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trim your dog's nails if you can't do it take them to a professional groomer you can get this done for about five eight ten dollars it's worth it guys I'm gonna tell you why one of the biggest reasons it's important to trim your dog's nails is because they can become too overgrown the nail could break crack it can get caught into things causing a trip to the vet you're not comfortable trimming your dog's nails at home then don't do it don't sweat it guys call a professional groomer or a vet and make an appointment have them take care of it for you take that off your plate but it is very important to have it done and to have it done about no longer than about every six weeks schedule a standing appointment every six weeks to have your dog's nails trimmed at a groomers for around ten dollars just let them worry about it the last thing you want to happen is something like this guys this is where the nail was too long and it cracked it actually the nail broke off of the quick away from the quick and this guy here is very lucky that the quick didn't break too this would have bled so terribly bad you don't want this take them to the groomer get those nails trimmed guys or you can do it yourself I'm gonna show you in this video stick around now you're gonna want to stick around in the second part of this demo which is me teaching a student groomer how to trim nails given her tips how she may be able to have better success I'm gonna show you how to work with a dog that struggles a little bit has some fear with nails and how you can work with them some tactics that you can use to approach trimming their nails and keeping them calm at the same time so foxy here is she she allows me to do it she doesn't care for it so let me just show you if she's gonna have a little bit she's getting a little antsy okay she's doing pretty good now what I do when they struggle that was very good girl honey as I get closer to them and when we share the same space and you have to have a little trust with the dog and they have to have it with you too but when we share the same space and I'm calm and it's very important to be calm and I talked to her I can relax her and you can tell you can feel if you put your hands on you can feel for dogs relaxing so if she's struggling what she did really good I'll get closer and I'll say it's okay boxing you're fine you're doing so good and now if she was having trouble I'd let her take her foot down for a second I see that was really good and I get close I get in her space you have to have trust with the dog so yes that's what you do is you you talk quiet and calmly and you be calm yourself and you get close to them you get in their space when you get in their space even if they feel you almost up against them that to them is like whoa okay we're sharing space you know so I'll show you up close and personal how I clip her nails no she does have more of a clear nail so it's a lot easier to see however you you don't want to go to too close so you can see the quick there and you can see that that I am holding each nail between my thumb and a finger I'm pushing up on the back of that knuckle so that I can see the nail and then holding it with my thumb and my finger and if your dog is spazzing a little or not being cooperative then you need to lean in and have a little chitchat and get close to them that's a good girl foxy you know let them know you're in this together don't let them know it's something that they have to struggle through let them know that you're in this together trust me it really works they want to please you and they want to get through it good job foxy we got that little dewclaw in there there we go so you know just remember to lean in a little close get in their space if you need to talk them down off the ledge it really works so today Chloe's gonna demonstrate oh how she is she's gonna trim nails she's gonna trim the nails on this beautiful cavalier spaniel his name is junior junior his new high all right so Chloe is new to grooming new to trimming nails so we have gone through some instruction together so we're gonna see if she has any questions along the way and how she goes about it and maybe I can even give her some pointers and going through the process here trimming juniors nails okay so if you're struggling with anything let me know and I'll try to point you in the right direction take a little bit and then take a look now what do you think could you go could you do more yeah yes okay good see it's good thing we didn't go too much then right mm-hmm cuz we can't put it back one remember to excuse your finger underneath – okay I know I'm slow all right it's okay if you're like no I'm not feeling it yeah giving this foot back and try again you think I think if you take a tiny bit more you think you're right I'll push it up with your finger underneath so you can push it into the clipper blade okay does that make sense he puts the nail into the Clipper blade with your finger underneath that digit good now is there anything that you're wondering right now is you're clipping this dog's nail you know it's more length she's figuring out how much length they take off yes sometimes he's being a lot better than most dogs yep do you think there's anything I could do to make him seem more cooperative but do you would you be satisfied with his level of cooperativeness okay I'm gonna do its next foot and I'm gonna see if i get more cooperation okay cuz I want you two to learn just a little something from this good your handling is very nice very nice and he knows that you feel pretty secure with what you're doing and that's why he's pretty cool with it what do you think I think it pretty good did you think that you should go shorter on any of those see I think you can go a little shorter on this one cuz I see pink good yes I was a good call I'm gonna change it and I'm gonna show you you were working on I'm gonna show you what I might feel would have made this go a little bit better I think because he's a bigger phone dog he's a kind of a substantial old guy mm-hmm I think when he's up on three legs that's why he kept going mm-hmm I really do so sometimes we have to see how I put my body into him a little he knew sometimes we have to offer a little support now I'm also supporting him here with my wrist and here with my arm so that he is actually kind of leaning on me and that helps him to not do that jerking motion do you know what I mean and it takes a little practice but I've noticed that that's that's a secret that's a trick right there versus let's see if I have his foot back like I like let's see if that's as easy for him well he's doing okay right now but I can feel him I could see him doing that like wait wait that don't feel right mm-hmm so by viewing come over here a second time if you have him here so I got my arm under him I kind of let them lean on me and I'm holding this foot here I know it feels awkward and then I'm using because first of all because I'm touching him and leaning into him he is also a little secure with that yeah and also he's using it as a little bit of stabilization humor for this process so things like that you just learn as you go it gets you there quicker and easier easier on the dog easier on you he's got a lot of hair on these nails so you've got to move the hair out of the way that looks very nice and there again I'm kind of gonna put my arm under him I know it seems like we're playing twister you know but you'll get used to doing that and you'll see the benefits that you get with the cooperation of the dog because remember some dogs are really big dogs and taking one of their legs and leaving three and they may have arthritis that can get hard for them to balance so in those times you have to find ways like right now I'm holding him I'm literally I mean you could see my muscle is flexing like I'm holding his weight mm-hmm and I can tip his feet back and get a hold of him with my fingers but I'm still holding him up I'm given I'm taking a little bit of that off of him having to balance himself and if he were older and had problems with arthritis or anything he may struggle with that okay so that's another time that you'll find it's very hard to trim the dog's nails when they're older or anyhow my friends so helping finding ways to position them and hold them up while you trim the nails it's very important you'll get you'll get the job done quickly and they won't be doing this because that's when you're like okay I can't cut when he's moving I can't cut when he's moving so that I think that I think then explained it pretty good I hope it did and help you guys like it and share it and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already because I would love to share more of these secrets with you you

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  1. My favorite tools and products for trimming dog nails are linked in the description below to help take the guess work out of it for you my friends! Was this video helpful or do I need to try again? Hugs to you all!

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