What is Chibi doing, hows Chibi, make more videos about Chibi, we thought to ourselves. We must make Chibi’s morning routine. So, we asked her and she was like uh yeah obviously, I wanna be famous!! What do you think so we recorded Chibi’s morning routine, and we gotta say she has a pretty awesome one! So here is the morning routine. Let’s jump right into the video. Hey guys so I’m Chibi and I’m gonna show you my morning routine and so basically I just lie down, right here, you know just chilling doing my thing. Oh wait! I see a mouse. Oh, no. Sorry, he’s dead. I’m gonna lick my toenails. 😛 Okay, back to the bed. I’m gonna show you my morning routine. Uh-huh! I have an amazing life, so you guys should be excited. So in the morning, I wake up out of my fabulous house that my servants got me. And I search for the food, because, like, I’m always hungry, and then I just play with this ball look at it, it’s so boring. I don’t even play with it I lie down beside it. It’s the most boring thing ever! Yeah, you could spin it with me! I’m not gonna touch it. It’s the most boringest thing ever!! Why’d you get me this? It’s like ew!!! What is this? It’s even a poopy green color!!!! Gimme pink. Yeah, so like, this is me just lying down next to this boring toy. Oh wait, mouse! Oh, I thought it moved for a second! Nope, it’s still dead, I killed it about a hundred times still. But I really like this mouse still. Sometimes, it just moves even though I killed it a bunch of times. So, here’s me playing with it. I really love it look at it!! It’s not even moving. I’m moving it so, that’s why it’s fun. You know! Look at me, look at me! I love playing with this mouse! It’s so fun. Oh my gosh, it’s like the best toy, and oh wow!! That’s why I’m showing you my morning routine. So basically, I just played with my mouse for a while, and then I want to go potty. I’m not sure why my servants put the potty downstairs?! It smells so nice, but they put it down here in the stinky old basement, so I go in here. But the only good thing about it is that they put blue gems in it. You know, expensive blue gems, so that’s where I do my business. You know, I dig some holes in there and come out. It smells nice, and fresh, and then I come back upstairs. Look for some food, or some food upstairs, I wonder. So yeah, maybe I am playing with this toy. Just a little bit. That’s because I’m super bored. I only play with it when I’m super super bored like now, you know! And I’m waiting for my food. I’m waiting for my servants to play with me, and I have nothing to do!! Just look at this ball! It’s so boring! Who wants to play with it that well!? I’m never gonna go off about you! As you can see, I have a whole lot of toys like a bunch of toys! They’re all boring, but this camera is boring! They’re all so boring. I don’t know why I have so many toys! They’re just boring. They take up too much space! I’d rather play with my mess. And sometimes, I sleep right here, and this is my favorite spot to sleep. It’s my favorite position. And I just lie down for like a million years. And when Karina and Ronald are off at school, I like hanging out in their rooms when they’re not knowing. I put this in my mouth. So I just sleep here because she has pink fluffy blanket. And look at me, I’m just having a great time, who wouldn’t wanna have a life like me, it’s just full of excitement and adventures and cozy time!!! Then I go to Ronald’s room and sometimes he is like bugs moving, but so I catch them and I itch myself here! It’s like my itching spot. What?! I see my food is ready!! Dinner ready?? Ah, yes dinner is ready actually breakfast and dinner and lunch. I only have one meal, but it’s very big and it’s very delicious!! It’s nice and fresh and delicious! And then after dinner, even though, I’m full, my servants eating table and ask for some more food. This kitty needs some vitamins and protein in me some fish chicken salad eggs. I’ll eat anything on that table, but sometimes they give it to me, but not all the time. But when they do give it to me. I have a party in my stomach. I’m like yeah, yeah, yeah, check me out!!! Oh, maybe I’ll see this camera. It’s kind of good. And afterwards, I lie down right here, cause I’m so full my belly hurts. So I also like sleeping here, it’s like my favorite spot to sleep. I also look out to see flies toys, but interesting ones. And sometimes, I just lie down with the floor because it’s heated and it’s nice and warm, but I’m still looking for that ball. Where’d it go? Wait! Oh! Running here and there. Oh, here’s the ball and I like to practice my soccer. I’m gonna be like the world’s first kitty champion! I get a little lazy, so I just lie down and then I punch it again! Oh yeah! And now I’m just sitting here cause I’m a little bit tired. You know! Okay, but guys. This is my morning routine. I hope you like enjoying my face in this entire video and bye guys. So, guys that was Chibi’s morning routine. What do you guys think? Comment down below! And we hope you liked this video if you did, smash that like button! We will see you all next time good bye! And guys, that’s totally not my voice at all.

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