Kitten rescued from concrete barrier on highway near Minute Maid Park

hi I got you I got you this man could not believe what he was seeing a tiny kitten stranded on a concrete barrier along Highway 59 near Minute Maid Park sadly it's not the first time we've seen something like this which begs the question how does this happen Levi his smell spent today trying to get some answers just one of those things where should I go back and double-check or you know just keep going some moments you can't help but feel are just meant to be for Rob Acuna jr. hi this was it he's not sure how the cat got here and I didn't even know how to react because there were cars coming behind me I had a split second I'm like I'm either gonna do this now or it's just not gonna happen of all the people passing by leave it to the man known for his rescues to be at the right place at the right time again if Rob looks familiar it's because last time I sat down with him he had just come from saving Gus a dog that captured hearts all around the country his situation was a cruelty case but he brought light to so much so many strays here and again I mean we're at a point where we have sir animals that are in our freeways and the same day that I posted the video I had a five other people say that exact same day they also found five kittens on Harris County Animal Control tell us they've received no calls of cats on the freeways recently but say it happens often sure Oh cats like pepper can be sure last time and I promise that I'm but Rob says it's no excuse for why so many animals in Houston go neglected every day it's not about me it's about them they don't have a voice and we have to be their voice levi's male KHOU 11 news

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