Landfill Methane Walmart

In this video, you will see what happens when
you build on garbage. City of Garfield Heights, architects, engineers,
and developers were all excited to build Ohio’s first major retail development called City
View Center. This big box strip center was going to be built on a 40 year old garbage
dump landfill that some sources claim may be toxic. There is also some documented history
of a cluster of unusual cancers downhill from this garbage dump landfill. Surrounding homeowners were also happy that
decade’s horrendous nasty garbage dump odors and from some internet sources nose bleeds
were finally going to end. .
Developers bought or acquired this 100 acre property that contained 20 million tons of
garbage. Everybody was chanting, if you build it, they
would come. According to internet sources, in 2001, the
City View Center was approved for building on a landfill and, the developer was allowed
to keep the garbage waste on site. The developer was permitted to create a large mound 1100
feet long, 400 feet wide, and 60 feet high. This may be the same large mound that that
you can witness orange toxic liquid oozing spilling over the concrete curbs onto the
asphalt pavements after rainfalls. If you to step in this, you can bring some orange
liquid ooze home with you on your shoes and on your car floor mats. In 2005, I visit this garbage dump. During
the “If You Build It Stage” . The contactors were preparing the unstable soil for future
construction. When I returned the borrowed hard hat to the
construction site office trailer, I asked one of the workers what they were going to
do when the new parking lot started to crack and settle. The answer was “We are going to make so much
money here that we will just keep laying down new asphalt”. I never did ask my second question about what
was going to happen to the older Garfield Heights strip center mall that was only a
couple of miles away. So soon after, they built a 491,000 square
foot shopping strip center, and “they did come”. Big box stores like Bed, Bath & Behind,
Circuit City, A.J. Wright, Office Max, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pet Smart, Giant Eagle, Walmart,
and many more started opening doors for business. It was a dream comes true. This Fairy Tale starts to get a bit stinky.
Within the first year, the parking lots started to settle and Walmart evacuated due to supposed
methane leaks. Additionally, the EPA started to put the pressure on about the methane gas
emission in sewers. Ultimately, Walmart was the first to close
its doors just before the 2008 December holiday season.
It was alleged that Walmart closed the doors due to garbage dump odor, methane gas, and
unsafe building conditions. However, if you do some internet research,
Walmart had a store near Bedford which was east of City View Center, and had another
store at the Steelyard Commons which was west of City View Center. That would make three
Walmart stores within a drones view. Additionally, it is odd, is that one of these
stores was located near a fenced in former radioactive Harshaw Chemical Plant that closed
in 1959. The 1500 people from the Manhattan project worked at this plant refining uranium
235 which has a half-life of 700 million years. This Uranium 235 was used for building atomic
bombs during World War II. I wonder what ever happened to those 1500 people. It is common knowledge that nationally Walmart
has a store within 15 minutes of every American, not to mention Walmart takes 8 cents out of
every American dollar spent. In Cleveland, you had three Wal-Marts within 15 minutes.
So maybe Walmart overbuilt just a bit. After Walmart moved out, the City View complex
slowly emptied out and now during the winter of 2014 the shopping center plaza looks like
a ghost town with exception of a few retailers. I made a version of this video back in 2008
before the massive evacuations, before the real-estate bubble crash, and even before
the 2008 recession. I remember Rich Man #1 calling me and asking me too kindly to remove
the video, so I kindly removed my video. According to the internet and other sources, Rich Man
#1 sold the garaged dump to Rich Man #2 for a cool 100 million. We all know how this ends.
The Rich man #2 quit paying his 80 million dollar loan and now this ghost town went into
receivership several years back. So now, we have lonely empty buildings, sinking
parking lots, periodic odor, and oozing orange gue. I am quiet sure that in the future, Rich Man
#3 will save the day by building more access roads and buying this development for a song
and dance. Rich Man #3 will probably get tax breaks and play this whole gig over again. Instead of letting FEMA, Homeland Security,
and our new police state snatch up the homeless and send them to one of the 700 USA FEMA camps,
let’s turn the Garbage Heights Ghost town City View into a Sustainable City Homeless
view. Let’s give this complex to the homeless. The
homeless can generate their own power with the garbage dump’s methane release. They can
collect rain water from the rooftops and parking lots. They can pump their sewerage to the
top of the garbage dump mound, so the waste water can percolate and filter through the
20 million plus ton Garbage Mountain and create even more methane. Additionally, the homeless
can farm and graze on the undeveloped land. Finally, if FEMA really wants to help, they
can come and install their barb wired fences. At least now, if the homeless own their own
faculty, they won’t be afraid to take a shower.

35 thoughts on “Landfill Methane Walmart

  1. Give this building to the Homeless says @Clevelandmarko, I like your idea Marko. You hit the nail on the head with this video about Garfield Hts Dump. Give it to the HOMELESS

  2. Isn't it ironic that they would build junk on top of a land fill? Think of all the transportation costs they've saved in the end. 

  3. Sounds fishy dude.Out here in Cal we have shit ground. If you don't pack and engineer ground and put weight on it… it sinks. I was in fact a "homeless" guy and if you think the dump was dumpy then… Give the homeless 3 months there. I really hope Walmart and the rest of the nations leading employers of less skilled Americans sue the The developer and engineers and city inspectors who were clearly paid off to sign off on this colossal waste of time and money! Instead of putting bums there… Make the guys who built/and signed off the inspections live there. My two cents. It kills me seeing hard work and fuel burned for zero gain!

  4. Good video that explains a lot. Recently went here to fly R/C gliders. Atleast it's good for that. I didnt know the backstory before coming there. I did feel like I was going to be mugged any minute – but I came prepared for that. I'm pretty sure there was a homeless man living in the half build structure on the south end when I was there. Kinda creepy as I didnt see him till after an hour or so, then I moved to the North end to fly.

  5. Have shown your video to a few people now. One question since you seem to have a construction background.
    – How is it Giant Eagle still has utilities? With that much settlement, I would have thought any plumbing or underground electric to those buildings would be severed long ago. Have they been repairing those as the ground drops?

  6. It's a good informative video. It would nice if you reposted the previous, or at least include parts of it in a new video. Most of those companies are gone now anyway.
    I wouldn't rag on homeless people. They are just like everyone else only without a safe place to call home. They wouldn't and shouldn't be living in this toxic crap.
    I've gotta say- OHIO, It's got beautiful topography, but the politics are as corrupt as ….. (sigh), well not quite as bad as TX. I hate the roads in OH. They're also doing fracking in eastern parts of OH. What a shame. I mean I don't care about TX or FLA, but OH could be nice. THIS is beyond atrocious. SHAME on republicans who thought this was a good idea. 2001, I'm not surprised.

  7. Oh, that is HORRIBLE. Just did a map search. Not only is there a huge pile of garbage but there are numerous mounds of spoil from a mining operations next door. The piles are just completely exposed to the atmosphere and no doubt create dust and those often contain toxic metals. Plus there is a special needs school and a middle school basically next door to this "shopping area" . And yes, the radioactive nuclear plant closed in 1958 is just across the freeway. Why in the world ANYone would shop for food that is an awful area like this, or goes to the Chipolte or Steak and Shake that are next to the Walmart? (shaking head in disgust) I feel bad for the innocent people of OHIO.

  8. My wife just showed this to me… this is so disgusting to me, as someone who worked a walmart parking lot in my early 20's… i couldn't even imagine this. "Oh no hunny, the cat has cancer" … "oh no hunny, the dog has cancer"… "oh no hunny i have cancer!" just WOW! I couldn't imagine having this crap under my feet, seeping through cracks as i collected carts for minimum wage… this is why corporations should be brought to their knees once they get too big. Another thing, toxic waste aside, it's also disgusting to me how they spend tons of resources and man hours on building these places, they make their money and then there sits a husk of SHIT! Damage done but at least they made their f'ing money!

  9. Ew Nasty ok who wants to get Thier new pumas ruined from the slop that's disgusting and the food you just ate would probably be throw up and fema camp on a landfill I don't think that's a good idea

  10. The flipping of such neglected properties between "rich man 1" and rich man 2 &3 is actually done at the direction of the banks themselves. It's not just individual schemes that all these individuals similarly create. It is well organized and directed/scripted fraud/corruption that comes down from a higher corporate level The people whose names are on the deeds, etc. are just fronts for the banking corporations, etc. A lot of people are catching on to that lately, so maybe changes can evolve.

  11. Just an FYI, on the opposite end (opposite the Giant Eagle) where you actually enter this “mall’ there are still a few thriving businesses, including a Starbucks and a Chipotle. No parking lot sinking or ground settling issues there as far as I can tell.

  12. I want this place to build a private ultralight airport on… I want to be rich man number 3. Airplanes need hangers, and don't care about methane or orange goo. I don't mind putting the homeless to work. Got plenty of living space for them in that Dicks Sporting Goods store, no need for tents…

  13. Don’t smoke a cigarette here oh btw I heard they going to put some sort apartment in this place ain’t that something ppl only care about money

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