Lavender Pest Control : Does Lavender Oil Keep Away Mosquitoes?

Hi, my name’s Sarah Bader and my farm is Lavender
at Stonegate here in Westland, Oregon. And the question is, is lavender oil a natural
mosquito repellent and believe it or not, it is. So if you take a little bit of lavender
oil or even a lavender hydrosol and put it on your skin, lavender is designed in the
wild to repel most all bugs and so it does make a great natural mosquito repellent. The
thing is, you don’t really want to make it yourself because lavender needs to be distilled
so the best way to acquire it is to either go to a natural food store or you can look
online and see if you can find a lavender farm that distills their own oil. So in conclusion,
lavender is a really great natural mosquito repellent. You an also use it a little bit
as a perfume too.

5 thoughts on “Lavender Pest Control : Does Lavender Oil Keep Away Mosquitoes?

  1. Thanks for the insect information, never knew this and I have been working with Lavender Oil for many years I instruct my customers on the use of Lemongrass Oil as a bug repellent but I know I would prefer to use Lavender. Thanks!

  2. Do you dilute it and then spray on skin? It would cost a fortune to take enough essential on a trip to the Amazon wouldn’t it? I am going there soon.

  3. No, lavender oil does nothing…. Not in Australia, I've tried it many many times. Our mosquito's are relentless.

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