Last puppy from the Makaha pet rescue adopted

NEW AT NINE… MARISA: ITS BEEN ALMOST ONE YEAR SINCE THE HAWAIIAN HUMANE SOCIETY SEIZED MORE THAN 300 DOGS FROM A MAKAHA NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER…AND FINALLY THE LAST DOG HAS BEEN ADOPTED. 331 ANIMALS WERE RESCUED FROM THE FRIENDS FOR LIFE SHELTER AFTER THEY SOME WERE EMACIATED, AND SUFFERED FROM AND ARE AWAITING TRIAL. ITS BEEN A LONG JOURNEY FOR PENELOPE SINCE SHE AND HUNDREDS OF DOGS WAS FIRST RESCUED 10 MONTHS AGO. ‘she was a little reserved, she liked to hang out in cot and in her little play yard, you know she was just a quiet dog “after they were available for adoption in april, penelope PENELOPE PATIENTLY WAITED…AND AFTER MORE THAN 9 MONTHS OF WAITING, SHE FINALLY WALKED OUT OF THE HUMANE SOCIETY AND WENT TO HER FURREVER HOME. “its not fair for any animal to be bypassed day after day GARY SIMON TELLS ME HE WAS LOOKING TO ADOPT PERFECT PUP AS SOON AS HE SAW HER ON THE WEBSITE. “i said where’s penelope’s pen, got there and said yea thats the dog that i want The staff let me bond for quite a long time, almost two hours I’M TOLD IT WAS A BITTERSWEET GOODBYE FOR THE STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS WHO’VE GROWN TO LOVE HER OVER THE LAST 10 MONTHS. “the staff was so elated when we saw penelope was going home, everybody was rooting for her, so many of us were bonded to her COMPANION TOO. she sticks around me, she accompanies me around the house like this” they give you a better soul. compassion, empathy, they

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