Let Me In! – Simon's Cat | SHORTS #2

[Simon's Cat meows 4 times] [Simon's Cat meows again] [soccer ball bounces against window] [gnome sound] [glass gets hit] [gnome gets dropped] [glass squeaks] [Simon's Cat meows, & glass squeaks twice] [Simon's Cat meows] [Simon's Cat meows again] [doorknob gets jiggled around] [doorknob gets jiggled around again] [doorknob jiggles itself] [Simon's Cat meows 3 times & vase breaks] [Simon's Cat keeps trying to get Simon's attention, as Simon opens the door] [Simon tries to get the cat inside, & is confused as to why his cat won't come in] [Simon's Cat purrs & comes in] [glass door breaks] [Simon's Cat meows loudly]

32 thoughts on “Let Me In! – Simon's Cat | SHORTS #2

  1. I am a cat owner,I,spoil them rotten,my cats don't go outside,here in Ontario Canada there are too many predators. I just LOVE Simon 's cat cartoons.absolutely spot on.

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