Last To Leave Hot Tub Wins $20,000 – Challenge

Wow totally with the whole tow pretty good rest mate this challenge gotta go get moment care of supplies for myself go Scarah are you peeing in the hot tub I'm struggling to breathe right now nobody fainted multi degree water was our October breeze so we're going to do is take the hot stove all day with some money this is gonna be easy I don't think it's gonna be as easy as it sounds because every hour the temperatures gonna be boiling Oh Morgan before you make me to a human soup how much money is this for since this is the hardest challenge until now I haven't compete to the challenge of Morgan's Channel and that's because he's scared he knows I'm his only real competition and today I'm gonna prove Tim Kyra we've got this I just warned the last one sweet challenge so you know I can do this and once I've won the 20,000 I'm gonna get the plastic surgery that I deserve what's more important to me my own health put $20,000 I think we all know that after that I'm gonna win this challenge – Mike come on we're bringing it home I've never lost a challenge on my channel and I intend to keep it that way tea mugs I'm gonna win this for you guys make sure you subscribe to the channel because the Christmas Day I'm giving away an iPhone excess max and all you have to do to enter is subscribe and team logs I just dropped my new Christmas merch which is limited edition only available until Christmas Day Christmas is now officially oh and also extra hundred dollars to merge the most Christmas guys if I'm gonna stay in a hot tub for multiple hours I'm gonna need some supply so I'm gonna go to the supermarket and I'm gonna get food water various other cold objects and also there's desert Starbucks there and I kind of lost our book so this corner what are you doing here what am I doing here what are you doing here what are you doing I just arrived here at the supermarket I've come to get supplies what are you doing here I just arrived here in supermarkets come and get supplies what are you doing here I was it doesn't matter who was here first time is running out for the Beaufort balls let's just get in there and we'll split the supplies does anyone believe me to left I'm serious I guess so how can that only be one bottle of water left in the entire shop you sure you've checked everywhere yeah Kira how can this be how can that only be one bottle of water left this doesn't make what's up mama come on let's go have a look come on come on come on yo it's not Jim Charlotte Roy you don't think maybe she stole the water lines over there too and they've got two trolleys filled with water I think they're distracted by the makeup so now is the time to strike Brian have you been stealing from me most of all what's has gone there my – I don't know what you're playing at Ryan but I clearly can't trust you I'm out of here I'm going I'm on my own with me what I'm playing out where to sit on I'm storing them at my table Jill where are we putting them mine mine's empty too it's hiding water you're clearly hiding water just go that way Jill you go that way there guys the challenge starts in ten minutes I'm gonna scope around the shop see if I can find any of the supplies and then rush back home guys here we go I just go by the challenge is about to start I've got my supplies the challenge starts in two minutes and there's no signs of the other contestants guys imagine the scenes if someone didn't make it back let's wait and see this is a hostile challenge not a food challenge it began here quick the time's running out Oh scared Kira have you seen the others the challenge is supposed to start in 30 seconds you've been here the whole time yes well then I guess we're just waiting for jail-jail here the challenge stones in 10 seconds for you Jill I think you made it but you may have just caused us it's not very nice is it Morgan okay guys so everybody is here just in time everybody's got their supplies and is everybody ready to start the challenge Morgan you definitely messed up here it's gonna be the easiest challenge ever yeah we'll see about that the hot tub is currently 30 degrees Celsius every hour is set to get hotter and hotter until it finally reaches 40 degrees Celsius so I have a feeling guys it's just a matter of time until we all start turning into water hey guys guys the temperature is already risen to 21 degrees it's already starting to kick in and we only be going for about 45 and also guys something we didn't think about is the toilet right now I feel like other potato in it open how you feelin Jill I'm okay little good wait yo could you just put your head down for a sec mom what's going on up there why pick a comb-over kara you're not looking too great oh yeah I don't function well in this climate Ryan is that water or is that sweat I don't know anymore laughs I think your dress made this challenge I mean super is one of our favorite foods but I didn't have a comment you okay over there buddy have a go lot finished off my water already that's been our E Ryan the way I see it well I think it's inevitable you're gonna be the first one out well you're not gonna win the challenge you've already drank all your water whereas me care and moment still have lots of water left but Ryan you see that bag over there I left one bottle of water in that bag and that water can be yours if you exit the right now think about it bro think about it it's even books than water everybody knows that's the best get out and get it well it could be yours yeah well I thought you'd be a little bit cold cold cold in a thirty degree hotter guys looks like Ryan is the first one eliminated and it's officially time to enter our to the temperature now is 32 degrees so this is starting to really really burn yo what's up what's going on I don't know why you're making sounds only yo hold on hold on yo guys I don't know what's happening but the temperature is increasing much faster than it was before I can already feel it guys wishes Locke yo guys we're well into the second hour right now I think i'ma go asleep to try pass some time this is already getting really hard and we've only been going for like oh like two hours guys my face is literally bright red Oh God I'm just gonna get some sleep right now before he'll be here guys it's so hot in here it's about 35 degrees I'm absolutely baking I feel like a cock prawn a very very very pink run guys as you can see the sun's starting to set we've been in here for hours now problem is it's getting cooling on the outside but he's actually getting hotter in the take to be honest as you know Morgan and Kiera are fast asleep and I have just add a genius idea so Morgan and Kiera as you know are fast asleep and they've left their supplies next to them unattended I'm down to my last bottle of water am i hallucinating or is that a face on the water is that a hippo Oh whatever I don't care I need water ah guys I need more supplies I can't last without my Walter I know what I've got to do I've got to go and get Morgan and Keira supplies for myself Kirsten huge bottle of water I'm having that that's nice Twix having that ooh it's a bit melted but that's in my supply area that's about it for Kiera Oh Morgan's got some little bottles of water it's all he's got left definitely Morgan's water that's the Potter pick tell you what my supply area is filling up nicely Oh skittles and an ice cream sandwich that's gonna be a little bit runny but we'll take it and now for the fun part I've got to eat and drink everything before they wake up team um the tactics are in play again the 20-grand will soon be mine yo yo yo yo where's my snacks yo where's my hey yo where's my snack for your doom with them where's my snacks cara cara cara cara cara cara yeah girl where are our drinks and snacks I'm seriously need a drink right now my heart is really really hurting me I need some water girl what have you are you okay what did you do anyway Jill where's our snacks I would never do that it wasn't me mum have you got something in your mouth under your cheeks no longer no I think I know what's going on here Jim it was you you stole our snacks and all of the drinks didn't you out of the way jail out the way oh my goodness Cara look at this look at this Cara you're a rookie in these challenges I'm a veteran and you should know by now that I'll do anything to win Morgan Morgan you weak Kyra's weak and strong about all your supplies you need to join me to become stronger and I'll help you you know Morgan the only way you're gonna win this challenge is if your team up with me and I look after you care is a weak link in this competition Cara what she's saying is true but the power is stronger than team mum will ever be Cara what's a lie together against mom Oh game on cogs team Mama's still stronger than both of you put together Morgan McCarty is for much longer it's 37 degrees in here I think I am about to melt Morgan I think Joe was right i th has outsmarted us this time Joe don't say that Karen look at me I have an idea Cara she may be acting like she doesn't care right now but I'm her son at the end of the day if she sees me in serious pain she will have to act on it I'm gonna pretend to faint and I need you to try and convince her to leave the hot tub and called the help okay Joe Joe wake up look good something separate to Morgan what's wrong with him Malka Malka Joe I think he fainted it's a flame no he's fainted Morgan yeah yeah Morgan won't wake up Joe I think we've to go and get some help what about July is your son's life Jill Google knob is right now Oh Jill every single challenge you play these stupid games and stupid tactics stealing food and overall cheating how's the taste of your own medicine don't forget the merch is limited-edition until Christmas you know what Ron I think me and you need time a chat without them two about this okay good idea Jim come on Kyra what do you think that we're talking about Donna no Morgan but one thing's for sure it's me versus you right now may the best man / woman win yeah Ryan with both men cheated here in the same way and we need to do something about this no idea I totally agree with you I'm sick of them messing with us every challenge you know what corks it's time we got some revenge yo guys the time is guys the time is currently Corp has ten right now meaning we've been in the hot tub for about eight hours I just could Google the amount of time that you're supposed to spend in a hot tub and it said you're supposed to spend fifteen to thirty minutes I always knew you weren't supposed to say in the hot tubs for a long time but I never actually believed them I thought how bad can it really be but guys I'm struggling too right now listen to how I sound when I breathe every breath is like a gasp for air I feel like my body is like shutting down this is definitely not healthy Kira please just give up before one of us gets seriously injured here Frankie what Morgan what would John Cena do in this situation Cara if he was here right now I think he'd probably have given up by now this is crazy well they give up so I'm staying yo yo yo yo what are you doing there mom what's up what were you doing oh my gosh you know she finally came to a sign that says that's what she was talking about with Ryan that was her idea she's gonna make it easy but she's gonna help us thank you so much more what I'm gonna make you treat me Brian why would I help you mom please pass me a water please please please mom come on you can't do this for this is torture Gil please just give me one you're gonna give them all good any he's gonna treat you anyway hey we're in this together mom don't you go give Caroline the Lone Ranger now guys I got away you shouting a meatball the sweets are there the horse is there either one of you can get them all you have to do is get out Kara I know you want those sweets I know you're not strong enough just accept defeat get out and get the damn sweet I see straight through you I know you're not strong you know I know you can't beat me just accept defeat now and go and get the food and water Morgan I think you need to get out more than me you put like three times a day and you haven't proved once today feeling inside you Morgan yo here I may not beaut but you haven't peed yeah you got a point it gives me an idea why are you making that face yo why are you making that face Kirra being in the hole Oh careful that's way to go is way too far I'm not doing this anymore Siri go on more but one offer next over actually if you want to pay in the topper Morgan is to buy your Eve way while remaining feeling play games with me well two can play at that game thank you you best hope it's like I'm in a piece you know guys the hot tub has officially reached 40 degrees and I don't know how much I can do this anymore over breathing in the chemicals from the hot tub for the past I don't even have any hours of in here anymore I have a sloth that's pretty hard on me walking is not holding up to much I feel like we just kind of drifting in and out of consciousness at this point I don't even know how late is it's pitch-black outside this is by far worse we have ever done in my life I don't even know why I'm still doing it but that's so much funny I don't even know why the Oscars gave up so easily I'm not like gonna let Hawkwind that is America I've never lost a challenge on my channel and I'm not gonna lose some ice to make your friend just give up now well guys how's it going you're not looking good yeah look at Kara you like me to go and get a drink of water what's the temperature now 40 degrees guys that is really dangerous you've been in there for hours I suggest you get out then I'm not getting out until I'm the winner well guys one of yous got to get out only one of you can be the winner and I've got an idea what the hell is she doing see this button here Morgan this turns on the turbo man once I press that button that 40 degree water will be blasted Oh moon please please we can't take it please note oh I'm sorry that we eliminated you but you can't do this choose well oops you made me do this look at me look at me please I'm trying to get on try it just give up kara the hot tub is literally steaming in the air how are you feeling me – this is literally going on for way too long I don't think we can do this anymore Kira how do we sell this who wins and who loses Morgan we're both too stubborn neither of us are gonna give up I think we should both win kara how do we both win the last one to challenge Morgan I think we should both get out at the same time huh it'll be like The Hunger Games we can even split the money Morgan I love you and this means more to me than $20,000 I love you baby let's get out of here still beauty songs I don't think my legs have work this guy's seen all the games internally who cares about love at the end of day walkin I've got $20,000 get it by new dog guys go call the new maltimus merch right now it's limited edition only available until Christmas I clearly got to make some money guys after my thieving girlfriend just stole $20,000 from me so please go pop the merch victory

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  1. Well do you girl in the world and you boys boys and you girls go back to your day so you’ll haveYour daddy and you have to go to the hospital you have to get a surgery can’t you tell me cancel it back and you will be so mad that I don’t have holes holes in and somebody wants to sit on your lap it will very likely grandma

  2. kira:"who cares about love at the end of the day i just got $20,000!!!" "I am going to buy a new dog!!!!!!!!" i am deid

  3. What Kira said when they got in the water “morgen u messed up hear because this going to be the easyeist challenge ever” and Jill said”yeah” they regret saying that don’t they

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