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live stream we're doing a close-up stream titled kitten news and you might want to switch over there to see these kids close-up that's up to you though this is tumble of course because she's got the pink collar and this is galavant because he's got the red collar look at how bold his markings have gotten isn't he beautiful so beautiful so there is some news but I'm gonna wait to tell you the news until we've gotten a few minutes into the stream here so that everybody that's going to join has joined but before I get to that for all he still needs an adopter by the way and she has been running around the house that's probably the mom cat this one Frawley frolic well that spot on my finger by the way I cooked beets for dinner and I got some beet juice on my finger it steams a lot anyway frolic there definitely still needs an adopter and she's been running around the house the last couple days and gets along great with the other cats and the dog and everybody and she's super sweet every time that I reach out to her she headbutts my hand so that she can get pet better she's just a total total sweetheart you can pick her up and flip her around and hold her like a baby she's just so so cute so I would I would highly recommend that somebody adopt frolic and if you feel like frolic is the right cat for you all you have to do is apply online which you can do on our website which is kitten dot Academy kitten dot Academy and apply to adopt a little frolic there she is like I said a total sweetheart and a very thirsty sweetheart I just was giving them treats before I started this so I guess the treats must have made her a little thirsty I get a lot of Chiru i roughhouse so we're far enough in for me to talk about the news hi humble what you doing just chilling on my leg don't mind me the news is that we have a new mom cat and kittens coming into the Academy tomorrow coming right up I I mean I know we normally announced these things a little bit further in advance but we just found out today and they'll be coming in tomorrow so that's the very quick it is mom cat who is sort of a tabby markings who seems sort of gray and brown tabby and her kittens six kittens that are a mix of there's a couple of gingers and I think black and maybe tabby will find out more tomorrow when they turn up but six kittens one mom all coming in at tomorrow and it's super exciting super exciting for me anyway and probably exciting for some of you so that's what I wanted to talk about and now you all know i Reville Reville Reville you can tell us rebel because she's got the skull and crossbones on her collar hey Remy oh oh hi am I talking to you Hey hi sweetie what's going on there whoever say hi come on maybe you'll say hi cuz your mom saying hi I get how it is revel in galavant are being adopted together brother and sister which is pretty cool hi okay you get it you show that finger who's boss yeah oh yeah it's the beat down on my beat mark who else who else is getting Melissa's prance hi pants hi Gail that's what what are you doing this is ridiculous France you're such a silly bean that's all tonality that's totally silly hey Ruffy oh hi Rafi hi bud what's gone Oh meow Oh meow Oh Miz ducks thank you for reminding me I probably should say a couple things about my trip to Seattle which happened on Saturday bubbles and I flew to Seattle and bubble stayed there and I came back so bubbles went to meet and live with her mom pumice and her brother wash who have been renamed by the way pumice is now Emma and wash is now Simon but I think bubbles is going to stay bubbles and the trip was fantastic the people at the airport loved meeting pumice I mean meeting bubbles they all loved her so much it was a really great and then it was like a four-hour flight from here to Seattle and bubbles basically nude the whole time she slept just a little bit it was really fun and then we arrived in Seattle and went to go see Emma and Simon and they are doing very well they are super happy in their new home and it's a beautiful home although Emma pomace was not immediately a fan of meeting her daughter again she and bubbles sorry I'm breathing the chat and it's throwing me off Thomas and bubbles did not immediately get along while I was there otherwise I definitely would have taken some video and shown it to all of you but but she wasn't too bad and you know it wasn't a terrible meeting and I think in just a little while they're gonna be friends again and that's that's what really counts so I think bluebells and and promise are gonna get along just fine you know we've had this happen before when agent Korn went to go me after having been apart for a while and that they also didn't meet you know they also weren't great right off the bat with Rocky but it only took a couple days and they were fast friends and they've been friends ever since so I expect the same thing to happen with bubbles she's just a little bit behind and it threw things off a bit and that's that so anyway that's all the news I went to Seattle with bubbles bubbles stayed there she's doing great and there's a new mom Kat and six kittens coming in tomorrow two kitten Academy so that's it I'm gonna stop talking now I don't have anything else to tell you about this sleepy tumble hi Prince he tells his parents because of the fancy silver collar yeah good job Revell take down their mom Dale Oh somebody likes that silver mine stick it's a it's a little branch or silver vine there that she's chewing on sort of like catnip Ripple's can't get it on the other side I want to show this up close let me see if I can get up and show it oh oh I'm sorry okay she decided I was more interesting but Ravel still gonna play at the stake hi Frawley yes I was just telling people how much you love to get petted and attention yes more than you like silver vine even apparently Boop yeah if you were on the discord chat for our patreon subscribers then you've already seen a quick short like five-second video of the new mom cat and their kittens and in that video the new kittens are only a few days old their eyes aren't open yet so that's what I'm expecting to see tomorrow although nobody really told us how old that video might be I think it's just from yesterday but you know if they turn up when their eyes are open I won't be surprised either who knows yeah Pango yeah it was beautiful weather in Seattle over the weekend I really enjoyed it Liz DJ has come up with the name Thema for the new kittens although the exact names will remain to be decided after we meet them and this is a very unique hasn't happened before but DJ let me name the new mom cat that's coming in and I'm very excited about the name that I gave her I think it's not only does it fit the theme but it's very very clever and I'm quite proud of myself for coming up with a name that is a pun and also perfect it's a perfect pun name it just works on every level I'm I got to be honest I'm I'm really proud of myself right now and tomorrow when we announced the names hopefully you will find out what I'm talking about but we're not going to say anything about that until then so yes I don't know Buffy what time the mom cat and her kittens are gonna show up it hasn't been decided yet so not really sure but if I do find out I will be sure to announce it on Twitter ahead of time as much as possible so if you follow us on Twitter you can can know in advance or maybe just stay tuned to all day tomorrow to the live stream and when we start showing the annex you will know that there's kittens about to turn up either way so all right hey Frawley for all you want to come out with me come let's go come out do you you're just looking you don't seem like you care very much you don't want to come out right now that's okay – I'm not gonna force you I just thought that people might want to see how well you get along out in the house because you do cuz you do last chance otherwise you're just gonna stay in here oh my god I just threw the phone that was a total mistake what happened there we go okay Wow headphones users rest in peace I'm so sorry about that all right does have a lot to say today and you're right that is unusual for him to be meowing at the camera also here's Eddie hi Eddie hey bud what you thinking about just cat stuff huh just groundskeeper things hashtag gone here comes Maggie I know you guys all want to see Maggie where she go hey loganberry my luggage from the trip to Seattle still here it's empty because I brought a bunch of stuff to leave there not just a kitten but all of the endowment stuff hi Maggie Maggie you know re being pals hi max I are you want some – you want some patents there you go buddy that's a good stuff huh sorry about the dishes think I just made dinner before I started this stream all right uh where is everybody else here's Logan bunny got something you want to say to us Logan berry no okay fair enough anybody else to see out here no nobody else all right folks well thanks so much smokey please smoky smoky smoky all right well my office is a disaster right now but I know everybody wants to see smokey and I had spent a long time so let's go do it I'm gonna try not to show you too much of what's going on in my office cause like I said it's it's a mess but here we go let's see smokey hang on hang on all right here we are Smokies office what let me show you guys Smokies favorite toy in the whole world it's my glasses oh I'll get it I'll get it oh yeah I can't see what's going on right now of course because I have my glasses off I can't see a thing without them so I know people are chatting on the chat but I cannot see what any of you are saying right now at all you said it kiddo all right everybody well thanks so much for tuning in tonight and if you want to keep watching the kitten let's just check out the regular kitten Academy live stream right here on YouTube and just remember to tune in tomorrow when we get a new mom cat and six new kittens thanks for watching thanks to the mods for modding and thanks to all of you for doing what you do say goodnight smug you is that is that goodnight and is that smug ease for a good night say good night it's muggy that'll do good night everybody

23 thoughts on “Kitten News!

  1. LOL, it's so fun to see the energy of little kittens! Our cats are 22, 18 and 14, so it's been a really LONG time since we've had kitten shenanigans in our house!

  2. If anyone watching cares about the mess, they aren't watching for the right reasons lol. Also, it's not messy. I can't believe you let Smokey play with your glasses, lol – I once made the mistake of letting a toddler do that and I walked around with lopsided glasses for awhile….

  3. So cute! Looking forward to seeing the new mum and kittens and also so glad Maggie is faculty now. You needed another girl!

  4. Tried to talk my very allergic hubby into moving into the apartment next door so Frolic could come live with me and we could all be one rather whacky family, but he said no. 🙁 He does think Frolly is beautiful and wishes we could! She's so beautiful and so sweet.. she'll get a home soon! <3
    "A perfect pun name".. can't wait! So cute already!

  5. So cute 😀 these videos make me happy when I’m sad! Thanks so much! I love watching these kitten flip around together XD I love cats

  6. I woud try to adopt frolly if i qoud life near to you ? so a sweatheart ? i hope she gets an adopter 4ever ??

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