Learn SEA ANIMAL names and Learn Colors for kids

octopus starfish an orange dolphin baby
shark. What’s this? Hello my dear ones, join Toysee
in today’s educational episode to learn more sea animals, zoo animals and some farm animals. That’s gonna be great fun for you and me let’s go and jump
into the video together. Pacific Ocean octopus yellow duck see starfish colors orange and green baby dolphin color blue blue it’s a goldfish baby shark color yellow white and black penguin a pink dolphin pink jellyfish this is red stingray green sea turtle blue tang fish I think this is Dory white polar bear an orange dolphin baby
crab color red pinky starfish it is eel another red octopus wow. Thank you so
much for watching I’ve just created a brand new video for
you, my friend and I’m inviting you to watch it
I’ll see right there right now

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