Letting The Person In FRONT Of Me DECIDE What We Eat! (RESCUE DOG Edition)

hey guys welcome back to my channel if you don't already know me my name is Savannah and these are my rescue dogs Gracie and boomer and today we are going to be doing the letting the person in front of us decide our fast food order this is a fun challenge I've been watching on YouTube for the past few weeks and I came up with a way to include the dogs so we are going to be going to two different fast-food restaurants that also give out dog treats so the dogs will get their treats it'll be surprised what I get and maybe I can share some of my food with them as well this could be interesting because boomer doesn't always do the best with strangers sometimes when we go through the drive-thru he likes to bark at them so stay tuned to see what happens okay so the first place so Tim's is our first stop I know that they give out plain Timbits to dogs and we will also see what I end up getting hi could I get the same thing as the person in front of me yeah could I also get a plain Tim bet for my dog that's it thank you okay first place total is 1140 I got a Greek yogurt and I think some sort of either wrapper sandwich with extra cheese when I asked her she laughed so they must get this a lot lately what's doing pretty good I actually saw my little brother in the parking lot so I waved at him he's clearly getting a treat after school hello ordered the same thing is the guy in front of me he paid my order when the girl she was laughing so they must be getting this along lately I'm honestly free watch like 22 okay so I'm just gonna find a place to park here and then we will go through what I got and then we will stop at our next location okay so let's go through what we just won Clinton bit this is what they usually give out to the dogs there the pups don't need one each so we're just gonna give them half and I know Gracie usually tries to swallow her whole so I'm gonna split her in half again she doesn't even chew I don't think boomers ever had a ten but before we've only had him for about a year so nice of the guy in front of us to pay that's hilarious good yummy I think on the screen it said this was like 29 cents sometimes they offer them free when you pull up there and this is last and sometimes they don't that's why I thought I would just say that I want one 10 bit to make sure that the dogs do have some things so there's their chin bed I also got a Greek yogurt I've never had this from Tim's before so we will give it a shot see if it's any good so should I be like everybody else and bite in and see what I think I guess I didn't have to take that big of a bite good lots of mail nothing special Tim's food usually isn't like super super special I got some bacon pieces off of the sandwich that I will give to the dogs Gracie you're hogging all the camera time no it's kind of funny that I'm making this video after kind of on the heels of my pet nutrition video but just like humans they can have treats too just not too much so that's what I got it Tim Hortons next we are going to go to Dairy Queen I know sometimes when you roll up to pay for your food if they see you have a dog in the car they will give you a milk-bone milk bones aren't the best for dogs but once again treats everyone small are okay and I didn't have to pay for my first food stop so let's see what we get at Dairy Queen I'm gonna guess that I'm gonna end up with an ice cream and it's almost supper time so maybe a burger too but let's find out woman in the passenger seat so I'm gonna guess that we're gonna end up with two meals which honestly is okay because I didn't have to pay for anything at Tim's more anxious I didn't have to pay for anything at Tim's so that's okay and my hubby Cory is working late so if there is a second meal then I might just save the second one for him to eat when he gets home so would be nice kind of surprise for him but let's see I honestly thought it was gonna be more awkward doing this but I think the first girl really up to my confidence with this when she knew what I was talking about I've seen lots of these other videos when somebody just says they'll have what the person in front of me got and the person taking the order is super confused so I think she upped my confidence I hope this one goes goes as good as the last one but also I can see the guy in front of me ordering I can't hear him but he's doing a lot of talking which is making me nerve hi could I just get what the person in front of me got yes yeah that's it okay thank you whispering they can't hear me in my vehicle all right I'm excited to see what we get that for $30 I'm gonna guess that it's probably two meals meals can be expensive here so hello on debit sure and I'd be great yes thank you thank you awesome thank you you too okay so when I ordered they didn't ask any questions they didn't tell me what I was getting and when they were handing it over to me they just handed it over so it's gonna be a complete surprise boom Park they did give us milk bones sometimes they don't once again not not my favorite thing to give the dogs and they don't eat a whole one each sit down when you're calm you can have one sit stay usually takes her to the floor okay now let's find out what I got there's two drinks here two drinks I think I got two meals man this is a Pepsi we think it's diet it's just a normal Pepsi his face he doesn't seem to care okay so I think that one's a Pepsi and this one's unmarked too so I'm gonna guess that's a Pepsi and then we actually got a sundae this looks like just a strawberry sundae and let's see what's in my big bag when I was waiting for my order he kept going back and forth with two bags he wasn't sure which one was my order and if he was about to ask me I would have no idea which one was mine so he could have given me the wrong order I have no idea so there is two boxes in here there's barbecue sauce and honey mustard oh just fries and regular chicken strips probably save those for Cory I guess depending what the other beetle is probably the same thing no it's fries and they're glazed cottage fries and they're glazed chicken strips which I absolutely love so I lucked out there got what I wanted got Cory something for later got a Sunday I can have I love me some Pepsi I'm okay with the dipping sauces I probably would have preferred ranch to go with the sauce that's already on these chicken strips but is what it is you'll give them a little bit of the plain chicken strip fry this has been successful okay Fred time boomy greasy right I just want them to be in frame here good girl chicken take it nice how's this habit of just like chomping down no okay well this has been successful our first trip to Tim's we got it paid for we got a Greek yogurt and a sandwich and a 10-bit for the dogs at DQ we got two different shipping two different chicken strap meals we got two I think Pepsi's and a strawberry sundae so considering that I got my first meal for free now receive my DQ but considering we got the first meal for free we only paid about $30 for this meal which is awesome so if you guys enjoyed this challenge please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe below this is not like my usual content but I would love to make more content like this I usually do make content about dogs and pets and how you can live a holistic life with your pet I'm also thinking of doing a similar video to this with Starbucks so the dogs can try their very first Papa Chino there and maybe I'll also get what whatever the person in front of me ordered from there so if you like that idea do make sure to like this video leave a comment down below and I would love for you to stick around by subscribing to see my future content thanks so much for watching today guys I had so much fun

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  1. Should have continued paying it forward and paid behind you. Usually what I do. Love the pups. Our boy comes everywhere with us.

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