Kitten's First Bath

Bella this is weird this is really really weird I hope you know that kitties are not supposed to drink out of human cups what's up guys and welcome back at to the super Cooper Channel oh my goodness it's a party Bella where you going coop get off the love sac dude Cooper get down down ah Cooper off good boy he was about to lay down when I sat down you know he knew what I meant anyway what's up guys and welcome to another video here on the super Cooper Cooper get off the love sack you do not get to get the love sack every time we start a video this is one of his favorite new toys right now by the way guys he uh he's feeling down and slow and lazy but anyway yeah welcome back to the super Cooper Channel today we have it yet another Bella video for you all another first of hers so you saw her first walk recently now we are gonna be doing her first bath are you ready for this do we have some like chainmail to wear so this is probably a pretty good time to do it oh man alright so cats are known to be really good with self-cleaning much better than dogs so like you guys know we have to get the boys a bath every time they go swimming and stuff like that every time they get out in the mud and whatever else cats will lick themselves clean however there are a few reasons why you want to give them baths primarily our concern are allergies in skin flakes the saliva and the skin flakes apparently there's like proteins or something we were doing research on it so if you can give them more baths they're less you know people are less prone to allergies around them which is obviously a good thing not to mention that occasionally especially with these boys you probably will end up getting dirty and it's better to start giving them baths early so they're used to it then waiting until they're a full-grown cat and they get dirty for the first time and then they're freaking out because you're putting them in water but Bella has a weird like infatuation with water can I interest you in some water ma'am is that what you want here you go all right so I'll have you guys know that whenever we put her in her little Kittel also on top of the washer and dryer where her food is she has water bowls she doesn't really drink out of those water bowls she only likes to drink out of cups which is really really weird oh oh oh she is so on 20 right now I can't even I can't I can't even well like come here come here okay I got you she also anytime that she gets up on a sink and there's running water she's also really really interested in that it's like let's let's turn this on she's never been what she's never been swimming she's never been any of that but she has this weird infatuation with water so we're hoping that means she's gonna enjoy it you ready for this babe this is gonna be insane so we've got some really nice tearless shampoo made specifically for kittens so that's gonna be good we also have a zoom groom interesting all right we'll try this out I got a couple of towels and we have a sink I think I think we're good to go I don't know what else do we need coop we don't need a giant dog washing machine she wouldn't fit in that even though you really like that don't you buddy we gotta use that again soon oh the tail joke she got him come here you little munchkin got a BL cause she's so quick come here Aaron let me have you you don't have to attack me at all hours of the day so I think we're gonna start off trying this just like teaching her that it feels nice here we go let's see what this is all about Oh does that feel nice Bella Oh what do you think about that oh that makes me kind of sad she's growing up she is not a good chillax er though she's a very Wiggly kitten I'm gonna bath I bet it'll feel nice she'll be nice and clean whiskers are so long or going up my nose they are really really long so we took her to another follow up at the vet recently she got a couple more shots we got like the pre-made plan that covers like all the major things that she's gonna need that getting spayed and whatever else he said that he thinks she's gonna be really really small don't judge it off the ears because he thinks her ears are always gonna be abnormally large so girl you got some big ears thank you it was a cutest little no it's like a box she loves playing in boxes so this is pretty much the same thing right what if we what if we turn on just a little dribble oh well that scared her who she really does not like this here don't get she hates it okay it's it's a little bit less of a dislike and more of a hate like over her feet but we didn't have the noise of the dripping water you know what I mean I feel like this is a bad idea but we can go for it we're waiting for the water to warm up a little bit she is very interested that's so what I'm doing down here Oh what do you think baby it's okay waters not bad we're bringing out the big guns hopefully she'll learn to like it if she has treats look at these little temptations oh yes she's not trying to get away anymore now she just needs to get in the water to do it however you know who could get in the water if we really wanted to this boy right here he's ready you know who else could have something to do with this water this guy could drink it it's a good thing they're both here supporting their sister I have a treat for you however you're gonna have to get in to think first and then you can have it here here it's a good girl that's good okay take it well here here's a treat well this this is good come on dude work with us a little bit here come on you like the camera but you won't get in the water it can't even focus on she's so dark you're so hard to film why couldn't you be an all-white cat or something she's just trying to get more temptations in case you guys didn't know she starved this is her desperate plea for help to all of the viewers out there please send help she's abused she doesn't get fed she doesn't have a bowl of food she always has access to and can eat whenever she wants and eats until her heart's content she is starved for four weeks now and she needs more yummy Tim Tate look do you see all the little kitty bite marks on there that is that is so cute it's not really focusing on it those guys right there that that's pretty cute I like that so we watched a few videos and read a few articles and stuff like that we aren't cat experts I don't know apparently maybe try getting our hands wet and then like kind of rubbing her a little bit showing her that water is nice you ready you want to give it a shot go for it here we go come here baby come on come back over here yeah nope that deserve she just she has a sink phobia now oh oh so nice and you could potentially get a temptation like she's a part of Greece look at what made its way into the sink uh-oh here we go though uh what do you think nope okay Trevor tried the other think he just said to come here she doesn't love it well but oh no it's okay look at this is this sink just less scarier so she's feeling a little bit more adventurous now I wouldn't say she's necessarily liking it but we're trying I guess a positive reinforcement Chelsea's doing speed runs under the water and then I come in hot with the treat right afterwards speed run speed run speed run good girl you get a tree good oh oh she just she just drew blood that that hurt good Bella are you getting soaked up are you gonna be so clean look at how skinny she goes do you want a treat please don't let my hand this time No a little bit too much going on right now that's fine rinse miss temper tantrum come on now click rats quick read time for another rinse here we go good girl Bella yeah I don't know this I don't know if she's really necessarily enjoying this but this is why you're supposed to start early so that you can kind of work with them and find something that works and yeah I don't know it's it's gonna be a work in progress if you guys have cats at home and you have any tips for us please feel free to let us know we're gonna do some more research and stuff but I think it's just kind of a time thing and I mean I don't know every cat's different so some cats just won't even like water so okay here we go she knows it's coming I feel bad I feel bad all done here we go get wrapped up in curl Bella you did a good job now I don't think you're supposed to get their head wet which we accidentally did so I don't I don't think she really enjoyed that part of it that might be a reason why she really hated it but I mean we're just we're gonna have to keep trying this so again if you guys have any ideas please let us know down in the comments first time cat owners here so we're kind of going as we go reading articles online watching YouTube videos that sort of thing I don't know it wasn't the worst thing in the world it wasn't the worst thing in the world but hey at least we got it done right Hey look at me you look like I'm your mange you look like a dumpster kitty who's like what happened to you Oh Bella also notice how we were talking about giving her a bath to prevent all the saliva all over and now she's licking herself so maybe we didn't think that one through I don't know a bit of a traumatic experience but I think overall she's she's pretty good finally getting the rubdown here gonna get her all dried off yes sir look at this oh yeah coulda may want to lick the water off of her I don't know that would be a good idea buddy well are you okay baby I'm so bad honestly in my mind that went a lot better I was really hoping she was gonna be one of those cats that actually likes water and who's to say that she won't still at some point but uh I don't know I'm gonna give that like a six out of ten like she wasn't as bad as she could have been but it it really wasn't great anyway I hope you guys enjoy a good boy coupe unfortunately I don't think you are gonna be taking any baths today but I think we do have some swimming ideas coming up very soon it here on super Cooper Sunday so anyway we are gonna see you guys on the next episode thank you guys so much for watching catch you all later peace out

34 thoughts on “Kitten's First Bath

  1. We wash our cats in the shower and hold them like a baby. Or go in the shower and sit down with a tub for the cat and just hold the cat in and massage the shampoo either in the water or out the water then rinse w a cup of clean water till your cat is fully rinsed! Cleaning the face and ears isn’t a bad thing it’s actually food just don’t casually drown yo baby in water by smothering the face ?? they shake the water off. Drying is towel and light blow dry at a distance! Even if they’re trying to escape just use the air and it’ll be quick

  2. Hey I know you're new at cat ownership, but cats ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED BATHS!!! they clean themselves just fine. Obviously, it's okay to do it if she rolls aroud in poo or something.

  3. How to bathe you r cat , you need to make sure the stomach is full, and make sure the water is warm,use your hands to put little drops of water ,then slowly use Dawn soap to bathe your ,then rap it up like a baby

  4. Towel in the sink is the best, warm water, and not too much soap and if she gets rambunctious, need to hold her by the scruff of the neck like mommy cat would. Start with a very wet washcloth to get her used to the wet factor.

  5. fill up the bath tub up to her neck then hold her in the bath tub water till she relaxes and knows that she is safe

  6. You should hold her with the skin which is at the back of her neck it will not hurt her but she will feel safe because when kitten are small and the mother cat has to take them from one place to another she holds the baby that way, so give it a try you'll get to know.

  7. Tip if u guys didn’t already know this pull the skin behind her neck it disables their claws it’s how their mom carries them around

  8. Having had cats for years, cats don’t need baths. The only time I’ve ever given a cat a bath is if they are a kitten and had a toilet accident or if one of them accidentally got extremely dirty and I didn’t think they could clean themselves.

  9. So when bella gets like BIGGER and doesnt get her nails trimed that time somebody has to hold her front paws so she wouldn’t like go wild then someone has to wash her meanwhile, soo it takes like 2 pple

  10. Get a dog version of the zoom groom for the boys! You will pull so much hair off of them! Best brush we have ever used!

  11. Try putting a cloth in the water sink. Quick rinse soap quickly and quick rinse again to take off the soap. I have 8 cats and grab by the back of the neck to help you keep her still you won't hurt her promise that's how mommy kitty handles them hope these tips help

  12. Try with a towel in the bottom, it freaks them out when they just glide.

    And drinking out of cups (fresh water) and running water most cats love. Not unusual at all, buy a water fountain 🙂

  13. One thing that I tried with my cat Atlas is wetting a tissue/cloth and wiping him with it. He didn’t hate it. Cats generally hate water. My cat used to drink from cups as well. BTW Bella is incredibly cute! ❤️

  14. A woman put alittle bit of water in a container in the tub and used some wet food on a spoon to get her cats used to water

  15. you guys are so patient with her! I’ve heard that a towel in the sink will help as others have mentioned. & I think she will get used to it with time.

  16. im late, but my suggestion is too after you finish, wrap her in a towel, and snuggle with her, also rubbing the towel to absorb the extra water. Trust me, i tried this with my other cats and only one of them liked the rinsing, but they both loved the towel rub. It also stops the cat liking themselves too much

  17. My tip: who tf even bathes their cat?!
    but for real, if she's short haired there is really no reason to bathe her, since she will clean herself. Long hair cats get matted and require grooming, but in all 6 years I have never bathed my cat and she keeps herself clean.

  18. Just wait till bath time when she’s bigger…lemme say it’s a struggle ? but it’s worth it!! ❤️ ?

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