37 thoughts on “Kitten plays with stones in the parking lot

  1. Hello dear friends! In the Parking lot today I met a kitten with the cats and gave them food.
    1) kitten plays with stones 0:01
    2) White cat of angry 7:23
    3) Kitten purrs 9:30
    4) Cat eating food under the car 10:52

  2. The cat is so cute! I am happy you get to meet some every day and record to not leave us out. You always make my day and your my favorite you tuber. You are very kind! Thank you for taking care of stray kittens/cats. I have a grey tabby kitten! His name is Alfie. Please make more cat videos to make me so exited! Enjoy having fun with new cats and kittens everyday. Thanks!

  3. LOL. It's nice to see kittens are creative enough to come up with their own versions of cat toys. ROCKS! Adorable.

  4. Robin I don't know you but you have a very special place in my heart! <3  =)  You are very wonderful for what you do for these kitties every day! Ty for sharing.

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