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what a fantastic babe don't be jealous professor hey guys what's up LD Talon here and welcome back to one life the first thing we are going to do today is meet up with Joey and Stacy and we are all going to go to the jungle together so let's go so of course Joey led the way as he's the one that first found the jungle and it turns out it was only about 3000 blocks away so I have no idea how I didn't find it earlier but the three of us managed to find it with ease wow that is a jungle indeed whoa what what is this a so pretty what a rafflesia Stacy did you see this what are you talking about where'd you go we're in the jungle where we're supposed to be what is it is it an animal no it's a flower look I don't really care about that though there it is yes you do what in the world I told you you can and what's this an orange Kozma is cute I'm gonna get all of them so we all gonna split up and look for a cat then yes that's what I'm doing and so we split up to search and boy did we search for a very long time and then eventually Stacy you found it awesome leave it alone it away come on Stacy a skank doc you have to sleep that is my Ocelot guys not sleeping okay I'm sleeping I'm sleeping Dewey Stacy sneaky little thing I can't believe you found one I didn't share the news with us Stacy I know I just went into these silent Ocelot mode yeah he was kind of scary to see honestly just I thought you didn't yeah everybody be quiet come in Khmer you oh my gosh it's running away oh maybe it means a male type don't steal Ocelot Joey come here baby yes I got a ginger cat oh that was close you guys have a wild ass on the boat right let's get going so now that we all have our cats we just have to get them in our boats to take them back home how do I get my cat in my boat come on my son don't drown don't drown kitty don't drown can't swim no they can't they'll drown they'll drown ah Stacy what do I do get away Zoe oh good idea good idea ah it may be too late oh thank goodness oh you're alive whoa that's close that was really close I'm scared mouse here here we go get in yes your show Lizzie the Ocelot whoa he's a baby and so that was the end to our jungle adventure we all sailed home and went our separate ways and so that is how we ended up here with a cat look at his little cute monobrow face he's so adorable but he doesn't have a name tag yet sorry let's see we have any spare nametags oh we do we've got loads perfect let's go and name this right I am of course going to name him professor sparkle but there we go what else would you name a cat OOP oh look how cute he is so adorable but now I want more cats so I'm gonna take him with me to a very special place and see if we can make some kittens so we are going to need some more fish Fisher Fisher there we go now come with me professor it's urgent this way right we have to be kind of careful because there has just been a blood moon so be prepared for anything professor we don't know what's out here luckily I think cats scare away creepers so we shouldn't have any trouble with those but it looks like there's nothing out here anyway okay we're almost there the special whose house is this hi my own a oh my gosh I love it what a fantastic name don't be jealous professor I promise I'll get you diamond d'amour one day – come on let's go okay now the very special place is just around the corner up here on the hill tada welcome to Joey lizzie and Stacy's cat cafe well why is there a dog here Stacy control your hounds they should not be anywhere near the cat cafe they might scare the cats okay I know entries one diamond but since I am an owner of the cafe I can go in for free so come on professor where's the professor there we go all right what do you think these are your friends they came from the same jungle as you here's one little Siamese cat that could be Stacie's and there are others there must be oh there's one hiding back here also doesn't have a nametag not sure who's cat it is and there's one being the sneakiest ninja cat of all Wow so now all we need to do is pick a suitable breeding partner for professor Sparkle but which of these felines takes your fancy huh you like this one do you okay oh wait oh you like the plant pot well unfortunately you can't make babies with a plop pot so why don't we wait until you decide on a cat to breed with now obviously there's a sign here that says no reading I'm pretty sure it's meant to say breeding no breeding the cats or else but since it's our cat cafe Joey Stacy and I are the only certified cat breeders in this hair shop so I think Professor Sparkle what has chosen his lady friend here we go let's give them both some fish and a baby should come out it's a baby professor sparkle but look how cute it is it look like it had a unicorn horn for a second there so magical now as much as I really love how cute you guys are matching it all I kind of wanted something a little bit different now I think what I'm gonna do is leave a kitten hair at the cat cafe with its mother so they can learn how to be a cat and stuff so I think I'd be really cute to actually manage to get up there but I'm not sure how what I shall try tada there you go proudly positioned on a little cat shelf now all we have to do is get you a little name tag and name you so let's head back home to grab one of my other name tags and this one I'm gonna call oh my gosh professor sparkle but drowned I guess he was in the water while I was using the anvil and he drowned well that's good job we just cloned him then isn't it guess what we're naming that little kitten professor Sparkle but to and you know what this means as well we have to make another addition to my graveyard but a clear some space young guy professor Sparkle but first of his name king of the jungle rest in peace and we should probably give him a nice little flower too I'll pick one from the jungle from which he came let's give him an orange cosmos because that's where he is now often the cosmos just a star in the sky because he is now dead there you go professor sparkle but your legacy will live on though with Professor Sparkle but – now I'm also going to name a couple more nametags with some names that I want so I think moonlight is a really cute name from the comments hopefully we can get a black cat to call moonlight and I really like the name blossom – so those are our reserve names for later on but first of all let's get back to the cat cafe and make sure professors buckle but two is still alive our professor are you in there you are oh you're so small I'm sorry you had to take on this legacy so young all the responsibilities but they're yours now okay now since you're still a kitten I think I'm gonna head off back to the jungle and try and get me a black cat just make sure to take all of my fish with me and I won't be coming back until I have myself a cat so let's make a couple of boats and head out to sea Oh a pirate ship I think I'll just sail right past that thank you very much do you don't need any of that today I just want a jungle okay let's leave the boat here now we just need to track down one of the little critters so nice a lot yes be very calm no where did it go ah it fell down a hole we just have to wait for it to come to us hang on a second where did it go oh my gosh it escaped out the bottom why does this keep happening to me come to mama okay please be a black cat oh no professor Sparkle but the third strikes again well I'm gonna take you with me anyway because you do need more cats or the cat cafe but I am disappointed in you let's find another cat Oh to us or us are you serious they both run away one of them has to be a black cat yes come here let me tame you yes okay I'm gonna get the other one as well just in case maybe we can get a Siamese cat as well to add to the collection come back here yes sassy Queen I can give you a good life in a cat cafe with unlimited snacks oh the snacks changed our mind here we go another ginger great I love ginger cats that's fine let's go where is my black cat oh wait I just realized I can only take one cat in the boat whoops well guess which one that's gonna be not what are you guys sorry from now on you shall be known as moonlight come with me you have to get in the boat first here they come over the horizon in there okay perfect and now I am going to leave but I really do hope that you will manage to find your way back to me somehow good luck goodbye okay so we are coming back in towards spawn those are the shops right there I can get really close on the boat so let's disembark here and break the boat very carefully and now to the cat cafe now I'm going to breed her with this little cat here go on make a baby and now I'm also gonna hope that Professor has grown up he has so lets breed him with this little cat down here come on oh we got another ginger okay I was kind of hoping for a Siamese so that I would have one of every color but here we are disappointment central so let's use the last name tag we have blossom you look like a blossom to me so come on right and blossom let's get you up on the Shelf now there you go nice and safe and let's put this little black kitten up there too so you guys stay up there and I will be back next time so we've got professor Sparkle but and moonlight and I think it would actually be safer for them if I left them here so I'm gonna leave you guys to it now I would love to breathe a load more cats and give them names and leave them in the cat cafe so everyone can visit them but I've kind of run out of name tags so I'm gonna have to do that next episode which means that if you have any ideas for names then you can suggest them in the comments below for the next episode but that's all the cat related stuff I can do for today so I'm heading back home oh great it's a Blood Moon well I guess it's time to hide in here it's a good job that the cats are safe in the cat cafe now like I said earlier I do want to get a bunch more name tags so I can name all of my animals and I have currently run out so I thought it would be a good idea to craft a look of the seat upgrade so we can get our look of the seat higher than three and all the way up to six but we need emeralds and unfortunately rabbit's feet which is kind of sad and brutal so I'm just gonna take my carrots and venture outside I know it's a blood moon and it's dark outside but my enclosure is very very safe I assure you so all we have to do is breathe these guys wait hang on a second what right the other bunny go what wait how did I get in there why are there bunnies everywhere how does this keep happening wait why did I just hear a cat what what the heck are you guys doing here it's a blood moon you should be more careful they just randomly teleported from the cat cafe Hey what the heck the bunny just jumped super high what the heck is going on okay we might need a new place to keep these bunnies because they keep freaking escaping I'm never gonna get all my rabbit feet if I can't even keep holding my rabbits we are gonna need another bunny enclosure let's build it back here in this corner we don't need a lot of room the bunnies are pretty small after all so I'm gonna build this out of clay shingles just like my house but we're gonna go for some different colors so so let's choose pink this time we're gonna need a lot of pink clay luckily I have quite a bit of clay left over we just need to dye it pink and now we can start making this into shingles and we have a whole stack now okay we are definitely not gonna have enough shingles to finish this entire thing so I guess we have to go all the way to the freakin Mesa to get some hardened clay here we are the number one place to get hardened clay so let's just go to town okay we need loads so when I say go to town I really mean go to town okay we now have seven stacks of clay which hopefully is enough to last me for the rest of my life but we shall see okay so we're gonna need some more pink clay to finish this off let's see if one stack is enough there and now I'm gonna give it kind of a white trim to fancy it up a little bit so I want to make some of these white clay shingles which means we need bonemeal hopefully I have some lift Oh No yeah I'm Efrain up bones I'm gonna have to go and steal from my own shop oh just take these flowers these will do just nicely I guess I don't have to steal from myself after all so now we just need to make some white clay instead and turn this into shingles and now I will use it to decorate and I'm kind of making it like a castle because this is the bunny castle where the bunny kings and queens shall live oh my gosh they look like crazy I can't wait to get them in the castle so this is looking pretty cute already but to finish it off I'm gonna make a little statue of a bunny to go on the top so let's put a glass roof up here to keep it nice and light so while that is smelting in there I'm gonna start gathering the materials for the bunny statue so we shall need light grey clay so let's make a stack of that and start constructing the statue so so the front of the bunny is right here so there is his body we just need to do his face now so let's get up here oh no I ran out of clay and the bunny doesn't even have any ears yet right let's give this bunny that is that he deserves I'm not really sure how long is it should be there the all-mighty bunny which has no eyes we should probably give him some behaves oh and I think it'll be really cool to use quilted wool so let's craft some black quilted wall let's see how these look oh that's adorable how cute but it's missing something oh that's right kawaii cheeks let's take a look at the finished masterpiece very cute we should make a huge window here too so we can see out well the view is not that great but let's still put a window there anyway there we go and then all we have to do is get the bunnies over here wait we need a door I almost forgot let's try this one pretty cute I like it now we can try and spread the bunnies across I wonder if we can entice them with a dandelion hello my bunny minions follow me oh my gosh I feel so powerful come on hurry up it's getting dark everybody in perfect okay there you go fight over it now unfortunately one of the bunnies escaped and that can only mean one thing he's gone to the carrots and he must be punished come here you I'm gonna kill ya come back no you made me ruin my garden ah now he's in a wheat field you've had it now No all this destruction is your fault oh I kill them I got him I just have to fix all the damage oh I was so carried away with killing that rabbit that I didn't realize how dark it got well now that bunny Castle is complete and all the bunnies are safely trapped inside I have been farming them for a couple of days now we've got this many and I command them all watch this whoa isn't that weird so I'm just gonna keep breeding them and then eventually I'm gonna have to start slaughtering them and attempt to collect some rare rabbits eat so I guess we'll see just how lucky I am next episode don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed this video leave some name suggestions for cats and I will see you next time

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  1. Name a cat Savannah aka (a ginger sos is you don’t want it ginger) ginger or syamease (idk how spell it :p)

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