Knot Out™ (Official Commercial)

You love your best friend but grooming his
coat is impossible and sharp combs can be downright dangerous. Your best friend needs
knot out: The amazing new pain free grooming tool. It’s guaranteed to gently and safely
remove knots from your pet’s fur. Watch, simply use knot out on your dogs fur. When you get
stuck on a knot, just press the button to remove the knot instantly. It’s that easy
and it’s super safe. The secret is the small recessed blades that instantly eliminate knots
for faster easier grooming. And knot out is so safe. The patented system allows the safety
teeth to gently massage your pet will keeping the blade away from delicate skin. Use knot
out on your pets paws, knot out behind her ears, even groom her face. “My dog runs away
as soon as he sees a brush, but with knot out there was no struggle.” “My dog’s hair
is so thick a regular brush does not get the knots out. With knot out I am finally able
to groom him from head to toe. This tangled mess is a struggle to comb out, but knot out
glides through the coat and easily eliminates the knots. Amazing. Knot out is so quick and
so easy it removes any knot on any long haired breed. No tugging, no struggling. It even
works on long haired cats. Knot out gets the knots out fast and it’s pain-free.

37 thoughts on “Knot Out™ (Official Commercial)

  1. What an awful commercial. Whoever is in charge of marketing in this company needs to be fired. I never understand this sort of approach to commercials nowadays, it's like some people still live in the 90s. Enjoy that terrible roi.

  2. Worthless piece of CRAP!!
    It is so damn loud when you hit the
    power button it scares the hell out or our Labradoodle and he
    won't come near me when it is in my hand and I was dumb
    enough to have ordered 2 of them thinking my breeder could
    use one!

    Monty Haskell
    720-331-3104 cell

  3. I hate this commercial. Many of the pets look hurt and uncomfortable just for the sake of demonstration. I would never buy this product.

  4. Want to know how many professional dog/cat groomers have this tool in with the grooming tool collection? ZERO!! This is the biggest gimmick I think I've ever seen! SMDH…

  5. I bought one at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
    As soon as it hits a tangle and and you turn on the blade it jams the hair in the comb.
    I'm taking it back today!!!
    If you watch closely, it never cuts out a knot. the 2 times it actually shows hair in the comb, it was already there

  6. This is really sad, it was such a great idea, but Chinese turned it into a piece of junk. The reviews are so bad on Amazon they pulled it and refuse to sell it anymore.

  7. I just bought one ? why does everyone hate it? The people said it works good at the store. I'm scared to use it on my cat though… He has mats on his stomach and neck should I use this? They're VERY large mats.

  8. Five stars! Before, long sessions of love-making were dampered by my boyfriend's excessive amounts of hair. Now- we use this device to make sure things go smoothly- no pun intended. I no longer have to remove pieces of hair from my private parts, and an added plus is- the foreplay of using this device serves as amazing role-play/fore-play. I usually play the sweet Asian beauty therapist. We have never been so happy.

  9. is this a trigger for anyone else? it sounds like there talking about nodding out and how easy is it is to me….

  10. They mistreat the animals in this commercial, just to attempt to hawk some Chinese piece of shit comb that doesn't even work. I wonder how these jackasses would like it if someone yanked at their hair they way they did these poor animals? Fucking assholes.

  11. I'm a groomer and just saw this on tv! This is the worse thing I've ever seen! People please brush your dogs everyday between groomings! Just buy a slicker brush and metal comb! You don't need this bs money maker!

  12. I couldn't get mine to work. Red button does nothing and using new batteries. Screw driver will not open the compartment either.

  13. I LOVE this product! I have a long haired Yorkie and I brush her hair 4 times a day & this brush works wonders for me!!! Now I just use it without the batteries Bc I don't want to cut all my babies fur off! & for our daily brushes I couldn't be happier! I don't pull on her skin anymore causing more knots!!! I love this product!!!

  14. I got one but after the first knot it blokked and i had to open it to remove the hair inside. 3/4 of an hour job. This is bullshit.

  15. This is seriously a waste of money!! The motor burnt out the first time I used it because my dog's hair got caught in the wheel that rotates the blades…which incidentally did NOT cut through any knots at all!! Very disappointed. Also, it makes such a racket that my pets were terrified of the sound!

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