Leopard Gecko Tank Build Part 1: Supplies Haul

Good morning! Today is gonna be part 1 of
my mini series of my leopard gecko tank setup. There’s just going to be three
parts. This first one is going to be the supplies or a haul video, the second one
is going to be the setup, and then the third one will be her in her new tank
after hopefully about a month of her being in it so I can kind of comment on
any pros and cons and what I changed and things I liked and didn’t like, and product
review types of things. Today I’m just gonna go over almost every item that’s
gonna be in the tank, why I chose that item, and where I got it.
All of these items are going to be going into an Exo Terra medium low which is 24
inches long, 18 inches deep, and 12 inches tall, and it’s the one with the double
front open doors and it has ventilation on the top and on the front. You’ll see
that later when I’m setting everything up. So let’s get started! The first
thing I’m going to talk about are the different substrates I’m gonna be using
for her. On her warm side I’m going to be using a loose substrate and I chose Eco
Earth. I buy it when it’s already loose because it’s gonna go in a small area
that it would be kind of a waste for me to get the big bricks, I just need a few
handfuls, so I just buy it in the already loose section and I’ve got this
at Petsmart but you can also get it at Petco. For the warm side I needed
something that was loose so that way the heat could travel upwards through the
bottom of her tank because I do use a heat mat as her primary source of
heating, and then I also like this because she can kind of dig into it and
get to the right temperature that she wants to be in so it’s another way for
her to self-regulate. Eco Earth is probably the safest option of any loose
substrate I’ve seen because it is just fiber so if she happens to accidentally
ingest it, it’ll break down to even smaller pieces because of her stomach
acids and it’s not like Calci-Sand where it entices them to eat it so she
has no reason to eat coconut fiber on purpose. She would only ever eat it on
accident and even if she does, it’s safe. I want to apologize for my voice, I think
it’s a little scratchy. I’m dehydrated I suppose. The second
substrate I’m gonna try out for her is the Zoo Med Excavator Clay. It kind of has
some mixed reviews and a channel that I really love, Leopard Gecko, she did a
review on it and was not too impressed with it. I have to admit when I saw her
use it, I also wasn’t too impressed with it, but I still felt that it was a good option for what I’m trying to do with it. This is gonna be
used primarily on the cold side of her enclosure. The main reason I chose this
was because I’m gonna give her a feeding pit. I’ll make a different video later
where I talk a little bit more about some neurological impairments she has
because of an accident that happened when she was a hatchling,
which is why I ended up taking her. She can’t see her prey very well and I’ve
tried using bowls with her and they’re either too tall and she can’t see into
them, or they’re too short and the prey can get out of them, so I decided to
design a feeding pit. I’m using a large acrylic tray, which you’ll see
later, that’s tall enough for prey to not be able to escape from but it’s short
enough for her to easily get in and out of plus it’s large enough she can fit
her whole body in and kind of stalk around her prey in there. But because
it’s acrylic and it’s see-through I knew that if she saw prey she’d try to
just keep jabbing at it so I needed something that I could put on the
outside of the acrylic tray and build up to it because the acrylic tray is 2 inches tall,
so with the Excavator Clay I can build up the edges of the clay around the
acrylic tray so it’s nice and smooth, it’s like a little ramp on each side
into her tray and then she can easily walk up, look down, see her prey, and go
down into her acrylic feeding pit. I got this at a pet smart, I don’t think
Petco carries it. I got this on the Cyber Monday thing that pet smart was doing
and it was only $9.99 instead of the original $19.99. It does come with like a little
Zoo Med shovel and a bunch of different balloon sizes for you to make caves with, this little tube to make like a tunnel, and then the little like string. You also
get two extra pounds of the Excavator Clay. I don’t recommend lamps at all for
leopard geckos, they’re nocturnal animals so they’ve evolved to essentially see in
the dark which means they have incredibly sensitive eyes. Their eyes are
about 350 times more sensitive than a human eye. You can imagine how bright we
might see a light bulb, they’re gonna see it 350 times brighter and it’s only
going to be about 12 to 18 inches above their heads. It damages their eyes
because they are not designed to essentially be out in the sun 24/7,
they’re designed to be in the dark so they don’t need a light. I just wanted
to clarify that real fast and that’s why I’m showing it with the intended bulb which
is actually a ceramic heat emitter. Now these things, I’m pretty sure they’re new
from Zoo Med, they’re so cute I love them. I saw them at a PetSmart. They didn’t
used to have them and now they have them, It could not be more excited about it.
My room that she’s gonna be staying in does not have heating in it and,
especially during the winter, it can drop to the low 60’s. Since I only use a heat
mat with her, to me, that’s just not warm enough to provide general heat, like the
only time she could be warm is if she was right on top of her heat mat. So I’m
using the low wattage ceramic heat emitter to provide a general gradient of
heat instead of providing a really intense basking spot which is what you
would get if you use a light. So this is just gonna produce kind of ambient
air temperature. Since I am going to be using a heat emitter in her tank, I want
to make sure it’s not getting too too hot and this, it’s not going to control
the temperature, but it will at least show me the air temperature. I don’t like
the dial or stick on thermometers because they can be up to 20 degrees
incorrect. Whenever you have a thermometer you always want a probe.
I’m gonna place this probe inside her tank just to be able to monitor her
tank temperature, make sure she’s not getting too cold or too warm.
This next thing is the feeding pit I was talking about. I found this on Etsy
from a store called Lime Tree Engraving and I’ll leave the link down below. It
came with the monogram so I figured I’d just put her name in it since her name is
only three letters anyway. These next things are mushrooms that I got from
Polliwog. Polliwog.co.uk I think. These are their sponge mushrooms, it was
actually really cheap to get them shipped here, it only cost me like 10
dollars and 25 cents for the five mushroom plus the shipping, to get
shipping from the UK, and it was really fast.
I think it only took like a week for them to get here. You can see they’re
mushroom flats and what I’m going to do with these is place them on the back
as kind of like a, you know one here, one here, one up here, so she is like a
stepladder kind of thing across the back of her tank to go and explore. This piece
of driftwood is from PetSmart, it’s just one of their driftwood pieces, the All Living Things reptile piece. It’s another one of the things I’m using the
excavator clay for, kind of as like a cement to hold all my other little
decorations in place. This next thing is just a simple half log hideout. Again, I
got it from a PetSmart. I chose this one because I really liked all the white little
mosses on it. I just thought it was really cool. This is gonna be her hide
for her warm side so she’ll have this and Eco Earth underneath. She can go in there and bury to her heart’s content and just get nice and cozy. I hadn’t
included these last two things in the overall shot of all the stuff that I got
honestly because I forgot about them until just now. But these are two
succulents I’m gonna try planting in her tank. So I’m not doing a fully planted
tank I’m going to repot them and then cover the pots in either the Excavator
Clay or the Eco Earth just depending on where I end up placing them in her
terrarium, so that way all I have to do is you know just water the pot and it’s
kind of a contained little system in itself. This little one I got from a
farmers market and then this one is my favorite one, it’s kind of the base for
my theme. We recently took a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and they sell
little succulents there and this one was just so beautiful. I’ve seen this type of
succulent before but I hadn’t seen it with the really like lavender, almost
purpley, tips and it has some blue in it, and like the lime green. So that is
everything I’m gonna be using in her tank. I just didn’t show her heat mat but
I’ll show that later when I actually set everything up. I hope you enjoyed and
that maybe it gave you some ideas of kind of non-traditional leopard gecko
items that can be used for leopard geckos. I’m definitely excited to go
start this build and to have you guys follow along. If you have questions,
please leave them down below. I absolutely love talking to people and
answering questions and I hope you’re looking forward to the next video. Byeeee!

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  1. they need a heatmat NOT a heat emitter, they take in heat through their stomachs and without the stomach heat they will have problems digesting

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