Korilakkuma Cat Café in Harajuku

Good morning from Harajuku! We are on our way to the Korilakkuma Café right now. It is taking place again this winter. I think it opened last week. We got out seat reservation for today. Only making the reservation cost over 700 yen for each person what is really expensive. I am now totally excited how the café will be and for sure, I take you with me. Have fun! Btw, the café is located at the same place as the Sailor Moon Café, in a back part of Harajuku. If you don’t know where it is, it is a bit complicated to find it. For the reservation fee you get two microfiber towels. We got these two. They are really cute. And you also get a post card each, too. I love this design! We just left the cafe. It was a lot of fun. My parfait was delicious, it was very sweet. But I have to say that the waffle tasted like nothing. However, the parfait with the other sweets was nice. Ehm, yes. My husband ate the rice dish. That was also delicious, but he didn’t like the salad. But this is probably depending on each one’s taste. As always the café was super expensive. But that is normal for such themed cafés. You should be used to it when you go there. I personally like the café. It had a nice atmosphere. It was closely spaced inside. It even felt something down and the staff members were rushing around because there was milk swimming everywhere. That brought some action in the calm atmosphere. In spite of this it was really nice. And I am already looking forward to the next time. I want to go there again definately. I hope you enjoyed the short video. May give me a thumbs up or a comment. And I am also happy about new followers. See you soon in my next video. Bye! (^^)~

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