32 thoughts on “Kittens Can't Stop Cuddling With The Police Officer Who Saved Them

  1. A big thank you for the policeman who saved this a little angel…… God bless you and I love you guys so very much!!!!

  2. With how healthy the kittens were, I think their momma cat takes care of them and just left to find food. I'm afraid she would be depressed when she returns and don't find her kittens.

  3. My cat adopted me. It was originally going to a friend, but we met and the cat raised such a ruckus that I stayed overnight. The next day, I had a new owner.

  4. Just a reminder that there are a lot of shit-grade cops in our country, but among them are some officers, and they're everyone's heroes and guardians.

  5. Thank you for taking in those two bundles of joy Officer Adkins I know that you will be a good "father" figure to the two of them

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