Kyiv Post Newsy Vlog: Lutsenko vs. US; election promises; hot dogs

hi everyone my name is Tom my stamina I'm a staff writer at the Keefe post and this is our new XIV log in case you are too busy to follow our coverage in print or online here is the hardest news of the week Ukraine's prosecutor general has found another fun thing to do instead of his actual job this time yuriy lutsenko got in a fight with the US Embassy in Ukraine he accused US ambassador Murray yovanovich of interfering in his work like if you can actually interfere in something that doesn't exist prosecutor general told us newspaper the hill that your van which once gave him a list of people that his office should not prosecute the US State Department said it wasn't true hmmm should we believe leshenka ok let's count how many times he lied to us yeah that's a lot to prove his point but sanka showed the newspaper the letter that the US Embassy in Ukraine sent the prosecutors general office according to the newspaper the letter came as a consequence of Lutz Anka's meeting with yovanovich in the letter the embassy expressed concerns about the prosecution of the talisha Boonen prominent ukrainian anti-corruption activist prosecutors suspected sub union's anti-corruption action center of the misappropriation of the funds they received as grant support from the u.s. embassy so in the letter the US Embassy stood up for the organization saying that they were ok with the way the aid was spent but what is more absurd is that the embassy sent this letter in April 2016 when the xenca hadn't yet been appointed prosecutor general also yeah one which wasn't yet the ambassador to Ukraine so what sent a light to prove these accusations against the Ambassador were true okay smart oh wait we just received the secret list of untouchables that ambassador Ivanovich you gave us Anka people you can't prosecute anyone connected to Petro poroshenko anyone important anyone in other news the presidential election is getting closer and more ludicrous promises from candidates are in the game first incumbent president Petro poroshenko said that Ukraine would regain the control of Crimea which was occupied by Russia in 2014 he said he would get to it right after the election is over earlier prashanta was more cautious talking about Crimea oh I see what he's doing here apparently low ratings pushed poroshenko to get back to his tried to move in 2014 when person could campaigned for presidency he promised to end Russia's warrington bus weeks after the victory well as we know it's been five years and the war is still not over Ukrainians of course bought them to promise once but playing the same trick again really as they say fool me once shame on you fool me twice you're not going to be president again meanwhile presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko keeps trying to win the hearts of young voters this week Timoshenko posted a picture of herself at a gas station holding a hotdog the candidate who always wears designer clothes and heels try to show she's a regular person Indian Street food just like everyone else before that she posted pictures of herself drinking coffee at the gas station but as Election Day approaches the campaign calls for more radical measures like hotdogs another candidate the leader of the Social Democratic Party lawmaker city captain didn't miss a chance to troll to mashenka presidential candidate confused adult Hitler's program with his own the candidate didn't realize he was commenting not on his own program but on the so-called twenty five point plan announced by Hitler in 1920 Caplan posted a picture of him pulled in for hot dogs luckily there was no footage of him eating them all at the same time earlier Caplan promised to lower gas prices by four times following Timoshenko's promise to lower it by two so it appears that Kaplan is ready to double anything that Timoshenko does for more top news presidential race updates and punchlines follow the give post on YouTube and social media bye-bye you

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