Landing the Job with Goodwill – PetSmart

My name is Bilondjwa Clemant. I worked with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation
and those people they sent me to Goodwill. I really appreciate it, it’s like one of my
dreams, to work. They work with people with conditions and
after that they can assess, ok now you are ready We will look at a job for you that will match your ability. We ended up on this job in here. I do like this job it’s nice, I love it. The position I work it doesn’t affect me at
all. My partnership began with Goodwill with Chelsey
Harris, she reached out to me and sat down, kind of explained what supportive employment
was. Probably the thing that impresses me the most
is the willingness to work, the willingness to learn. The support that they have is phenomenal. If I have any questions at all there’s communication
that goes back and forth and to me that’s what sets these employees up to win, is they
have a great support network not only at my store but on the back side through Goodwill. The upside is so great, it’s helping folks
that maybe don’t get a chance to get a job or get out into the workplace and at the end
of the day, you get the job done, and you also get to help somebody.

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