hey guys this measure Salford now today is a very special day because it is Kitty's very first birthday now that a lot of new people come to the channel recently now the guys didn't know exactly one year ago I had a stray cat come to my home and give birth to five new kittens which we ended up keeping well some of them you know what the car just pop go watch that video is so cute you guys have to watch if you haven't seen it and today is Kitty's very first birthday you know what I posted video on Instagram of when kitty was like a couple of days old look how young and cute he was as a kitten so now the reason why I'm making a video today leizerman is because of Kitty's very first birthday measure self has gone out and bought so many cat toys and cam presents for kitty okay now we're gonna spoil kitty we've trapped him in the house you know he we're gonna try and make him play with all these toys I don't even know which one to start off with actually I know which one to start off with so what is this is a cat wig okay now what you going to do is I'm going to put this over the cat's head is probably gonna annoy the hell out of Kitty but I really want to try it like I don't care that it's my birthday I wanna go outside listen kitty okay I spent so much money on this god damn prizes you better enjoy it look at this thing it's like a cute little lion thing okay so the idea is that Kitty's face will go in here okay and then they look like a lion okay this is just gonna go on their head are you gonna stay calm look it's okay just okay now what I do now is just put it over his head well done okay so the next thing I want to try is this spiral okay but are you being serious kitty I spent all this money and you play with it for two minutes and then you run away what's wrong with you well I'm not trying on next is this is really a cat toy but I bought some magic bubbles basically you blow this to make bubbles I want to see kitties reaction to bubbles I don't think he's ever seen bubbles before and then you spent all this money on bubbles oh I don't think you'd like Sol's I think is just really confused on where they're just disappearing okay which one should we do next again I'm thinking we try out an actual toy okay now this toy you put a ball in it and it spins around okay and apparently cats really like it okay so let's let's unbox this oh no don't tell me I have to build this thing it kind of reminds me of Hot Wheels do it did you ever have Hot Wheels yeah okay one hour later thanks to Robert we've cut the big writes the balls over here and I'm pretty sure the ball lights up it does look at this around come on kid you've been sleeping all day and now the one time I want to play oh look look both put you're pouring if you come on you'd own the plane no you don't care it's places like what you could do happy users having fun watching you play do something you stupid cat Jesus Christ don't oh damn it he's sort of trying but he's not he's not so excited about it come on there we go there we go it's too hard for him you got to figure it out he can't figure out how it works it's just too hard for it alright so the next one I want to try out is I'm really excited about this one it's a cat fountain now cats love running water whenever my cat goes to the tap he loves to put his head and his mouth on it and lick and drink the water so I'm thinking he's gonna love this okay so I've got the fountain to start working and I this is literally it okay I spent 40 pounds for this cat pound and this is the only water that drops out okay absolutely useless I could have turned on the tap for free but no this is it okay but maybe Kia will like it he's like what is this I don't understand look it's running water it's not running enough for him to be interested I spared all this bonny kitty come on do something funny huh go drinky drinky drinky yes is doing it kitty what are you doing are you playing with a toy or not meant to be play okay it seems key is getting really impatient and wants to play with this toy next what definitely bit is this it's a conch kicker rule and it's just this big thing with a bit of fluffy thing on on the end okay what does it render doing what she did why is he being more playful why the president while trying next is this Japanese present now if you look it's like a feather attached to some sort of machine okay it's Japanese okay and the Japanese know how to make good cat toys okay I think I said upright so it's basically a circle thing with a ball that goes around and if you push this button oh I'm gonna keep it spinning oh come on all right so next is this laser-like led ball which apparently cats love for some reason I don't understand what this is all right I set up this ball and there's a button over here and when you press it there's an LED that spins around and it's actually moving okay this is probably gonna freak the hell out of kitty I'm not sure he's going to like this one okay there's a bond anybody's going that was amazing okay guys I'm gonna end the video here sorry kitty was acting like a piece of okay clay doesn't care how much I spent on his birthday as a birthday present Sookie please leave a like let's try and hit an old 25,000 if we do I might do more videos with the cat-lair on either way I think I saw what you can I'll see you next video man steady guys love you Baba


  1. I know we are all upset about rocky’s passing away, but can the comments lighten up and be happy? There’s some but mostly there’s stuff about rocky and maybe we should give a little respect to the birthday kitty eh?

  2. i miss rocky hope you miss rocky to brandon i love ur videos I love wolves and cats and dogs I want a cat comment should I get a cat or dog???

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