Kristen Stewart, Ryan Gosling, and More Celebs Talk About Their Pets

hey there I'm Karla bulnes it's national pet day and in honor of the occasion we rounded up some of our favorite stars talking about their four-legged friends it's in today's pop sugar rush first get back here's belly joy around come on G I brought a friend who has to come out and say hi to you because I knew you'd want him and actually wants to say hi to chewy more than anything here a norm ha celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Gosling sure don't seem to mind sharing the spotlight with their pets both big stars have brought their animal buddies along for TV appearances while owners such as Mariah Carey and Oprah have made a habit of bringing bears to work now so he lived for 13 years and came to work with me every day I've got a crush on you sweetie pie is that good I mean to me my bus was Jack's bus because he just takes over wherever he likes speaking of love Regis and Kelly have gotten both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to open up about the special someone's there cuddling up with hear you've got a new love in your life yeah I just got a dog for the first time he's in one of their shells but I think they have a good they didn't keep them around ready aim and said I think he was on his sixth day of seven days I understand that you actually share a bed every night with somebody named max yeah who's max he's your what he's my god yes okay now go fetch your fetch like Kristen Taylor Swift is the proud mom of a feline while the athletic family is more drawn to dogs you're gone Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Martha Stewart's great she has no issues she gets it done Martha has maintained her lust for life my husband has a new dog okay a boy dogs and Martha has gone into full cougar mode and she basically begs for it all the time well you know when love is in the air it's not just captain dog though when the hearts of the rich and famous some stars take care of other types of animal friends I have two pigs and I have free goats and I have 20 chicken 20 chickens yeah wow that's fantastic I'm a horse I have three dogs you we just this year we got donkeys is that conky and that's Tonchi I got badonkadonk badonkadonk we have goats two goats we have two rabbits we have chickens we have a pig named mia hamm we have two little dogs Roxie and pinky and we have a lab black lab max is it true that you used to sleep with the pig infants well we was little he would come up and jump on the bed he got a little too big I loved it you know pigs are really smart and and he was funny and he had a and he made me laugh happy pets say to all the owners and animals out there

17 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart, Ryan Gosling, and More Celebs Talk About Their Pets

  1. My dog taught me how to love I was becoming very selfish and emotionless at a time in my life pets and animals are priceless I think they come in your life as guardian angels

  2. Umm…where did you hear that?!? purebreds are MUCH MORE likely to have problems, due to recessive disorders blah, blah, you're gonna have bigger vet bills with a purebred than with a mutt. Everyone knows that. Seriously.
    And no, there's nothing wrong with having a purebred, I just have a lot more respect for those who rescue.

  3. is their somthing wrong with that? and purebred are less likley to have health issues and come with paperwork that will help in not losing tons of cash for surgeries ect

  4. love how all these celebs go out and rescue and then there's Taylor Swift with her purebred expensive-ass cat.

  5. oh god. i had no idea. i didn't even walk my dog on frickin national pets day. I AM SUCH A BAD oh hang on i frickin live in new zealand pfffft

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