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Hello Have you came Welcome☆ I’ll be explaining about our home Here’s a cat There’s a cat Here’s a cat too How many cats are there? Cat owner: There’re 16 of them now Fat cat Flying cat Cute cat A peculiar cohabitation of all kinds of cats I’m hungry, Stewardess (Yes master) Setting A serving for 16 cats has been ordered Smell good~ The meal you’ve orderd is ready Group seats completed Super delicious☆ But ?? Excuse me~ Won’t you eat? Woong-ga will you eat some lettuce? A cat and lettuce..?? He eats it!? Moreover Look at Woong-ga fat belly A cat who gained weight after eating grass;; Since it’s a home with many cats there’re all sort of cats.. The stewardess doesn’t have any time to rest Cleaning mode Since there’re 16 cats If i don’t clean up often with this, it’s almost a fur-hell! Can’t live in fur-hell! Turn on an air purifier~ Working well Here’s poo-hell;; Let’s take a look~ Oh my.. Clean Clean (now I can take some rest) our stewardess is doing well~ How did they become such a big family? Those who are sick and need treatment Abandoned cats, those who were adopted then given up come and live with me in my home Cats who have a lot of stories have gathered~ The 16 cats live together depending on each other☆ But can barely see him wary (The cat)Has lived with me for 10 years I’ve never touched him He doesn’t open his heart She holds out her hand.. Perhaps I should kneel… Go away! Hiding cat~ Open up your mind :'( A Cat action expert appeared Hi~ Let me see~ Cat action expert : When he’s with another existence he should feel comfortable and (should) even be full The reason he’s like that is because of fundamental fear If you have the space stay seated when he’s alone But I don’t really.. have space anymore Then I’ve thought of a kind of catio A simple and exclusively for cat terrace ‘catio’ Creating a new space that suits a cat’s habits (Looks attractive~) Jump The view is amazing~ Super popular Once the efficiency of the space is increased The space for cats to use has increased The hiding cat came out! After waiting for him to settle down.. (Can I go in?) Careful Careful (Please accept my heart..♥) Hey Stewardess.. Yes?;; We are day 1 from today♡ It’s the first time he’s licking my finger like this Please take good care of me from now on too~ Abandoned cats and dogs are increasing and new puppies and kittens are being born from them After you see my home’s cats I hope you pay attention to other abandoned cats and dogs The small lives who pass by in our surroundings They could become your special family♡

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  1. OMG, the lady of the video is a Saint, she really cares for all these cats and their well-being! we need more people like her, God Bless her, thank you so much.

  2. 🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🐶❤🐶❤🐶❤🐶❤🐶❤🐶❤👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Милая девушка, ты действительно добрая душа! )) Счастья тебе и вечной жизни!!!

  4. Wonderful video and wonderful person. In the town I live in you cannot adopt or buy a cat or dog unless it has been spayed or neutered. This law has been in place for over five years and it has cut down tremendously on the number of stray animals. We also have very active animal rescue organizations that deal with 'cat colonies' where they Trap, Neuter/Spay and Release. These cats are essential feral and live out their lives as outdoor cats although they have shelters built for them and regular meals are provided as well as health care. If they find a pregnant feral they trap it and it is fostered by volunteers. The kittens are cared for and given their first shots, flea meds, neuter/spayed and then put up for adoption. If the mother can be tamed she will be put up for adoption but otherwise she will be returned to her colony after being fixed. I have fostered feral cats and their offspring for the last three years.

  5. 🐱All abandoned cats have the right to be saved and loved..!!🐱
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  6. I agree!!! ALL animals need LOVE!!Imagine abandoning our 'children'.No no no…animals have purpose 2.B kind.Love ur kitty cats.

  7. Que estoria mais linda de amor aos animais e um anjo p os gatinhos que deus abençoe essa mulher de coração tao grande amei🎆💝🎎

  8. 4:49 Why my eyes become wet……

    Btw, I'm wondering… She could handling all of those cats and that's really needs a lot of money. Where'd she got enough money? Is it enough just from her job income? 🤔

  9. Que bonitos son los gatos me encantan yo hacabo de perder a tres de ellos y la verdad es que estoy muy afectada por lo que le paso a cada uno de ellos no lo logro entender los cuidaba super bien y los duermo conmigo y los alimento super bien

  10. Thanks to the lady for helping the cats… I also have total of 10 cats to care….i hope everyone will contribute little bit more

  11. Que cómico se sienta. Que corazón más hermoso tiene la Señorita Ojalá muchas personas la sigan y no abandonen a los animales, ni los maltraten. Quedó muy bonito lo que le pusieron en la ventana para que ellos salgan a coger sol y aire. Saludos y gracias a todos

  12. Милые котейки, они все такие хорошие и разные. Девушка молодец столько кошек приютила. 🙂

  13. Wah….the lady's only wish is that people should open their hearts to such creatures in trouble… good 💓…God bless you more mam…

  14. I have 3 recues and thank them everyday for coming into my life. These videos are so hard to watch but very important to spread awareness. Thank you for helping the animals! You all deserve blessings!🙏 In a way,.. these animals are rescuing us too.

  15. 彼女のような、素敵な人のおかげで、辛く悲しい思いをしてた猫ちゃん達が、毎日楽しくくらせてる😆本当に素晴らしいです🤗👍❤

  16. Some cats hate being with other cats. For some cats being in a rescue centre can be hell. I have a rescue cat which we picked from the shelter because I realised it hated being close to the other cats. It was probably the least friendly cat there, but I picked it because I was there to rescue a cat and give it a better life not to find myself a toy. The shelter had already seperated it because it wouldnt tollerate sharing a cage. When I visited and spent time with it I noticed everytime a cat in a nearby cage made a move or sound my cat would tense up and look really scarred. 3 years on it lives happily in our home with no other cats or dogs. If it sees a cat out of a window it still gets agressive and stressed. It is a house cat, but we have a very large caged outside space which it shares with our two rabbits. It seems to know the difference between a rabbit and a cat and has never had any issues with them.

  17. Thank you for such positive videos. Oh, thanks also to the hostess for such lovely cats I wish that every cat in the world was warm and comfortable and fed. I love you

  18. A special lady. She has an amazing heart and the cats look well & happy. She has the time to let the fearful cats come round in their own time. Please encourage spaying & neutering to stop the stray/abandoned cycle.

  19. I think we should inspire from them and pay attention towards abandoned animals
    Because there is no one to take care of them😍

  20. Wanita hebat,Semoga Anda sllu diberi kesehatan dan rezeki yg berlimpah Aamiin.Mpus2 smuanya cantik dirawat dg pnuh kasih👍🥰

  21. Gotta be honest im surprised the picky diificult cat hasn't died from eating that much plants…

    But otherwise I really appreciate what she does!

  22. Persona gentile, buona e dal grande cuore generosa. Grazie per tutto quello che fai metti a disposizione la tua casa per questi piccoli gatti abbandonati dà tanti 😘😘😘😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗👏👏👏👍👍👍😻😻😻😻sono tutti bellissimi 💗💗💗💗👏👏👏👏👏

  23. 私の家には、23匹の猫がいます、一緒に暮らしてますよ👌みんな家族と同じです。仲が良い子も居れば、毎日喧嘩する子もいます。家中を走り回って元気いっぱい✌️😁

  24. https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjPp7z2vIXnAhVWiNUKHdi6AaYYABAaGgJ3cw&sig=AOD64_1KRf9uLEGFxvsBP67zNtq5hToF4w&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjr3rP2vIXnAhXOxoUKHXWrCHYQ9aACegQIDBBf&adurl=

  25. E maravilhosa a atitude desta jovem, e que nos fazem acreditar que alguns humanos vieram na Terra para fazer a diferença, parabéns, você e uma estrela cheia de luz, e que nunca seja apagada. Muita luz na sua vida e seus filhotes peludos.

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