100 thoughts on “Korean Bird talks about his time in the Military

  1. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask him let me know and I can try to include them in a future video

  2. Him fanboying over Twice is the cutest thing ever I can’t. I hope he gets everything he wants in life, he’s so strong!

  3. My papa (grandpa) got blown up in Vietnam but he sadly died last thanksgiving from suffering a stroke but I- he is still my papa and I love him

  4. "Koreans would be killing eachother everyday"
    "Like America!"
    That's not even a fucking joke. That hurt.

  5. Love the video ..and i love the buying a bulgarian wife in the bottom corner ..i also want a slavic wife they are beautiful hahaha

  6. Hahaha it's funny this bird is being funny he looks like a soldier bird and I really like soldier birds but I am funny I really like him so I'm laughing hahaha oh my God oh my God I'm never going to do this why am I going to do this

  7. I loved talking to Koreans when I was over there. They were all so genuine and seemed enjoyable to be around. We had a few Katusa soldiers fall into our ranks and even though they werent allowed to operate our equipment, we told them to anyway and they loved helping us. Lots of great people in Korea.

  8. I once met some military drivers in America because they were broken down in the local stores parking lot, they told us all about their vehicles and they had a designated driver who was just a driver and mechanic. They showed us the dashboard and how hard it is to start the truck but they were very polite

  9. Bro, id listen to his stories. Hes like an old man (no offense dont hurt me..) who lived through everything and lives to tell his stories.

  10. he is right but wrong on the budgetary side. The budget of military is huge in S.Korea, but some general officers or people who works in financial department on the field take some money for their private profits – called 'defense industry corruption'. This issue has continued for long time and never stopped in S.Korea.

  11. This is exactly why America needs to stay behind south korea and help defend them at ALL times. Such a beautiful country with beautiful people, long live South Korea!

  12. Conscription is fucked up, it can and will cause you great pain and distress, and if it's a long period (more than 3-6 months) and it's hard, then it's easy to start losing it in some way.

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