46 thoughts on “Konrad the Kitten – Update 2.0 | PS VR

  1. Konrad feels more alive, despite the crushing futility of his existence.
    Also: New Objects and minigame
    Just one.

  2. This looks like a game for an 8 year old kid but Sony says kids under 12 can't play PSVR. Go figure.

  3. This is totally that Aabs Animals thing you could buy for $10 and get all the trophies for just having the game running for 5 minutes

  4. É pra PS4 ou pra Nintendo gameboy advanced esses gráficos parecem de portátil de 2002 ? melhor ficar com minha gatinha a Esmeralda ele bem mais legal é gosta de cosquinha na barriga ?

  5. Someone actually went and made an entre playstation VR game around the $2 "CU_CAT" asset from the Unity Asset Store….

    Brb, gonna check the Unity bargain bin for the next big thing!

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