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oh my god ocean Hydra amazing subscribe and hit that thumb one to join the bright army and be part of the primary squad welcome rights I'm Sabrina bright and say on finally checking out Atlantis if bubblegum simulator are you excited DJ nope so let's get ready to it before we do it let's do a bright lights Mike I'm gonna count to three and it looks especially liked by the exact same time we're to see if we can get this to 2967 lights are you guys ready one two three – I like fun one light equals one more board on meave bright juice well we have a break juice trickster bird store link in the description so last weekend bubblegum simulator didn't release an update but this week they did let me turn ship flock off I was playing dungeon quest one second what this week they released Atlantis so there's a whole new world ok because it's like underwater Oh in the world actually costs 20 million shells oh my gosh rest in peace anybody that doesn't have 20 million shells that's expensive oh wow DJ are you here did you check it out oh of course you're here I'd see a big crowd of King claw king crabs King clouds I can't even came to talk so this is a new area it's a called Atlantis there's three new eggs a darkness ocean and kelp egg and of course there's a guardian roebucks pet right here oh look at that it looks sick and then also there's three four new areas you can find two new chests and you can do gems for pearls exchange cuz pearls isn't a new currency so we're definitely gonna be getting two x pearls so let's let's get that right there right off the bat two x pearls let's check and make sure there's nothing else new in the shop because in this series I get every single game pass that there is so I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything and I think I didn't okay cool now we are going around and collecting pearls instead of coins and stuff and we're gonna use those to get stuff but first DJ are you ready yeah we have to go and discover some new areas so let's get it over with let's blow our bubbles wait white why am I not jumping height do I have my bubble gravity off I do what a fail alright so I'm already starting DJ it just jumped up alright alright so let's get let's let's do this there's a problem with this there's so many clouds that I keep hitting my head there we go yay I discovered water island alright so in water island as you can see there is a chest and I'm gonna save that chest because we want to get pets I have Pro multiplier so we're not gonna get the chest yet that's what I do every single time because this we're just way to do it we want to get as many pearls as possible so we can start hatching those new eggs and get as many of the new pets as possible this is so exciting I've been waiting for a new world I'm actually going through this pretty quickly I'm already almost this second island let's go do to do oh of course I hit my head like right at the end okay Atlantis rewards oh no another rewards island oh wow this is gonna be tough here we go should I even like try I can't I live 80 million the lost city of bacon hairs you have a million I only have one pet eclipse that's why oh well actually it doesn't matter because we're good what oh stuck inside a cloud a cloud yeah a cloud or cloud cloud okay I don't know how you have a million pearls DJ because we don't have pearl multiplier pets how do you have a million yeah that's weird that's very weird it's really weird now wait do you J what what did you do DJ what I looked at the chat and this is what I see DJ monopoly just hatched a legendary Atlantis guardian are you kidding me I didn't mean to go to the foal camp see I'm sorry I'm gonna take over the world if I don't have the best pet in the game I can't believe you do you date so are we buying that like I don't know what we're doing what are we doing into something we have so many things to do we have to find the rarest pets we have to complete the rewards and we have to get the roblox pet after we discover all these islands a pretty sure we're almost done though kind of flowing through this floating oh I should have turned on pearl boost before I got all those chests yeah I thought I did already Oh boosts Oh times leave it to time so sorry I'm guys I'm I'm gonna say just woke up okay it's like 6:00 in the morning for me and update came out like 30 minutes ago and I'm like OMG update but I'm like tired and I need this coffee actually the coffee is not that great there's no sugar in it that's okay no oh my gosh that was so lucky I hit my head an island but I laid it on the cloud right next to it amazing so I discovered at IEL I think that's what that said this is where you can change exchange some gems for some pearls so I'm gonna go ahead and do that right now because it doesn't matter what pets you have for this yes it sounds good wait I think wait how many gems do I have yeah I have tons of gems okay good I'm getting 70 million pearls heck yeah we are rich alright let's go ahead and discover the last island so tell me did you get the rarest pets what pets did you get in this update so far and does anybody know if there's a secret pet there probably isn't because I don't know it's in there not usually secret pets in the first three eggs but am I wrong I don't remember let me know or would we see it in the index do you see secret pets in the index before someone gets it that's that's the question here I have no idea how's it a secret is Chozen in there I know I guess it's gonna be like darkened out so you can't see it but still everything's like that these clouds are getting further and further away from each other I can legally go one cloud at a time now do you see the chat grinds well Sabrina edits it's unfair that's right but so kdj helps us make epic videos so i give him permission to grin while I edit barely reach this cloud I'm so close I see the bottom of the island and we have made it to Treasure Island the very last area in the new world let's go ahead oh no I got the chest on accident that it was the best test to do we might have to spawn that took you long enough to get up here DJ fine I'm going should I buy the robots fast so we can check it out baby we're doing it roblox time robots spending time good thing I have a ton of roblox right now what's it gonna be the Atlantis guardian let's go see you like how powerful this thing is Atlantis guardian plus 1125 bubbles 3,250 coins and times 3000 gem multiplier and 1015 multiplier for pearls that's what we care about right now so we know how to equip that and that is our first pearl pet it is pretty amazing looking look at that it's almost like the king crab but like I'm almost Overlord looking with the like like flames coming around it and stuff alright so now we're gonna go ahead and start unlocking stuff first I just need to go ahead no I'm gonna get pets first I want to go ahead and start unlocking all of these pets there's no legendaries in this first day because it's the first egg it's the weakest it's a common one basically so we're not gonna get any Legendary's but we're gonna go ahead and unlock stuff in our pet index so maybe I should like get boosts now so let's go ahead and turn my boosts on so we can make sure we cake shinies and we get increased luck and we get faster hatching so we can get through this faster we are spending tons of roebucks yay okay we have a kelp bunny a kelp mouse this is going really well and a cope angel and now we only have one left to discover where is it it looks like a crawler I think it might be a crawler of some sorts if my Bubblegum simulator knowledge serves me correct one – kelp crawler I was correct so we discovered every pet in the first egg just for an idea let's go ahead and see what these are like so this one's only times eighteen pearl multiplier in it's a shiny version of the mouse but let's see what the best one that egg is so the kelp angel is times twenty five pearl multiplier so that's the kelp Angel is that the best one yes that's the epic out of the first egg so we did it so let's go ahead into the second egg now there's two legendaries that we can discover in here and they really aren't that rare at all that's awesome I love non-relevant look at that powerful though so they should be pretty good we've already discovered three of them yeah ocean theory Ocean bat so now we live the epoch in the two legendaries and we literally only hatched like three goes look at that unlocking your tiny index how are you doing yet oh I got all the ethics yeah me too I just got it I have everything except for the legendaries the lifters are that rare with our boosts on they really aren't that bad can we just like look at the last egg though the darkness eggbell that egg it looks cool I said look well I got a notion Hydra My Luck is amazing because that's literally the best one into this egg what bag oh my gosh so the ocean Hydra let's go ahead and take a look at it x 450 shell I mean Perl multiplier I'm still in the beach world in my mind we're in Atlantis now so this right here is the best legendary out of the second egg alright so I'm gonna save hunting for that one for another time it almost looks like an angler fish with that little hook over its head so it's definitely gonna be weaker than this one anyway so we're gonna go ahead and just get right to discovering all the rest of these for this video and we are doing amazing we already got an epic do this egg egg is like definitely a dark missing this is so hype I can't believe I just got a library we're doing so good we discovered all the islands we unlock the place for 20 million shells and we already got a legendary roblox pack and I love them very out of the second egg but can we get the legendary out of here at least one of them that'd be nice to get that like little element right there I gotta say the robots cuts pretty expensive but if we can get this video to 5,000 likes we will make a shiny oh my gosh should we make a shiny version of the robots pet let us know was it called again the Guardian pets so that that would be pretty strong so it's like at the last legendary in this egg is only point one one tear percent rarity with our Busan so honestly I have quite a big chance of getting it foot I've already gotten all the other pets so if I don't get it in like maybe five minutes I didn't have to end the video and get it in another video so Oh leave your comments right now as you're watching say I'm watching before you enter the video and I think you will get the legendary or I don't think you know let's see the chat said make a shiny robots egg Ashlin said don't encourage pj you guys are so funny i love you Sabrina spilled a bright you sweetie that's great I stop back this is my chance to shine this is my chance to get all the legendaries before him to take over the world room for one of us oh yeah I wonder who it's gonna be so remember how last I said when an update comes out I wanted to grind on the egg like right away right when it comes out and try to get all the legendaries as I don't know if it's like we have better luck or not right after the update well guess what guys I'm gonna do that I'm gonna have a bubble gum simulator open on the side and have it automatic while I'm editing my video for this so next time you come back I might or might not have had some londoners because this time I'm just determined to get it ASAP okay we're going to get these Legendary's ASAP so it looks like I'm not gonna be getting this cut I still have like three more minutes of hatching left though so yeah anything could happen but DJ what do you think thing we're gonna get this elemental might want to rarity it's not too bad maybe not in this video that's what I'm saying I'll see you in a few minutes we'll see if we get it alright brides it doesn't look like we're gonna be getting the legendaries in this episode so if you voted that in the chat you were correct I mean the comments so first we're gonna go ahead and bring out the best pets that we did get and then go collect the chests that I forgot to collect just to make your team heard let's make a team that is right DJ so the Dark Angel is actually the best pet I think and I can actually make a shiny version so I just made a shiny let's go ahead and see how powerful that is shiny dark angel times 330 pearls that's actually really good we also have a shiny and dark shark which we can equip as x 240 pearls and a kelp angel that's not that good the help we're gonna unequip the kelp angel so let me go back and see if we have any other shinies we can make we can make more shiny dark angels so we're just gonna go ahead and do that okay and I equipped two dark yuuna crabs because they are 195 multiplier and that's not too bad not too shabby okay there we go wait I gotta save this as my team now just in case so this right now is my best atlantis team at land all right oh wait I don't need the king-crab my bad let me remove this real quick we're gonna have to unequip this king-crab now sadly bring another pet out mmm there we go all right so this is my Atlantis team right now let's save it team's Atlantis there we go so now I'm gonna go ahead and get the chests that I forgot to get in the beginning and let's see how much we get so from the water chests we got 7.54 million so that's really good for the weakest chests for the rewards were to save that for another episode cuz that's gonna take quite a while oh yeah this place is gems to pearls I already did this and the last area has a chest so we're you go ahead and spawn that and see how much we get the Atlantis chest gets us 60 million holy moly I can't wait to get better Atlantis pets so if you guys can't wait either make sure to smash that like button and let me know in the comments and turn your notifications on so you don't miss new videos come out and if you're new make sure you do it that subscribe button to join the bride army and check out something you may have missed over there thank you guys so much for watching and I look forward to see you in the next video

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  1. OMG NEW UPDATE YAYYY!!!! So many vids to come!! I'm going to give you a hint, I may or may not have already hatched EVERY PET. I don't know, you'll have to turn on the bell button to find out…. ?

  2. Dj’s goal is to have all legendary pets for himself but I would help Sabrina brite more because she needs that overpowered brite juice Sabrina brite

  3. I’m watching before the end of the video, and I think you will get the legendary! 😀
    Edit: Aww I was wrong 🙁 I had faith in youuuu XD

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