Learning About Manx Cats & Playing With Jackson Galaxy Space Station Toy – Foster Kittens Litter 29

I've got that twinkling ball that goes to the other dudes in it right now it's the only bad thing about this toys the ball that it comes with falls out I was going over that round and SWAT right there at the end it just falls right out get it grabby make Sinatra's having a hard time figuring out where the ball is there you go Ming see makes you so small it's crazy looking at them next to each other it looks so different on sighs get him mixi come on Mick Sinatra yeah Clark Gable was just one pound 15 ounces just a couple days ago so he may actually be money actually be two pounds by now all right find your brothers but there ya go play with that there's his tail his little nubbin he does have a very small number and I've had some followers tell me that it's one that the minks doesn't have any tail at all um that cats start the house problems with urinating and feces defecation issues stuff like that and also Manx cats have trouble with balance and learning that this is our first mix we've had one kitten with a stub tail before but she thinks she she had more of a curlicue tail and I think there was because she had such a large litter she was in a litter of eight and I think that she was just crowded in the womb and her tail got smushed up while she was gestating I don't think she wanted max yeah grace there's Kelly first time he Davis jr. Lexus that's a pretty color hey girl no she's giving me kisses thank you thank you so yeah where do you do in Babel he just crawled through the hole you like pour it out of it all to grace I'm gonna get your brother when I put this toy on our wish list and thank you again thank you again to Lisa I believe Lisa sent this to us so when I first put this on my wish list I was reading through some of the reviews and some people were very upset because their cats got their head stuck through the hole and I mean I guess that could be an issue I don't think the cat would do that again well we haven't had that our adult cats have been playing with this thing and they haven't had any issues with their head getting stuck if you're wondering that gravy's barely gonna make C Luffy so these guys are doing really well they've been with us for a week now a little over a week and they are free-range kittens now that means they live in the house with us on our cats our family cats and we're out of royal canin a baby cat dry food and wet food right now we've got tiny bit but I want to say that just in case we get younger kittens that really need it so we're out of real low on that so they are getting to a kid food with our other cats I'm doing really well with it I mean I think they kid food it's still fine for them be it it's just a baby cat or okay I'm I'm not normally food but they're doing really good eating with our big cats I get to have dinner at the same time and stuff none of them have had any issues with pee and poop they're all very well tried now another box they had a few accidents first first few days that's our doing really good enough you're gonna get back in there great boy

4 thoughts on “Learning About Manx Cats & Playing With Jackson Galaxy Space Station Toy – Foster Kittens Litter 29

  1. The little girl is a long tailed Manx! So sweet. Can't see the formation of the little gray one, but I think he is as well. The longer back legs which raises the rump is the give away. Manx are my favorite cats! So playful and they will sometimes play fetch and will usually tolerate a harness to walk on a lead if started around 3 or 4 months.

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