LEGO Doctor Who: Pest Control

Darn right, I do. That is blatant Cyberism! It’s the 21st century (probs), get over yourself! Cheers, asshole. Could the TARDIS have created a telepathic impression to trick us into believing we were elsewhere, when in fact we are still within her (giggity)? lol Of course I was right, not the only Cybermat in MENSA for nothin’. Question is: why? You’re seriously going too far, asshole! I’m TRIGGERED!! Well, duh. I’m super smart. Maybe it’s the orb you knocked over when I pwned you? lmao yeah bouy What did you do, non-MENSA member? You’re just threatened by my intelligence! I haven’t felt this discriminated against since Siri cheated on me with– Are you serious?! Oh, good lord.

37 thoughts on “LEGO Doctor Who: Pest Control

  1. cool stuff!
    Oh and I'll be sending you my script within the next week, if you're still up to voice ;D

  2. Words can't describe how much I loved this. Hilarious, gorgeously shot, smoothly animated, endlessly entertaining…ah, I love it.

  3. I want that cybermat now. That thing frickin' adorable.

    What else can I say mate, Everything you do is gold.

  4. Awesome mate! This was a good little short adventure! Loved the cybermar convo! Cannot wait to see what this next adventure with DH has in store! Great work once again! 🙂

  5. When did Deaths Head get horns? In all your previous animations he didn't have any… never mind that though as you've done an out standing job as all ways.

  6. Finally! also is that a deaths head redesign? also nowhere…Am I expecting nova corps or Deadpool?

  7. Absolutely amazing. Can't wait for more. Your animation and writing are really great.

    Question 1. Will the Cybermat be a recurring character?

    Question 2: Will you be working on any more longer Doctor Who projects?

    Please keep up the good work.

  8. If I ever make a Lego Doctor Who Stop Motion series, in taking a lesson from you and Smith Movies.
    Like with 2 companions. A human, and some sort of good version of one of The Doctors enemy's.

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