and a pet shop locked with exclusive
items on the Windows and Mac expansion. Just pick whichever one gets you off the quickest, but I went with the limited edition
Windows and Mac version which is what I'll be covering in this review. Keep in mind that due to the fact that EA
likes making things as confusing as possible, the console versions are completely different
games with completely different crap. So not everything I mention in this
review applies to the console game. Once you start the game,
you're greeted with the most amazing loading screen I've
seen in The Sims 3 thus far. And by "amazing," I mean more bland than a pile of dried oatmeal in a dry desert with Keanu Reeves spouting dry humor. Actually, that's pretty exciting in comparison, and this loading screen is just sad. But soon I realized I'm even more sad
for complaining about a loading screen and the main menu appears in order to pity
me. If you've played the game before,
you can select any old save game you want, but with Pets you get a new town to play with that's simply overrun with
animals of all shapes and sizes. This is Appaloosa Plains, a quiet countryside town with
meadows and woods to explore– at least, according to the laziest wiki quoting
I can possibly pull off without you noticing. Whoops. Gave away my secret. So, yeah, Appaloosa Plains. Less of this, more of this. It's filled with ranches and cowboy hats and seems to be stuck in a
perpetual autumn-like season. While you can enjoy the Pets
expansion with any other town, keep in mind that this one is heavily
geared towards animal amusement and has lots more fauna roaming around than places like Bridgeport. Wherever you choose to live, the quickest way to pet ownership is to
enter the revamped Create A Family mode and create your own… family… of creatures. There are three pets to choose from: the old standbys, cats and dogs, and a newcomer to the series, horses. Each of these virtual animals
can be designed and customized in a manner very similar to how you
design and customize virtual people. That is, you can go as hands-on
or as deeply involved as you like. Want to make a Clifford the Dog knockoff? Go ahead. Want a lime green skeleton cat? Be my guest. Fancy creating your own Little Pony? Have fun with that. And yes, there are even
unnatural designs to choose from which is kind of like applying vinyl to your
pet. Perhaps a bit cruel in some
people's eyes, but you know what? This is The Sims,
where everything is ridiculous. That's just how it goes. Of course, there are also a crap-ton of breeds snatched from real life to choose from: 46 cat breeds, 72 big-dog breeds, 46 small-dog breeds, and 30 horse breeds. Breeds, breeds… Check the video description for a
complete listing of them, if you're curious. If your favorite is not included,
you can likely create it by using the extreme amount of
customization available in the advanced editors. You can also customize your pets' traits now which give them individual personalities and
flaws. You can even alter their voice to set them
even further apart from the animal crowd. It's weird, though. The barks, meows
and neighs all sound less like an animal and more like a voice actor
impersonating an animal. ["dog" barking] ["horse" neighing] Turns out that's how the sounds
were made this time around, by mixing real animals and human noise. It's really freaking weird and I really can't understand why
the designers would want to do this because you hear these sounds all the time and it never stops being
awkward, at least to my ears. Once you've finished building
your pet with a human voice, you can place your pet on
any lot with human Sims. From here, it's up to you
as to what you want to do, and at first it can be a bit overwhelming. A large reason for this is,
unlike previous Pets expansions, you now have complete control over your pets just like with any other Sim. There are a massive amount of things
that each of the three main pets can do, and several things exclusive to each animal
type, so let's just start with what
you can do with any of them. Pets are pets. Obviously. They're there to be there. To pee all over the place. To make noise. To tear apart your house. And to generally act like a
socially inappropriate citizen. But they're also there to socialize
with and be your Sim's friend when all your human friends ran off woohooing everyone in the
neighborhood or whatever. It's your Sim's job to take
care of their animal friends. First, by providing basics like shelter, a
bed, food, water and playthings. Pets also get dirty and get fleas. So you'll need to make sure
to bathe them every so often, or just get them a futuristic automated
pet-bathing Dr. Seuss contraption. But it's equally important
that you interact with them because pets tend to get lonely rather fast. They have needs, wishes and
feelings, just like any other Sim, and it's important to keep these fulfilled if you want them to behave themselves. Otherwise, just like neglecting a child, you risk having them carted off by a social
worker, or they might even die. That crap's just sad and it bums everyone out in the
household, including other pets, so don't do it! Pets can also have relationships with other
pets, including having their own friends and enemies. They can also have romantic relationships and, yes, that means pet woohoo. It's not nearly as absurd as it is with the
Sims. It's mainly there to act a
buildup to the breeding system. Pets of the same species
can get it on with each other and you can take advantage of their genetics to make new breeds. This is also how you'll get
kittens, puppies and foals, since you can't create them yourself. Not only do you have your pets
popping out new ones here and there, you'll run across wild animals and strays. You can choose to befriend these
and even take them into your home, but keep in mind you can only have ten Sims
total. Up to eight human Sims or six pets, where you mix and match to total ten. Eventually, you'll have a freaking zoo on
your hands, so you can wait for some
of your animals to pass on or you also have the option
to do things like sell them, put them up for adoption, or just let them loose into the wild, blue
yonder. Or if you have the PC limited edition, you also have the pet store to
help deal with your animal needs. This is a lot that you can place anywhere and acts like any other walk-in lot. You can buy and sell pet-related goods and do pet adoptions here as well. And while we're talking about community lots, let's talk about community lots… some more. There are a few new lot types that come with
Pets. These pertain to specific animal types and are essentially parks tailored to specific
vices. For instance, you've got the Cat Jungle, which consists of a park filled with cat things, so they can scratch and sleep their nine lives
away. There's also a dog park with open space to play fetch and a bone shaped pool that I'm sure pleased some designer to create, but I can promise a dog
does not care what shape it is. And finally, you'll have a place for horses
to run around and practice jumping and racing, which is fun for both the horse and the owner. Across the street, you also
have the new Equestrian Center. This is kind of like a stadium for horses and it brings us to the main focus of horses, which is to be an awesome horse. This is accomplished by
making them do horsey activities, like learning to run faster,
jump higher and race racier. While horses can do a lot of this stuff on
their own, the competitions will require a Sim to ride
them. So it's a good idea to have your Sim with
the horse in order to focus on their skills along with
the horse's. If you're not into racing or jump courses, you could just let them do their thing on
their own. As long as they have space, lots of water,
lots of hay and maybe a tasty salt lick, horses can pretty much take care of themselves. They also have a need to exercise, so as long as they can do this along
with everything else, they'll be fine. You can also ride your horse in place of a
car, and as small as the towns are in The Sims
3, it's not really a big deal and is sure to make your neo-Luddite Sim proud. Another thing you may run
across in the wild is a wild horse with a freaking narwhal horn sticking out
of its head. Apparently, these are called unicorns and are the special creature in The Sims 3
Pets. These tend to come out late at night, seem to be searching for a
place called Candy Mountain, and can be found by zooming out and
spotting these anomalous glowing clouds that look like an army of Care Bears farted. If you can befriend one of
these things, then it's yours, and you can treat it mostly like a horse. A horse with demon powers, since it may just set the world
on fire when you aren't looking. It also has the ability to bless Sims– that is, if it's not feeling like
freakin' Satan at the time. Of course, they tend to phase
out of existence at 5:00 AM, so you'll have to act quickly if you want
to capture one of these rare, majestic sadists. Next up, you've got dogs and their main lot in life
is to be man's best friend. Quite often, they'll follow you
closer than your own shadow and they're almost always ready to play. When they're not licking your face off, you can find them doing you a favor by digging up your well-manicured lawn. Sometimes they'll find something
they think is incredibly cool, like a maple leaf or an empty potato chip
bag, but most of the time, they'll just leave a
hole. However, you can train them
to put their nose to actual use by helping them raise their hunting skill. With this, they'll roam the lands searching for rare collectibles and objects, collect them and bring them back to you to do whatever it is you
packrats do with such junk. They also make good guard dogs, mainly due to the fact that they are, in fact,
dogs. Just choose an item you want
them to guard and they'll guard it. But do keep an eye on them, since they have a destruction need to fulfill. Give them something to chew on that's not
important. Otherwise, that 3,000 Simolean sofa might just get downgraded to
a love seat once they're through. Lastly, you've got cats. Cats are here to exist. Really, they're just there. That's what cats do. When they want something, they'll let you
know, but otherwise they're probably sleeping or eyeing you in such a way
that makes you a bit nervous because it looks like they're
planning out how to murder you inside that little brain of theirs. Nah, seriously, cats are cool because they're
weird. They like their silly little toys like
yarn, wall things and fake mice. Especially catnip-filled mice. Nothing like having a stoned cat roaming
around the house scratching everything. And, yes, they also have
a scratching need to fulfill, so make sure they have a scratching post so they don't use your leg instead. But their main ability is that
they can hunt other animals. Once they learn this ability,
they can go out on the town and sneak up on whatever prey
they think they can take down. If they happen to come out of it the victor, the creature will be added to the cat's inventory and they will probably bring
it back home to their owner. This is also a very efficient
way to come into possession of many of the minor pets in the game. Yes, cats, dogs and horses are the
main pets you can customize and control, but there are a ton of other critters
that can be caught and contained. These are treated just like collectibles, so some of them are more uncommon
or more valuable than others. These can either be sold or dropped into their related cage or terrarium to be kept as extra pets that don't count against your household limit. You've got lizards, like geckos,
iguanas and chameleons; rodents, like rats, chinchillas and hedgehogs; snakes, like boas, kings and pythons; turtles, like turtles, turtles and turtles; and birds, in both small and large varieties, like finches, parakeets,
macaws and even falcons. You also have fish,
but you've always had fish, and they're still frickin' boring. Each one of these have to be
fed, played with and cleaned, just like any other pet, and you can even carry them around with you. Oddly enough, it seems that like cars, these animals can just be stuck in your pocket. They fit just fine. Although, sometimes they'll escape from your
pocket, and in that case, you'll want to
find them before a dog does and sees it as a tasty meal. Also, birds and cats don't mix. Go figure that one out. There are a couple other creatures
that you'll run across around town, but these are totally useless. First, you've got deer which bound around like a ballerina on crack and do absolutely nothing. You can't hunt them for
venison or their antlers, and I, I didn't expect you to be able to, but really, what use are deer otherwise? Sure, you can pet them and watch them
prance around like ninnies, but that's it. Also, raccoons. Sure, like deer, it's cool that they're around,
I guess, but again, they just show up and stand there. Except raccoons also knock over your trash
can and rip open your garbage bags
and throw crap everywhere. So they're not only useless, but they just
plain suck. Beyond these pointless varmints, there are a few other additions to the game. First is the new woohoo
location for humanoid Sims, and that is the haystack. Jump right in and get some! However, I have one small issue with this: have you ever jumped into a bale of hay, much less got your freak on in one? That crap hurts! Each piece of hay is like a freaking
razor blade with a sharp point if it's in the right shape and
you bump into it the wrong way. I ain't gettin' my junk nowhere
near that junk! I'm sorry. You've also got a new addition to any town, and that is the ice cream truck. You could find it by looking for its icon
on the map and then track it down to sample
some of its tasty, frozen treats. But this thing… I don't know,
something just feels off. For one thing, there's no Sim in sight of
it, yet it continues to drive around and
spurt its cream all over the place. Then without fail, it will park itself
right outside of your front door like a Pedobear van or something. Then it's off to its next victim, dingly little tune blaring throughout the
land. [shudder] So, is the Pets Expansion for The Sims 3 worth
buying? As always, the suggested retail price is $40, so the choice really comes
down to what you're looking for. It comes with a ridiculous amount of
new content and variations on old content, and there's a whole list of
little things I didn't even touch on, like new music, new clothing
and pet-related traits for your Sims. But the vast majority of the
content is about the pets themselves and that is its strength and its downfall. Personally, I've just never enjoyed
the Pets expansion that much because that's not why I play The Sims. Now I like pets in real life. I have pets in real life. They're awesome and furry and all that. But I play The Sims 3 in order to do
things like build houses, collect junk and live out various generations over time through confusing and manipulative relationships. When you add pets into the mix, it only distracts from the core Sims gameplay, in my opinion. Still, I enjoyed this Pets expansion, and I think it's fantastically well done, but after this review, I doubt
that I'll use its content very much. And I was excited about the minor pets, but well, they're so minor that
they're barely worth having at all. However, I know a crap-ton of you are
gonna eat these pixelized animals up, so don't let my play style stop you. If you want Sim pets in your
game, then grab this expansion because it will not disappoint. [progressive rock music plays]

47 thoughts on “LGR – The Sims 3 Pets Review

  1. I enjoyed the minor pets in TS3 and am sad they aren't in TS4. I purchased the pets stuff pack for the minor pets so I can place pets in some homes where I don't want to spend tons of time training a virtual pet.

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  3. had this expancion for long time but omly recentlly adopted a dog for the 1st time. tho i have a problem, i don't know if you must teach a dog/cat (don't see the option) to walk up the stairs or they just can't. any knows anything abaut this?

  4. a great dlc, just a damn shame that the price is a bit to high. they should charge you more then 3 $. we already paid for it in sims 2. greedy and selfish EA

  5. some times when I play, the racon glitches out and grows 6 feet tall, stands on two legs and does human actions. its freaky.

  6. I always disabled pets in worlds other than Appaloosa plains… noticed that sims outside of my household wouldn’t feed/take care of their pets and it made me sad lol

  7. I need to strip my game of mods and play it like it was meant to. Just play this EP so the game isn't bogged down when loading

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  11. I’m sorry
    I like the ice cream truck
    I have to admit it looks disturbing
    But I find it cute that it goes around it makes the town feel more alive

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