Learn Animal Sounds | Wake Up Number Zoo! | Toddler Learning Videos

The night time is over and here comes the
sun Shining brightly over Number zoo – wake
up everyone! The monkey wakes first and soon wakes the
whole zoo Chattering and calling out “ooh! ooh! ooh!
ooh! ooh! ooh!” Wake up penguin, time to rise and shine
“Flap flap” goes penguin, “waddle waddle” in a line. “Squawk” says flamingo, stretching out
his neck “Click click” goes his beak as he gives
a little peck “Stomp stomp” plods the elephant, swaying
as he goes “Harrumpff!” he trumpets proudly through
his trunk and his nose The bear is warm and cosy in his soft and
cuddly fur He stretches his paws and yawns a mighty “Grrrrrr” Coil by coil look who is starting to wake,
Good morning! “hiss hiss” says our friend the snake. Lion gets up from his bed on the floor
He stretches his back and lets out a “Roar!” The alligator wants to finish his nap
But it’s time to wake up now – “snap! snap! snap!” Dolphin wakes up and starts the day with a
dash He leaps out of the water with a “click”
and “splash” Wakey wakey Zebra, what do you say? With a snort and a trot she replies with a
“neigh” Good morning whale, are you out and about? “Whoosh” goes the water up out of her
spout. Come on sleepy head, it’s nearly half-past! “Grrrr Grrrr!” growls tiger as he wakes
up at last For Owl it’s not morning, it’s bedtime
time instead “Twit Twoo! Night night number zoo, I’m off to bed”

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