LEGO summer 2019 catalog flip-through & thought stream ?

hey everybody I got this summer 2019 catalog
mailer from Lego yesterday I quickly flipped through just a few pages that
random and immediately realized it hey I should be recording this not just
because of what's inside but the timing is actually absolutely perfect for this
it does start ere you go this is a good start it does start with the space stuff
well not that space stuff but a couple of space things so I just got the review
for this done and also have the pure build had a bunch of trouble with
YouTube just signing it didn't want to show my videos on the pure build channel
so I had to re-render that and re-upload it a couple of times before it actually
took it I could view it I pointed people to it with the link but
now there's a new version of the video out there anyway that's all taken care
of had a lot of fun actually fairly quickly changing over the lighting for
my review of this one you may not believe this but it was done the same
place as where I'm recording right now in the white void but it's mostly black
so those those very cooling fortunately a lot of people actually really liked
the lighting I'm definitely not going to do it exactly the way that I did there I
on going in the future I might use that sort of setup at some point in the
future but it's not going to become the new standard or anything but I'm glad
that so many people did like that and only a relative handful were displeased
by it because I'm definitely going to do more experimentation with lighting in
the future just as I've already started last year at the end of last year
experimenting for Studio B doing some different things so this is covered this
is not available yet June 5th is when it becomes available of course anybody
who's you know registered with Lego to get free stuff from them already has
those and everything but as you know I'm not connected with them that's something
that I may need to consider regrettably in in the future it's becoming more and
more of a gap between when Lego sends out you know new stuff for new seasons
and when it actually becomes you know 2 to folks who are connected with them
versus when things actually hit stores and when hikin buy them but that's
that's a whole other discussion for a completely different day week month
possibly even year Star Wars stuff yeah I've done all this more Star Wars stuff
you know I forgot when I went to the Lego store to get this I forgot to ask
the folks there the employees especially the manager would know most how well
these have sold these action battle sets they show the best ones here I I wasn't
able to tell just from looking at the the shelves you know because they
actually keep stuff pretty well stocked and only when things are really out of
stock like towards the end of the holiday season before they put out new
things you know new releases that's when you can really tell what has sold the
best and especially what is not sold because that's what's left on shelves
and they start spreading out the there the remainders but I'm just curious how
well these have done and the wow I I can't believe I actually already forgot
the resistance Star Wars our wars resistance it's that forgettable so far
started out really really slow and very very kiddie like way more so than it
needs to be in very very empty but started to get interesting towards the
end of the first season so I I don't feel like these sets from that show
would have sold very well that's a very cool looking thing this is also cool
looking especially when you start playing around with different
configurations for it but overall I don't think that those have been all
that interesting to folk souls so far we've only seen one new thing it's the
lunar lander I'm still not sad that I didn't get this ah definitely just would
have used up a whole lot of time doing it when you know dozens of other people
have reviewed it and have covered all the same things that I would cover but I
would have ended up with this huge ridiculously expensive thing
that I would have just needed to take right back apart wasting even more time
and yeah just I'm glad that I didn't get into that I'm surprised that this is
still being sold when you think that this first came out what was it 2008 I
think the original version of it you know and they haven't changed it that
much but the fact that they're still selling it shows you that it still sells
you know and they even went through the went to the trouble of updating it once
that worked out pretty cool I think that's probably sold pretty well this I
still have together and I'm going to try to figure out a way to integrate it into
the Mellanby district I don't remember if I've said this before but I've got it
down there I'm going to see if I can figure out a good way to use it because
it looks like it would fit into a cyberpunk kind of universe will probably
take the lava stuff out replace some of this make it grey or maybe just have
some actual brick building along along the sides to make it not look like dirt
but it looks like it I think it'll it'll fit in overwatch I could just keep
hearing less and less about overwatch just the entire theme not just from Lego
but just in general yeah and just there's there's not much momentum behind
it so I seriously doubt these have sold very well this is one that I didn't get
and I'm probably never going to get mostly because I personally am not that
interested in it just doesn't didn't drive draw me in at all and then on top
of that most of my viewers don't care about I create our three-in-one stuff
and I know that as soon as I say that the handful of folks the folks in the
tiny tiny minority who really really do care about 3/1 stuff all right you know
kind of light up a bit really well I care jiaying
I appreciate that but I have you know only a limited amount of hours in a day
and I use up most of the hours of the day and the night working as it is and
being able to leave something out that a very small number of people care about
helps a lot with delivering content that a lot more people care about and or that
I personally care about like this set I was very happy to get
and I liked the build and incidentally good friend of mine bought this after
seeing my review of it and built it with his with one of his kids and is now
getting more into Lego with his kids because of that and also me and him are
playing Ace Combat 7 now because I referenced it is common 7 and show a
little bit of footage of the su-47 beer coot mere coot that this is based on in
there and he went out and got that and now we play that so that's just all good
modular buildings I'm so glad that they continue to make modular buildings and
that so many people like them Wow that they continue to be available the
surprise that Parisian restaurant is still around
I know there been rumors of its impending demise via discontinuation for
quite some time now but it's still available it's still one of my favorites
that they've done ever it's funny when you look back just a handful of years
before like this any any of the earlier modular buildings just don't hold a
candle to the mod to the most recent ones in terms of a level of detail now I
know a lot of people have not liked this a lot of modular building fans have not
liked the latest corner garage that much and I can understand that to some degree
and it definitely had some disappointments for me as well but just
having it sitting in my city as it has been for some time now I still like it I
liked the build and I liked all the pieces that it introduces I think it's a
pretty cool thing surprised that they're still selling this forgot that they were
still selling this glad that they are though both very nice builds but
certainly when you compare like this to this ah quality is so much higher here
in the realism so good I feel like these are probably more iconic vehicles both
of them worldwide then then this but even I think for people who are not
Mustang fans or not from the US you know just looking at this
we'll be able to really appreciate it if you have any interesting cars at all
it's just the type of thing you look at it like that's made of Lego how you kind
of want to look at it a little bit more closely this was really cool too and
especially the the wheels and when I look at this I just think of the feeling
of rolling it back and forth and rolls so nicely but I haven't seen a lot of
people giving this a lot of praise recently I guess it's a little bit plain
in its its design but it's pretty good though I think the grille section could
have been done a little bit better this is another set that I'm probably not
going to get ever it's $200 for 826 pieces because it comes with power
functions the most basic of power functions including the six double-a
battery pack and it's it's another thing that I'm just personally not interested
in if they had made it half the size then I probably would have gotten
because I like this stuff down here I like the stuff that's not the wind
turbine I think they made this much smaller so would have been a much
cheaper set then I probably would have tried it out I'm personally not
interested in putting any wind turbines in new Janke city for any reason I just
just I would like to see that that movement that movement would be nice but
there's no good place in my city at least not now for me to put it in on the
laccolith the so called Mountain feature no definitely does not belong over there
so this is one that I'm skipping over this is one that I did skip over again I
just personally wasn't drawn into it that much and especially for that price
and then seeing it in person it's actually not as big as I expected it to
be for that price this is awesome this is also awesome awesome awesome
also awesome I don't have any plans to put a a theme park in my city
I might find some space for something like one underneath the table in the
Mellanby district at some point maybe but it's unlikely I do still have both
of those sets put together though interestingly I just haven't been able
to take this part it's just so cool I love the rollercoaster stuff I don't
want to use that track at some point and I want to use it extensively too if I
can I can find out a good use that and I'm happy with lego movie – gosh it
bombed us that was really sad I didn't think it was a bad movie I thought was
pretty entertaining but of course it wasn't gonna do as well as the original
one the first one and I was just so new and fresh and interesting and in general
people's interest in Lego has diminished significantly since then what looking at
search trends and stuff is like down like thirty percent or something like
that since since 2015 but this movie in particular just never took off bitches
you know it's it's too bad but I'm not too sad about it I do feel like they
made way too many sets for it though especially ones that were unlikely to
sell well this was really cool though that already is in my Mellanby district
I'm going to find some way to to use it figure out a way to use it this was
awesome just so many people love this and hope they do more stuff like that
then that a lot of people are going to be interested I skipped both of these
because by the time they came out nobody remembered the lego movie 2 even existed
anymore out of these three I only ever got requests to review this and that's
why I got it well it's part of the reason I got it the other part of the
reason was it I was interested in it myself I'm glad that I got a move out
and I built it I was interested in this as well till I started to really see
just how small it is young and I knew it wasn't gonna be the size that that that
it appeared in the movie but this to me it mostly brings interests in the form
of its parts and I can just brick link the parts this doesn't interest me at
all not at all in it you only had a tiny tiny role in the
movie anyway it's just not cool enough to me skip these the combination model
looks okay individual ones interests me not at all especially that that just
looks terrible to me just looks sad in 20 bucks nah nah nah just not as you
know I'm not a technic specialist that's why I skipped this one that's why I
skipped this one I bought this I just haven't put it together
I just haven't created the time I haven't allocated the time to put it
together I still may put that together at some point I still like the look of
it but it just hasn't fit into my my schedule very well I also have one of
these I'm pretty sure I am going to build at least build this if not review
it did get this as well still not going to review it
everybody has reviewed it a lot of people got it way before I was able to
get it because of you know the Lego giveaway to reviewers and stuff and
that's fine so many people who know and love technic stuff covered it covered it
very well I know a handful of people want to hear my voice covering it but
it's just not worth spending the days of effort to put it together to film it
narrate it edit it render it and everything and then many hours of effort
to take it right back apart because that's all that I do I would not keep
this together my subjective real quick opinions looks really good from the
outside I'm very satisfied with the exterior appearance of it it's got that
huge W engine on the inside and once again it suffers from the same problem
that the its scale Porsche in the orange one and that you're not able to
appreciate all that work that you do with the engine and the transmission so
much goes into it and then once you've put it together that's it you never see
it again you know that it's there but you don't get to see it just so much
work is just wasted and so much cost is just wasted for what ends up being
nothing but a display you can't even go up and turn the wheels
and be like yeah look at that the cool things about Lake about Technic is
seeing stuff move and you just I just lose so much of that with some of these
big sets unfortunately this one is just so much more reasonably priced and I
think it is smaller but like I said I will try to build that up this one well
I have my review on it have my reservations about it where is the new
stuff so many sets were unveiled once back and we're waiting for the new stuff
and I'm not seeing any of it here as a matter of fact the new stuff is already
out on the market a lot of people were lining up to tell me hey jiaying all the
new stuff is out why aren't you reviewing it please
review it all the new City space stuff doughnut shop opening all the Ninjago
stuff some of which looks very cool some of which looks me it's all out Harry
Potter we've got five new Harry Potter sets that are on the market right now
where are they why haven't I reviewed them this came out why haven't I
reviewed it well the answer is simple it's nowhere available for me to buy so
all the other stuff not including this this was supposed to come out on on June
1 but my Lego store didn't get any so that's why I didn't get any I would have
gotten it if if they had it there's also one minifigure pack that's just four
minifigures that was supposed to come out that is available at the Lego shop
at home website so I did order one from there but my local Lego store did not
get my quote-unquote local Lego store did not get that and some places I've
already seen on eBay stuff for sale in the usual suspects always Texas Georgia
Florida all of the new for minifigure packs came out somehow they weren't
supposed to as far as I've seen but they made it onto the market I'm talking
about Ninjago spider-man far from home city one yeah I
feel like there's I feel like there's one other as well I'm just forgetting
offhand right now it might even be to others not the big minifig packs but
just the little blister pack ones with the figures that are they're pre-built
actually and they may have changed up the packaging a bit but yeah none of
that stuff is available in my area it wasn't available at the Lego store and
almost all of it is not available at Lego shop at home either so I can only
do what I can do the Toy Story stuff I skipped over because I personally am NOT
interested in that that theme I'm just not a Toy Story fan and all this is for
Plus stuff and most of my viewers are not interested in that either so hey it
lines up perfectly however if stretcher yeah I did get this
for me not going to review it this came from Amazon like this they packed this
and one very heavy item not related in a box of much much larger box bigger than
will fit on the screen right now with just a couple of air bags you know those
air pillow things disposable ones and just let yeah just delivered it so the
big heavy thing just moved around and squashed this in this is out all right
but I'm okay with that because I don't care about the box I care about what's
inside I bought it for myself mostly to get those green army man just interested
in that also kind of like those eyes and the green that's why did I say green
I almost pointed a green and green hitting on my hand green army men and
the red wheels also these cone pieces I can use so yeah I got this for me for
the parts otherwise no interest from me and the rest of this stuff the green
green colored rollercoaster car bases may be useful to me at some point in the
future if I ever get into you know some serious rollercoaster work not to make a
roller coaster but some sort transport system maybe down in the
mellah me district I would love to have it above ground I just don't have a good
reason to do so and I have my elevated narrow gauge rail as it is I don't think
the sky police stuff is sold very well seems like some of the fire stuff I've
seen some buzz about fire stuff which is understandable because some of it is
pretty cool especially this set but the others are not bad a lot of people like
this especially for its price but the sky police theme in general doesn't seem
like it is connected with people very well Oh another theme that's out most of
world but not Western Hemisphere so not North America South America uh
friends new friends stuff coming up looks pretty darn cool
lots of new pieces for all the underwater things Wow oh I need to get
this I see too many pieces here that I want so I shouldn't buy this just for
myself just for parts because see those light aqua soft-serve pieces more light
aqua these 2×2 wedge plates with notches and then some
of the light yellow yet dark as your there's a bunch of stuff here that that
egg beater piece bunch stuff here that I want so this would be probably worth it
for me to just get the whole thing just for the parts but the new stuff I'm
definitely gonna have to brick link or bricks and pieces order up a bunch of
the new coral pieces and underwater life flora and fauna type pieces I know it's
all it's all animals ultimately but you know just some of that looks really
really cool I might even have to get one of the sets but most of my viewers don't
care about friends it's a tiny very vocal minority who do
care about it but most people who care about friends just go to the channels of
of women just to be plain about it people who are into friends don't want
to hear a guy talking about friends stuff and that's that's fine that's fine
leaves me more time to work on the city ultimately is is what it does
I hmm I think I have this but it's not where it's supposed to be I have a I had
a line of bins of large plastic bins with all the sets that I needed to
review for the season and I have emptied all of those except for one which just
has a few things left in it and this is not in there so I need to go find what
happened to my Paris skyline set I got some I got a lot of nasty feedback about
my review of San Francisco I was really not happy about about that people just
being intolerant of my desire for a scene that I've seen my literally my
entire life to be depicted accurately so much of this is done so well almost all
of it is done really well I appreciate so much of it just these three buildings
are in the wrong order for a normal view there's only one one place where you can
see them or one area of the of the region where you can see them in that
order I just wanted them to be placed in an accurate order and then it would have
been awesome would have been easy to do and you know so I like I said I've been
looking at this scene my entire life I live across the bay the water from the
scene so I see it all the time and I just wanted the order to make sense and
so I said that in my review a lot of people hate it on me for that and that's
not cool but it is what it is I stand by everything that I said 100% though for
sure I know all of the the skyline sets have things placed in the incorrect
order but I don't live in Paris so I don't know what the order should be I
can look up pictures you know I mean all they say all of the skyline sets have
had weird orders but you know when I do a review I'm going to give my thoughts
including anything that's based on my own personal experiences in life this
was a scene that I've seen my entire life so had to had to say something
about it and I did anyway this was pretty cool such a colourful
bill – this is such a ironically colorful build it is just one layer
beneath all the the white and black and gray
really nice build to really niche collector's item especially for for
almost 100 bucks and Flintstones said yeah the original the original looked so
much better all of it better builds here better techniques but
just not as fun to look at and this was great I I don't want to get rid of this
I want to keep this I want to use it somehow because at least that the house
build both versions of the house build are cool that's also very cool I don't
know they might just hold on to it for a while see if any inspiration comes to me
for for what to do with that I really wish that they had what I wish that Lego
would release more sets that are just realistic looking houses just just that
that would be how many great buildings in general but guess I guess the markets
just not there but I also think that they're going to come out with at least
one more stranger things set they probably should you know I mean they've
they've got the license obviously I think they should continue bring in more
characters it'll probably have to be unfortunately season 3 stuff but if they
do two sets like one medium sized set 100 or less for sure and then one small
set with like like 20 $20 $25 just to to bring in more of the cast from the first
couple seasons I think would be pretty cool including a season 1 or 2 mm I
think season 1 hell would be good but that's it none of the new stuff except
for this and this which isn't out just yet so for all folks asking me why I
have not started reviewing the new stuffs because it's just not out in on
my side of the world just yet I will try to get some things off eBay if I find
anything that's at a reasonable price but nowadays I just refused to pay
ridiculous prices to get things from overseas you know where it just doesn't
make sense where it just makes more sense for me to wait work on my city
while I have time in between reviews but I say if I if I find anything that's
at a reasonable price I will I will try to jump on I've already found a few
things that were actually sold very very close to their their US retail prices
after currency conversions and with shipping which is cool but you know if
something is close to the u.s. price but cost like 50 bucks to ship no I'm not
gonna do that that's that's just dumb anyway I said this brought some some
thoughts to mind and it's it's at the the correct time when the changeover
from one release season to another is supposed to be happening but it's not so
I'm just going to continue to work on my lego city I've actually done more work
in the background since the last that you saw in several respects and I'm
going to continue working on it and as new stuff becomes available for me to
review I will review it as quickly as reasonably possible and I'll continue to
put builds up as well on my to build channels stay tuned

38 thoughts on “LEGO summer 2019 catalog flip-through & thought stream ?

  1. There seems to be an oddly long gap between release windows in the US for a lot of toy companies right now. LEGO isn't alone, Hasbro is experiencing something similar with Transformers, Marvel Legends, and Star Wars Black Series. While there's usually a lull between releases, this year it's far greater. On the one hand it's frustrating especially for reviewers and people who rely on new releases to generate content for their channels but on the other hand for me personally it gives me a chance to catch up and prioritize.

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  8. Sky Police didn't sell well because kids like me are tired of police sets coming out every year. We love to be surprised.

  9. I couldn't justify $800 either for the millenium falcon. I was going to get it, but then saw it at the Lego Store and wasn't impressed and thinking, that will just take up too much room. Ended up with the Saturn rocket for $120 and maybe, next time, the new lunar Apollo. I'm starting to justify price by number of pieces and detail vs overall sets. You're paying Disney basically for that star wars set.

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