Level Battle Pets 1-25 in Legion Without Battling!

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today I want to show you how
to level battle pets without doing a single pet battle. This is perfect for someone just starting
their battle pet army and it’s also great for someone who’s polishing off the last few
stragglers in their collection. To do this, there’s only two requirements. You must have a character of level 100 or
higher with access to Legion content, and at least 200 gold. That’s it! You do not need to have any high level pets. Let’s walk through it. It’s time to ditch your Boon of the Bloodhunter
or Harvester. Your guild doesn’t REALLY need extra mats
and making gold is for nerds. Real cool kids are all about that battle pet
life. Buy a Boon of the Zookeeper off of Draemus
in the Dalaran Pet Shop and throw that on your shoulders. If you swap between a few pairs of shoulders
like me, buy several and enchant them all. Step 2: Live your life. Go forth and do whatever it is you like to
do in Legion. Dungeons and World Quests in particular are
good. As you kill mobs in Legion, make sure that
you loot them all so you pick up your Piles of Pet Goodies! I don’t actively go out of my way to farm
these but I do favour world quests with high numbers of mobs to kill, such as the falcosaur
beaches. In a day of doing AP quests and my random
heroic I usually pick up between 2 to 5 piles of pet goodies. Step 3: Hoard Pet Charms. Open your Pet Goodies, stow away the Upgrade
Stones for later and stack up those pet charms. Each pile contains between 6 and 10 pet charms
along with some bandages, treats and other good stuff. I wouldn’t stress too much about trying to
farm the piles. Just go about your business, don’t forget
to loot mobs and they’ll add up. Step 4: Buy Ultimate Battle-Training Stones. Once you have at least 45 pet charms, head
back to the Dalaran Pet Shop and buy Ultimate Battle-Training Stones fr –m Lio or Serrah. I like to save up a few hundred charms throughout
a week and grab a bunch at once but you only need one or two stones to get started. Choose your lucky pets. If you’re just getting started with your first
max level team, I recommend choosing pets early on that will help you get through the
Legion world quests. I have a video linked in the description of
my top 10 most useful pets in legion. Early recommendations include a Mechanical
Pandaren Dragonling, Stormborn Whelpling, Anubisath Idol, Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter
and the Teroclaw Hatchling. Grumpy is great to have on hand for catching
wild pets, which you’ll want to do at some point also. Once you have the pets to start beating the
Legion World Quest tamers you want to do those whenever they offer Pet Charms, on as many
level 110 characters as you have. Once you’re rolling with that, you’ll be getting
an extra 15-20 pet charms per character every time a charm-offering world quest pops up. A Stormborn Whelpling, Mech Panda Dragonling
and Anubisath Idol will mow through most fights while you’re getting started. Step 6: Expand your empire. Continue ramping up your pet charm farming
with the Zookeeper Boon and dailies to expand and upgrade your collection so you can tackle
more challenges. At this point you can start leveling specific
pets you need for 2 pet strategies. 2-petting tamers in Pandaria, Draenor and
the Broken Isles is a great way to boost even more battle pets to flesh out your army. Congratulations, you’re officially a pet battle
addict just like me. You can also use pet charms to buy Flawless
Stones to upgrade your pets to rares and exclusive pets and toys at the Dalaran Pet Shop vendors. If you really want to go full-completionist,
import your collection onto WarcraftPets to see which pets you’re missing, how many pets
you have leveled up and how your collection ranks against other pet masters on your server. So that’s my new favourite way to level pets! Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, please consider
leaving a like if you liked it and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Level Battle Pets 1-25 in Legion Without Battling!

  1. you're forgetting that your garrison pet menagerie usually has the pet tamer daily on at least one toon and the weekly pet quest which counts on each toon differently which means different rooms should always be completed. for an extra 22-31 lol stones a week and random pets to sell.

  2. this is great Hazel, Been an avid pet battler since the release of battle pets so the leveling thing isn't much of a problem for me but the ability to farm charms is amazing, it's also worth doing some gold farming like the old Bastion of twilight silk farm

  3. Thanks for the tip Hazel! It'll be a great way for me to level pets needed for various pet family achievements.

  4. You can also just auto-complete the pet battle quests for pet charms if you have that order hall talent. That's what I've been doing to get my first few battle pets started. I didn't even know there was a pet shoulder boon lol.

  5. Thank you Misses Hazel! I had no idea about it all…Hah. Can I just ask, how much time does Pet battling/collection etc. take of your gameplaytime?

  6. I was wondering when you would talk about this. I have been doing exactly what you have said for several months. i skipped pet battling in Cata and when i came back in WoD i was focusing more on other content. Thanks to you I have a great collection of 25 level pets. Anytime i have a query i always look for your guides. Great work and thank you so much!

  7. Thanks Hazel for this awesome video. I'm bookmarking it for all my guildies who want to start pet battling!

  8. Up to 3000 pet charms now , probably earned about 5000 since Legion. Really happy about them adding more pet dungeons <3

  9. funny you mention "f*ck gold farming, Zookeeper is more fun," when in reality Zookeeper is the shoulder enchant that yields the most gold. That's why the droprate had to be so nerffed.

  10. How did I not know about this!!!! Thanks Hazel! I have been stuck with the same pets as I used my 25 stones back in WoD!

  11. The best guide so far that works at any point of time with or without the weekly bonus xp. Gj 🙂

    This is a really good guide, didn't even know about that one shoulder enchant. Since I love farming so much this makes it even more fun.

  12. is this still worth ? Today i've got the enchant and the drop rate is soooo low that makes me think if it's worth doing this. I'm about 1 hour of doing stuffs with this and only dropped one pile of pet goodies.

  13. I applaud your passion for battlepets. Do you keep all your pets or do you do battles with the intention for re-sales? If the latter, would you be able to provide insight on how to make gold off of battlepets?

  14. If you want to do this for 900+ pets you need a whole lot of those stones :/ I also rather spend my pet charms on new pets and pet treats to level them up the old way. But for a few pets that you want to upgrade fast, this is a good tip.

  15. So the text says you get them from your fallen enemies…does it mean you can just enchant your heirloom shoulders of a new character and get lots of these piles while leveling and doing dungeons????

  16. I have just bought this enchant and have since spent at least an hour grinding mobs only to receive one pile of pet goodies. Has this been nerfed or am I doing it wrong?

  17. ok this is cool but seriously you can only buy as many stones. I would have liked to see something like a repeatable 2 pet strategy for levelling

  18. After buying the boon. my druid said that she can't use that. WHY? Grrrrrrr Not happy with my druids voice over telling me no 🙁

  19. I literaly hate battle pets. Ive been wanting to do the battle pet WQs I haven't been able to cuz I have no good pets. This guide is what I needed


  21. So How I m going to enchant this item to my shoulders equipment ? I have 110 lvl mage I m new player…Guide me with more details please. I bought 2 rare pets lvl 25 but I didn't even know I can't use them yet :)) So more details please help.

  22. This guide needs an update for Patch 8.0:

    Direct from WoWhead

    "In BFA these will be the new pet currency replacing Shiny Pet Charm. Whilst Shiny Pet Charm is not going away, it will only be able to purchase items from pre-BFA like pets and toys – they will no longer be able to purchase the "good stuff" like Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, Marked Flawless Battle-Stone, Pet Treat etc – these will require the new currency Polished Pet Charm. Also Pocket Pet Portal will be able to be purchased with the new currency Polished Pet Charm."

  23. So…. thought this was a great idea… but appears BFA mobs don't drop any of the pet goodies… anyone else noticing this?

  24. So first of all, only Legion mobs can drop this. And the worst part: You can only get "Shiny Pet Charms" from that whilst NOW needing "Polished Pet Charms" even for the vendor in Dalaran.

  25. Couldn't figure out how to send you a direct mesage but wanted to thank you for all these videos you're a lifesaver!! I know nothing about he peripheral stuff of WoW and thank god you've decided to make all these vids.

  26. I'm new to pet capturing/battling (only barely started introducing pets when I left the game), is Step one still offered in Legion Dalaran?

  27. Okay so i am REALLY late but this is really helpful as a first time pet battler who bought 150k worth of level 25 pets not knowing you needed to actually self level one pet LOL

  28. Appears to be useless in BFA. Killed over 400 mobs in Legion content including a couple of WQs and looted 1 Pet Goody Box total. NOT WORTH THE EFFORT AT ALL…

  29. what can i do if i am stupid enough to buy a lvl 25 battle pet and i cant use it. it says that the pet is too high level tome to uncage it help pls

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