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-Your body is the language when you have no words for it. -We’re all born with this
gift to literally express ourself with music. -We feel so good. I’m Tanisha Scott,
choreographer and dancer. I’m on the Universal back
lot to meet Les Twins, starring in the new movie “Cats.” Known for their innovative
blend of hip hop dancing, they’ve inspired a world of dancers with their incomparable
movements and viral videos. Larry, Laurent! Oh my god! How are you? Nice to see you again. So tell me from the very beginning. Your journey, like, when did you guys fall in love with dance? Our life was not that
easy at the beginning, so we learned how to deal with
a lot of different situations and our bodies, when we’re
dancing, make me express everything I was going through. How does that reflect
in your dance since there’s so many different cultures? In Paris, there’s this
melting pot that we have. It is beautiful. But in my ‘hood, it’s
not good area to go, but when you’re there,
somehow you’re safe. Now explain to me twin style. It’s cartoon. I would say I would put-
Yes, okay. Like some cartoons a little bit. Some baby moves and
some ridiculous movement. So the biggest thing. Y’all are in Cats. Oh my god. Let’s dance! I think this is one of the biggest casts of like dancers from all different styles. So we have ballet. You have tap, jazz, modern, hip hop.
Oh my god. I’m a hip hop dancer and I’m in Cats. I’ve gotta sing, act, dance and be a cat. I love it. You know what it is
to be at work without feel like you’re at work? We have the main characters,
they’re like really high-level ballet dancers, plus the
tap dancers over there, plus Les Twins, plus Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, and Rebel. It’s beautiful to see Frankie dance. She’s a flower. To see Robbie just moving
and his body’s amazing. Idris Elba looking at me
like, “I got you, bro”. They just inspire me
to do better for them. Got it. Tell us about the characters. If you guys have similarities. Socrates and Plato. Are they like twins? Yeah, they are twins. It’s a story of one follow
the other all the time. And we help like one new
member to become a Jellicle cat Okay.
But we had to be a badass. But sometimes, like, we so clumsy. It’s great about you guys
are storytellers first. And the movement comes from it. When people see this movie,
what do you want them to get from it and see in you guys? Cats now, is a part of my life. I want to be someone’s favorite. So, you gotta talk to me about what you’re gonna show me today. I want your mind open, literally, to become a cat.
Okay. Like you have to make him believe you literally a cat right now. If he believes, the
audience will believe it. Yes, I’m a feline right here. I’m ready. So let’s go to step one. Step one, okay. We’re going to go boom, boom. Boom, boom. And now. Pa pah! So step one is a whole like eight count. So it’s not only just one step.
It’s a whole eight count. Damn, you guys did a lot! It’s boom, boom. Boom, boom. Ba ba. Oh, and then move back. Sorry! You got this, you got this.
One more time, one more time. Okay. So it’s– You go to the left and you breathe. Lo, you do take the next part? Definitely. After this you’re gonna hear– You wait for the second one. So. Ah. Uh-uh. You got this.
I think I got it. Well, besides you guys and your energy. Do you know how to freestyle? Yes. So the song’s gonna do like– And you do whatever you want. And now you walk and it’s done. Look at us, you ready? Uh-huh. And one, and one. Ah! Dun, ta ta, da dun. Ca ca.
– Front foot, Front foot. Dat dat. There you go, perfect. You got this.
Okay, okay. You want to try it with the music? Yes, let’s try. You got this. Music. You’re a cat. Ooh. Ooh. Yeah! I’m a cat! I’m a cat! -I’m a cat!

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