Kittens Rescued From The Floods & Church Mice Kittens Get Names – Cute Baby Kittens

hi hey hello oh you can't see you very well I'm a pretty Tori girl I'm pretty Tori girl here hi oh look at you I hide to everyone yeah say we have had a long two days um I haven't filmed in a couple days because of this bunch um and really they have been sleeping like 90% of the time because they have been through an ordeal and as probably a mini um you know Arkansas is um flooded I mean it's insane and it's not funny it is it's very sad um but we are under a natural disaster prepare the keep sending out all kinds alerts and the National Guard has been called out and it it isn't I mean there are towns that are completely under water it is very scary and sad we're safe here where I live but getting places oh I didn't same but there is a shelter that completely flooded they did evacuate all the animals from the shelter and they are at a middle school but they there is like a ton of damage to the shelter and so it's gonna be a long time before they can go back and anyway last week actually um I got a phone call from the head of my local shelter and she said and for reasons I'll get into in a little bit I cannot use names town names it's crazy this whole experience has been crazy okay hi say hi but I got a phone call from her and she said hey we have pulled all the ones that we can we have a capacity limit and legally we can't pull anymore there are still at that time I think she said there was like 40 something no no I don't know are you trying to murse let's not do that but by the time I got there there were it was down to in the 20 I can't remember exactly how many oh this one no you cannot nurse and you just had a bottle you're not even hungry um and she said and you're the only person I know with a private and license and private license don't really have capacity a requirement that's silly I mean it is but it's the it's choice here I don't know if that's like everywhere but in Arkansas they don't there's not a capacity limit on private um rescue what and she said me and another person that works here at this shelter wanted to know if you could set us up as one of your Fosters so we can go and get some more of them and you know and they would foster them set like out of their house um you know just like any foster does she said because you know time is running out on how long that they are going to keep them and you know we have the space and actually I'm one of my father's Patty had just had all her kittens adopted out – so she was empty and she was actually gonna take them on but that's okay anyway so we said okay so she set me up with the coordinator director your name you got names didn't you um anyway and so I called and she said okay and we had to fill out all this paperwork you know it was emails and OH all this stuff it I mean to rescue animals takes so much paperwork and so much red tape which I guess is good because then they're not just giving them to anybody but so all that had to be done first so that wasn't all completed until Tuesday and so then Tuesday we are loaded up and in the car and went to get them or just see you know we didn't know what we were gonna see when we got there that kind of thing and let me tell you it's insane um cuz you're met at this barricade like most of this town is under water now and you can't go in it I mean there's like barricades but where we were going there's like you go through and there's a checkpoint and you have to turn in like you can't film anything cuz I thought I was gonna film it um no no but you can't oh you can't tight you know and you have to sign these waivers and it's insane um so we got there and there were really want to say 20 some 26 30 cats and kittens left and I was just like oh that you know that's not near as many and there were and I was happy about it so um patty my foster got a mom that had had nine babies they were like a week old nan baby that's just crazy to me and then the other two got um another mom I don't know what I'm gonna do about this they all keep trying to nurse they think that Sophie that Sophie by the way is their mom um but she's not no hmm so anyway long story short these five kittens were the only ones left after everybody decided who they're gonna take and may have them all like there was no I mean there was kind of a quarantine like they had them kind of by size but I have no and they don't they didn't know either I have no idea if these guys are really I mean I'm sure the tuxes or I don't know actually if they be considered tuxes but I'm sure they're related they look almost identical except for the nose but are no Sophie isn't related to them but like I said these were the last five left and so because I actually was not gonna get any I was just going cuz it was my license and I had the paperwork in the vet certification you have to you know have this thing that says you have a vet you use and thought I don't know no guys I know I don't know what I'm gonna do they just started this today – they haven't actually tried to nurse on her before until today but I couldn't leave I couldn't leave them with you know cuz no one could tell me what was gonna happen to him and they didn't have any more people coming they didn't have any other appointments made for people to come and there was just five uh and I could I couldn't leave them they'd already they were so you should see them when they first got here they were exhausted you know because first of all they go to a shelter and then this shelter funds and then the National Guard came in and like um moved everyone and then so then they're in this big huge room and they're all in white crates like this just like lined up and they just you know I couldn't light anyway and uh you know just that I couldn't leave them um so hmm these are the Floyd kittens okay okay and then I have already name them they're all named after supporters or the supporters have named them either which way but this one the fluffy one that looks like a baby piglets is Sophie yes and then the one with the most white on its nose is Lola and Lisa August Edith take Lola and then oh sorry and then the torti girl is Janet and those are the girls and then the boy that has Oh chica chica chica and the boy that just has the white um oh sorry Owen there is a flaw I mean oh the flaws and I know it's because it's so wet and hot hear it but the paws are killing me hold on I have to check oh well actually I'm gonna stop for just a second because then I could just splice it together and I don't have that hold on okay wait we're having issues and um with the mic on the church mice but they have names – it's a little great ones for having issues so anyway um the one with the just white stripe this one is um Raymond all right top it chica oh my goodness and then the ginger is Ben Ben can you say hi right so it right and then Finn and Sophie hi Sophie and Lola and Janet and I don't know what Jenna is just sitting at the water dish but I will find out mmm but that's all for now on these kittens because I also wonder films the other little ones because I also gave names to the church mice kittens that's what I call the little malnourished because they look like little mice mm-hmm right is quite fierce it's not scary thinking at all Oh bless you Oh Sophie does not like it I mean just that not just look like a buy anything away I look just like a baby methanol methanol same word they were so messy damn fleas and they were dirty oh but they have been cleaned up but and I am gonna make this a little bit better but like I said they slept most of the time and so they didn't really play that much so I am gonna make this nicer but for now it's gonna be fine I know what are you doing where are you going Rumble I'm going cuz rebel is a rebel where are you going I know we had tell buddy oh there's one of your brothers hi hi were you playing with things mm-hmm if their eyes look funny it's because I have to have the light on on the camera because it is stormy here which is really what we need more water and it is so dark oh it's very dark what what is it feel it what is it are you gonna get chica hmm anyway I wanted to tell everybody the church – names yeah mm-hmm and they are at 13 well actually miss this is Miss Bianca um they're named all after mice mm-hmm this is Miss Bianca from the rescuers and Miss Bianca is 14 and a half ounces yes and then I'll be careful be careful be careful and then this is Templeton yes from Charlotte's Web and um the other little one is Fievel I cannot film Fievel right now because Fievel is asleep and a pile of clean clothes in the laundry room and the laundry room is a disaster area I am not filming in there are you look at this this is just today's laundry that's been cleaning folding I had to stop because firewall was asleep oh yeah and Red Bull has games every ok it's just amazing everyone has gained weight um knock on wood everything like but I have learned a trick and that is they are eating solid food and none of them will take a bottle and I think they all have teeth so you can't to them but um i have learned– see this little dish Oh what is that I don't know what that was guys um that little dish and because it's so shallow if I put kmr in it they drink it and it's amazing um I can't think I can't even fill it up I just have to put and you know enough to where their tongue wags like still hot the bottom and they drink it it's amazing it's wonderful so they have all gained weight um I do not know where Billy is where is Billy Billy oh there's Billy I knew Billy would be somewhere hey hi hey Billy is doing great uh-huh Billy is gaining weight Billy's scabs I think I said this before but it might actually be footage that I um didn't use but Billy scabs on his belly no no show people your face hey I'm learning to eat sorry people I have a got food face yeah you this ain't didn't you I know you know I'll clean your face in a minute I'm loving loving meat milk but Billy scabs on his chest are falling off and the one on his arm the only scabby has left is on his shoulder and it is small yeah hey but I'm doing amazing are you doing amazing you don't look amazing but you're doing amazing um was that everybody oh yeah yeah it's everybody but five holes but five will stick in and out in warm clothes what are you kidding me look how fluffy Bianca is you're so fluffy hi hi yes hi you're so pretty so there we go that's their names so everyone in the living room have names now I'm still working on the gingers names I will get those to you guys as soon as I can oh hey be nice oh you're gonna fall okay okay take it over there you're gonna fall look they are still so tiny it's sad but – they're they're good they're really good they're poop looks amazing everybody's poop looks good huh yeah yes you know so that's good I know I will say oh yeah in fact another thing I will say they are going through food at an astounding rate and I know I asked this all the time and I say this all the time but if you want to some food please do um there's Walmart I have a wish list at Walmart and Amazon that's in the description we're going through food a lot oh we're going there like 35 km today oh goodness but I've actually gone through more a day so it's not that's not as many as we have before in the past but it would be greatly appreciated I know I know I know between the vet bills and the faux consumption but I don't care it's for the babies oh I haven't shown yeah you know what I think that was footage on deleted – I haven't shown everybody y'all's new home um sorry guys it's been like I said it's been saying a couple days look this is their new home and they're all together all five of them Fievel templeton Bianca Billie and rubble all live together now in a deluxe condo it is messy but it's work this is what it looks like and then their neighboring the flood kittens who are asleep in there so that's what we're doing now what oh do you want down I think really wants down oh we were so Mr D billion so dirty everybody else um has been sponge bath but Billy because Billy like you saw wasn't sleep no chica um so Billy is really dirty okay you want me how'd you come on okay okay I got to go baby what what let's see your let's see see look you can't even see here be still just a second here see you can't hardly even see it like you could it used to be huge yeah hey he's gonna be huge okay no saying no I got places to go people to see alright this video I think it's already like 20 minutes long

25 thoughts on “Kittens Rescued From The Floods & Church Mice Kittens Get Names – Cute Baby Kittens

  1. Watching the others try to nurse on Sophie makes me nervous. Does anyone know if that is going to be ok? Should Sophie be separated? I suspect the big fur makes Sophie seem bigger than being a kitten to them. Just hope she doesn't get hurt.

  2. Stephanie I hope your house is as big as your heart! Of course you couldn’t leave these last few babies ? You’re a saint! I hope all these little ones do as well as the rest in your care❣️

  3. Very precious little babies…those two little flood kittens trying to nurse off mini Fig.? So beautiful, yet sad because they need to nurse for comfort. Thank you Stephanie for all you have done and shaee doing. Thank you for rescuing the flood kittens and the Church mice kittens.????❤?

  4. I am glad that you are in a safe place away from the flooding and that you are able to help some of the cats that have been affected.

  5. Omgoodness! They're all so cute. Those Tuxie's, I have soft spot for them! Sophie is so cute! Fig's little mini me. The Tortie has little white toes and so does the Ginger! I know you just said their names but I'm dying of cuteness, lol. ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Where do I start with all these cutie pies. You really had me worried when you said there were 40 kittens. I though Oh Lord don't tell me she is taking in 40 kittens. LOL I would not put it past you. Glad that the condo set-up in your living room. Billy and Rebel are looking so good. And I am glad Billy has a messy face, that means he is eating. I don't even know what to say about the weather. Hope things go well and all the help they need gets to where it needs to go. You say well and try to stay dry. Hey how are your outside cats doing in all this weather?

  7. God bless you and all these PRECIOUS babies! MY prays for all of you in your state. Be safe and keep us inform what you need for us to get you. More hot mess kids!
    Billy and Rebel will teach them all the bad habits! They will look up to them! GLAD Billy is doing better and Rebel too! Wow! They have a deluxe Condo! The Flood kittens got a Condo too! I can never say enough praise for you Stephanie.
    You go above and beyond the call of duty to save these furchildren of God.

  8. I tried to be come a patron but it didn't have my state in the list. So what do you do to sort that out.
    I sent some money thru PayPal this month
    Thank you for naming one of the little babies after me. I feel so honored.

  9. Anyone know how best to catch a feral cat (she's in my apartment with her 3 kittens) to put in a carry case? I need to have her spade. My resources are scarce. She became very stressed, as I chased her around. Her babies also were stressed-but I figured out how to handle that part. Any ideas would be appreciated bcz I have a small window of opportunity. Thanks

  10. Oh, I want Miss Bianca… I love her scruffy look and that scratchy little meow… just love her ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Such beautiful kitties all of them sure have a rainbow kitty family so adorable. I would like to see them all in one room running playing together.all so precious look good. Thank you so much for everything you do for these furbabies.don t fear miss Stephanie is here to watch over you guys with lots of love

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