Put your paws up bow & wow bow & wow in the house ya’ll Checkin’ it out ya’ll Oh good, you’re here! Can you please take a look at this? Is this pet food good for us to eat? Obviously, we can’t read the labels on our food, but you can! Good pet food is primarily made from real animal meat. Because, y’know, we’re carnivores. This means our food shouldn’t have corn or grain listed as the first ingredient Think quality meat Protein! And check out the preservatives used Vitamin C and E are good natural preservatives But if you want to feed us buh…ty.. butt-­‐ butt-­‐ lated… Well if you can’t say it you shouldn’t eat it, Bow! All-­natural pet food food is more nutrient and calorie dense so there’s less chance you’ll over feed us Which means, less chance of us becoming ill or obese And lastly there’s the expiration date Always pay attention to that Because believe me you don’t want to deal with pet diarrhea or worse. Never forget how important it is to read our pet food labels Because you gotta know what you’re feeding us.

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