Kitten's Play Corner: Alice Madness Returns Let's Play Episode/Part 1 Gameplay Walkthrough Facecam

what name did we go with by the way with a kids play corner kittens playroom hello everyone welcome to kittens play corner and we're playing your favorite game first go ahead yeah you can start my flame as soon as you know best I booted it and I had to make so far before I could change the options that's the only reason that exists as you can see I'm very good at the game nope no I played this before not a single fucking clue very pretty absolutely bright nightmare mode yeah which is which is where ups down and down that I don't know no ever after no one wants that it's yeah I apologize don't worry about being under pressure as well by the works I can let you edit out if you need a break or if anything like that um you know just not great it's not your eyes by the way it's blood [Laughter] okay all those star signs come now so I let the Arts though wait I think you're floating again weightless a cipher and yeah I'm just gonna say you know like I would know I expect it's unproductive wonder probably Jennifer Hale it's always Jennifer hill I will find out right now I love it so why don't you boys go it's dead to me your preference doesn't signify a girl now where are you I'm sailing with a friend hmm looks very friendly change is good it's the first link in the chain of forgetting that's not right I think you hate it when that happens [Applause] that dream waking right that's Alice madness Returns mm-hmm chorus better now on my head's exploded and there's a steam hammer in my chest yes well the cost of forgetting is high my memories make me vomit what can I remember other things I want to forget who would choose to be alone imprisoned by their broken memories I'll set you free Alice then what memory is a curse more often than a blessing so you've said many times and I will say again the past must be paid for now before our next session collect those pills from our high street chemist shall we take in hits very well doctor take your notes of all the times you're like mmm that yeah bet you are me bet you are now Charlie your paw was hung for killing your ma who beat you let's forget that shall we the past is dead Charlie this save begins yeah yeah how old is Alice ah I'm not sure in there she's teenager I know that oh it's by Suzy Brennan no never do I owe my story to the children Bosch strange fruit that drones exposed pieces of my mind well yeah she hasn't done much besides this it's like a waffle yes that child is freakish that's good yeah they all look really freaky like compared to her still chicken aid I'm past a cure terminal condition ah optimistic as always I'm fucking bucket me I guess is good luck hey alright ok it's nice for once actually it's nice to co-commentate rather than having a yak and play very aware for a child okay happy day mr. Payne had no idea how humble home could be if not for my drawings and the photographs this could pass for my room at the asylum this photograph of my father was delivered here what post no message no return address and grateful for this memento but I wish I could thank the sender spooky drawings is it there it is yup just the matter dream perhaps not many dreams let you go out into the street where he's getting violently ravaged by newspaper hobbies no it's nearly bigger than mine I love how everyone looks they also like garish don't be afraid what do you like cats trying to walk home when you're petting every fucking cat in sight yeah she's running after this cat yeah you haven't done that bad no thank you go kitty I was just cat so clean ped like the rest this bloody town this absolute filth seems following fiery creatures into dark holes has become a habit oh I'm sorry what bypass I'm screening graphics a very good um I think she's having a really really bad LSD trip the stars but the scariest one of them all oh that's unfortunate second name look at my pigeons better than candy I suppose I recall where do you mean you rabbit got to still amazes no surprise but kiddin roasted like chestnuts right before her eyes ten years and Rutledge asylum wasted everyone's time dr. Bombay would do better the fire her memory I deserve consideration they laugh it should be without me on the street selling her back she's more than that kept her secret haven't I heard her say Oh died on my account I couldn't save you I've told her my silence is for sales keep I'm a good sort really not like a nanny that I'll put your whore or our lawyer fellow Radcliffe took a stupid rabbit need money wound her our tale the corpus if she didn't make a donation to my upkeep she yells and goes off her head dish she can't remember her name what I heard lucky everyone's so conniving in swindle

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  1. 1:00 Your colleague lets player Keith Ballard for example uses invert controls, it's like controlling a plane you push down in order to go up

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