Lewis about Cats in DnD

brick is the robot who kicked the spirit cat oh yeah that's right bloody spirit care honestly spirit animals not real animals spirit and all still have rights like the ghosts think you know it's the ghost of a cat really gonna be like they were such an annoying thing that care any any pets in D&D that people have important James basically they any characters who have like a pair they just want the adventure to be about their pet they mean I do that they're like come my cat come my cat take the loot he's really loops my cat it's like that pisses me off so bad oh oh my cat can kiss concurred slut could slide through their defense all about my cat can like oh he can he can he can pick the lock with his tiny paws oh my cat he can sniff out danger is to kill my cat it's my cat making any weird noises go away like no that's me oh god those toast people man oh right you know they should be they should have just been a fuckin furry that's what they are we found him we found a way to identify him guys look

44 thoughts on “Lewis about Cats in DnD

  1. Barry in star wars edge of the empire… Lewis was there… This reminds me of that clip where Lewis said he thought people who played Fifa where idiots and Sips was recently playing it.

  2. I've been through it and i can confirm that players with pets will try at every turn to make that pet useful.

  3. To be fair, I think it's usually pretty easy to identify the Furries, just look at their profile picture 90% of the time.

  4. Any pet in DnD that can die should be killed by a villian asap. Creates good motivation and eliminates one of the avenues for That Guy to ruin the game. Any DM that plot-armours a pet (or anyone, but especially a pet) is straight up irresponsible.

    See: Dad from Yogsquest. Let's all have some fun, but then let the rat die and prompt some good.

  5. Good thing Pseudodragons don't count as pets (they will literally leave your ass if you call them such) and are actually capable of communication. Lady Wagglebutt is the real treasure of my adventures. (despite hating being called pets, or being treated as anything less than a companion, they DO love being given cute names, and being pampered LIKE a pet, for some reason)

  6. A buddy of mine did a campaign with 2 regular players, a murder hobo, and a bear with max charisma. They killed the mayor of a town because not enough gold for a mission and had the bear take the place of the mayor and nobody knew until a party where one person saw through it and was killed by the entire town for treason.

  7. Find familiar is a very useful and flexible spell. Having an immortal animal to scout ahead is a great way to keep the rest of the party out of harms way or test for traps in a pinch. Lewis why you no have fun!? >_<

  8. Lewis can talk shit all he likes, but Jake the rat (Sjin's cousin) literally carried the team so hard and probably had the best dps of the entire party in Yogsquest 1

  9. This honestly brings me back to 9th grade when I binge-listened Yogpod during my summer holiday. This DnD campaign was the shit!

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