Korea Chicken leg & Cheese Ball & Corn dog ASMR Mukbang

Hello everyone. I’m Donggu.❤️ Today’s food is big chicken legs. umm…. It’s a Korean style chicken leg cooked with red pepper paste and soy sauce. The taste is sweet and spicy and the texture is really soft, tender and Juicy. And side dishes prepared Korean style hot dogs and cheese balls. both products are sprinkled with cheese seasoning powder. These are very popular menus in Korea. It’s really good to eat with beer. But I’ll have fun with Coke. Thank you for finding my video. I hope you have a good time with my video. Thank you. If you visit Korea, you can easily buy this food. It can be delivered to the restaurant if you order it by phone from your hotel to the nearby chicken store called bhc. Almost all foods in Korea can be ordered by phone.

13 thoughts on “Korea Chicken leg & Cheese Ball & Corn dog ASMR Mukbang

  1. 13분 영상 중 굳이 1분씩이나 할애하며 그걸 유창하시지도 않은 영어로
    설명한다는게 좀처럼 이해가 안되네요 ㅋㅋ
    전에 다른 분들도 댓글 다신걸로 아는데 한동안 안하시다가 왜 또;;

  2. How can i resist your video?!?!?….if you eat this good??? yummy????…so satisfying?????…goodjob my friend☺?☺?☺?☺

  3. يمممي الاكل الكوري اطيب اكل بالعالم??اشتهيت الدكبوكي النودلز الحار??

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