Le Ball and Chain Gang | Pink Panther Cartoons | The Inspector

[siren blaring] [siren blaring] [tires screeching] Come on, Charlie. Hurry up. What do you think I’m doing? Hold. Open up
in the name of the law. Alright, Edna.
What did you do this time? Run over the Mayor? What did I do? What did you do? Oh, shut up. And get something heavy
to jam up against this door. Come on, Edna.
Hurry up! [crashes] [knocking] Ha ha. That’s the first time
I’ve seen your big mouth full of something
other than food. [snaps] [Charlie]
Never mind the wisecracks. Now you might as well tell me. Where did you hide it? -Hide what?
-The loot. Or the jewels. Or whatever it was you stole. [window slams] Don’t try
to put the blame on me. You probably
had a big wreck in the car and didn’t report it, right? The only wreck
I ever had in my car was you. Come on. Admit it.
What did you do? Pull a hold up? I don’t even own a gun. [Edna]
You don’t need a gun the way you shoot off
that big mouth of yours. Will you get off my back? [Charlie] Oh, boy. Have I got a headache? Edna. I can’t find the aspirin. [thudding] Oh, boy. Are you helpless? It’s right here
on the medicine cabinet. [splutters medicines] [meowing] [Edna]
And to think I had to marry you to find out
how stupid you really are. [Charlie]
You should have known that
the minute I proposed. [Edna]
Whatever you’ve done, Charlie, it’s finally
caught up with you. -[Edna] I know,
-[Inspector meows] [Edna] I bet ya,
you’re a bigamist. -[Charlie] That’s a lie!
-[Inspector meows] [Edna] You’re
what they call a, -a brown beard.
-[meows loudly] [Charlie] That’s “Bluebeard!”
[Edna] Aha! So, you admit it. [dogs barking] Now, look, Edna. If you’ve been shoplifting, I’ll understand. With the allowance
you give me to run this house I’d have to shoplift
to make ends meet. My mother warned me
that you were a cheapskate. And she was right. Right? That’s just
what your mother needs.
A ride. Right to the jail. Open up, children.
It’s mother. [falls with a thud] [falls with a thud] What’s a mother to do? You might as well
confess, Edna. What was it?
Counterfeit trading stamps? You know, Charlie, you’ve gotta be
some kind of a maniac. A pyromaniac, maybe. [Edna] Yeah.
An arsonist. Arsonist? Do I look like
I go around setting fires? Well, you sure burn me up. [Inspector]
Ho ho ho ho.
Ha ha. -Here he comes again.
-[Inspector] Merry Christmas! -I’ll fix him.
-[Inspector] Ho ho ho.
Happy merry Christmas! [Inspector] Ho ho. -Ho ho… [screams]
-[splashes] Charlie, you know what you are. You’re just a big blowhard. I’ve had a belly full
of your insinuations. Do you hear? A belly full! And here I thought
it was just plain fat. [doorbell rings] Stay away from that door, Edna. Maybe it’s him again. Well, for heaven’s sake. -What is it?
-[door closes] Look, Charlie. I still say, what is it? It’s a baby, stupid. Yeah? A baby what? Look at those big brown eyes and that cute,
little mustache. Mustache?
Quick, Edna, the basement. [Inspector] Hey, you! Now, when he comes down here, you turn out the lights and I’ll let him have it. [click] -[loud thrashing]
-[Charlie] Aha! I got him! [click] Oh, no. No, no. Don’t shoot. I’m innocent.
She’s the guilty one. I’ll…
I’ll testify against her, -she’s is the one!
-Here. Jury duty? So, you were going
to testify against me? Edna, put down that club now. [Charlie screams]
Cut it out, Edna [theme music playing]

40 thoughts on “Le Ball and Chain Gang | Pink Panther Cartoons | The Inspector

  1. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls Enjoy Fighting Crime And OutSmarting Villains With The Inspector

  2. One of the few times where the Inspector isn't ultimately portrayed as blindly lucky or an incompetent idiot.

  3. This was my childhood! I used to watch this everyday after school and I ask my mom if I could. Still the same, funny old show! Love it!
    Btw im watching in 2019

  4. I$ @ny1 from ?_ ○ | & h€r€ ?

    Now in normal Version : Is anyone from 2018 here ?

    Joke ! ? We have 2019 !

  5. 2:13 – "And to think I had to marry you to find out how stupid you were"…. His comeback, "You should have known that the moment I proposed"…. BWHAHAHAHAH

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