100 thoughts on “KSI STOLE MY DOG

  1. “What is a fish, yo is that the thing I eat my food off of?” “No vital that’s called a dish” or like after I throw a coin in a fountain? “No vital, that’s a wish”

  2. bro if ima be honest, i want ksi to win, but logan will win this fight, jj was training for a yesr last fight, logan still almost beat the fuck out of him, now hes been boxing for a year now, cmon.

  3. it should be once a week just some stong advice..we make u famous once and welcome for that..yeah u reached 19M but who help u reach that high? thats us ,dont forget boy ur nothing without us….i just need more content like old days? pls do more videos logan?

  4. last time I watched one of his videos was the last fight,

    2 coffee price fight was WORTH IT

    logan and Ksi tied last year

    Jake won last year

  5. The moment you destroy this kid . he gonna post a apology video n all of his fans are gonna say "i knew that logan was gonna win" ….but if u lose idk wht ill say

  6. Jesus ye American are soo retarded Logan Paul chats soo much shite and his fans talk even bigger shite I hope Ksi beats his ass will shut ye all up ?

  7. Logan u have mercy but u gotta make some maverick slides and crocs u will make so much more money I want maverick slides

  8. As a Brit, I cannot wait to watch you fuck up this moron using abortion as a replacement for contraceptive. He's obviously sacred. And he should be.

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