L.O.L. Surprise! Pets Series 3 from MGA Entertainment

what world where babies run the show isn't complete without man and baby's best friend pets hi this is Jen from ttpm and I'm here with the lol surprise series three pets and these new blind package pets come wrapped just like the original lol characters with lots of surprises with each layer you unwrap each character hidden inside even matches the existing lol surprise dolls to pair up for play perfect for your own live unboxings the LOL surprise pets include puppies kitties bunnies and even ultra rare hamsters there are seven layers of surprises including a secret message sticker collectible sticker sheet water bottle charm scooper for the necessary pet cleanup shoes and accessories to fashion your pet and of course your own LOL surprise pet at the center adding to the fun and surprise factor feed your pets with the water bottle or bathe em to find out if they cry spit tinkle or change colors there are 35 pets to collect and pair with your dolls overall we think LOL surprise fans are going to love this new expansion which offers new surprises and features to add to their collectability and shareability the LOL surprise series three pets are for ages 6 and up from mga entertainment for more on where to buy and current prices find us at ttpm and subscribe to our YouTube channels for more great reviews every day

7 thoughts on “L.O.L. Surprise! Pets Series 3 from MGA Entertainment

  1. I Like you're videos ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. My girls are Obsessed w/these! They hv several dolls & Now Pets. Evn w/List Im So Confused on how to know whats Rare, Common,etc.. Some of the Pets r coming in a regular colored (pink) ball, But hv All Gold or Glitter 'accessories' like Gold pooper scooper, Gold Bottle, Gold collar, Earings,etc.. Does that mean these r Rare? I noticed in this vid, the ball she is about to open looks Gold.. is that Rare? TIA ?✌?

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